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Monday, 30 November 2020

Laurence Fox - Party Off, Wayne

The number of Covid-19 infections, hospital admissions and deaths around the UK has begun to decline. But the potential for the virus to take hold once again is ever-present, and especially during the winter months. So the last thing we need is the denial brigade distracting the public and peddling misinformation about empty hospitals, then kicking off about freedoms and rights. Which means one thing.

And that is that the denial brigade is doing just that, in one case with the level of total irresponsibility that has occurred to everyone else except him. Yes, increasingly minor thesp, not very good musician and dead-on-arrival politician Laurence Fox wants to encourage onward transmission of the virus. Because Himself Personally Now.

So it was that he proclaimed yesterday “Just had a large group over to lunch and we hugged and ate and talked and put the world to rights. It was lovely. You’ll never take that away from people. Stay out. Protect your rights. If the [NHS] can’t cope, then the [NHS] isn’t fit for purpose. Compliance is violence”. The stupidity was strong with this one.

He wasn’t finished with the stupid, either. “The [NHS] isn’t my church and salvation. It’s employees aren’t my saviours. If you can’t deal with a 99.9% survival rate virus, you aren’t fit for purpose. You don’t need protecting, my elderly relatives do. I also love your emergency care and will continue to pay for it. For now”. His elderly relatives cannot be protected if those who look after them interact with enough people to transmit the virus.

Still, onwards and, er, onwards, eh? “Go out. Enjoy yourselves. Be happy”. Spread a deadly virus, tragedy tomorrow, comedy tonight. “No more lockdown restrictions beyond the 2nd of December. None. We need a full inquiry into the governments handling of this pandemic ASAP. We must remember never give our freedom away again, under such spurious circumstances”. 66,700 deaths is now “Spurious”.

And on he went, citing anti-lockdown wacko Simon Dolan and telling his followers to pester their MPs, finally signing off by responding to criticism with “Peoples lives and livelihoods have been destroyed, our economy trashed, an entire nation forced into lockdown, all for a virus that kills 5 in 10,000 people and is about as lethal as seasonal flu”. Bullshit.

Health professionals are exhausted. Many hospitals have had so many Covid-19 patients arrive that they have had to send them elsewhere (Liverpool, Warrington and Stoke, for example). And just as infection, admission and death rates start to decline, up pops this witless clown in a brazen attempt to screw it all up. And he can’t see it.

Marcus Chown, on the other hand, can. “If Covid runs out of control no health system in the world could cope. That's why politicians all over the world have taken drastic action to stop their health systems being overwhelmed. With an infectious disease like this we can't do what we like BECAUSE IT AFFECTS EVERYONE ELSE”. Got it in one.

Laurence Fox doesn’t care. Because he’s too stupid. But you knew that anyway.

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James said...

......Fuck it...if anyone who reads this blog lives in London near this odious individual do us all a favour and milkshake the SOB.

I am beginning to think that creeps like Mr Fox are beyond toleration and need to know that they are despised.

And on a final note : Boy, did Billie Piper have a lucky escape !

Anonymous said...

I like this one ....
Replying to
Completely irresponsible; deeply selfish; the result of privileged distance.

You are utterly aloof from the sacrifices and suffering of the real heroes of 2020 - health workers in poor/densely populated areas.

It's hard to feel "patriotic" for a country that has produced you.

Jonathan said...

There are fools and there are dangerous fools..

Lozza sure falls into the latter category.
Nurse! The Screens!!

Darren G said...

Just wait until Fox reads his SM feed and discovers that Piers Morgan has done

Now if this was back in primary school


Arnold said...

To be fair, he hasn't mentioned Magna Carra (yet).

grim northerner said...

Talk sport should be prosecuted for corporate manslaughter for encouraging and disseminating this nonsense.

gillette said...

Lozza Fox, the gi(f)t that keeps on giving

Rosie said...

Prince Nut Nut methinks.

Anonymous said...

It's difficult to feel any sympathy for somebody so wilfully ignorant and stupid. Especially if it proves lethal for some poor mug who believes him.

Jonathan said...

Who would be so stupid to rock upto Lozza's for lunch..

Hatey Katey Hopkins
Milo Yiannopoulos
Julia Hartley Brewer
and Tommieee..

What a crowd of nasty alt right grifters.