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Saturday, 28 November 2020

Keir Starmer And An Elephant Trap

Raising hopes of a successful conclusion to UK-EU trade deal negotiations, Michel Barnier arrived at St Pancras International yesterday evening. He had previously demurred at the idea of travelling, suggesting that there was no point, given the state of the talks. But despite the Brussels-blaming rhetoric from alleged Prime Minister Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, Barnier’s arrival means an agreement may be close.

The BBC’s Katya Adler noted that there may be some movement on the EU side on fish quotas, but “whatever happens on the fish front - and Brussels knows it has some big compromises to make - as much as the EU wants a deal with the UK, it's unlikely to let go of its insistence on two other issues: common competition regulations and a tough means of policing them”. The UK will probably have to yield on those.

But for Her Majesty’s Opposition, that is not where they are looking right now: Bozo will be calling for a vote on his deal. This from Zoe Williams at the Guardian: “The prime minister, last January, removed from the Withdrawal Agreement the section on parliament’s role in the negotiations, so he has the option to press ahead without a vote. However, the potential to embarrass the opposition by soliciting its view may be too good to pass up”.

Many ardent Brexiteers on the Tory back benches don’t want one of those namby-pamby deals. They want a constant state of hostility between US and THEM. They have consumed too much Kool-Aid to still be connected to the real world. They want that vote, and they want the world to see that they refused to surrender to the Rotten Foreigners™.

So what do Keir Starmer and his team do? It seems heis preparing to risk a party rift by throwing Labour’s weight behind a Brexit deal if last-minute negotiations succeed in the coming days … In what he hopes will be a signal to red wall voters that the party has heard them”. But why should Labour still be fighting last year’s General Election?

Ms Williams, who concludes that Labour should oppose Bozo’s deal, explains the looming elephant trap directly: “if Labour MPs vote in favour of a deal, they make a mockery of the years spent opposing its flaws, and become complicit in any given negative outcome, which should be be laid squarely at the Tories’ door”. She is not alone.

Jon Worth warned “Just imagine PMQs mid Jan if there was a Brexit Deal and Starmer had got Labour to back it. You’ll have Johnson crowing that Labour ought to get behind the government. Starmer can’t then say to Johnson: you own this mess” and that “Starmer’s Labour is trying to be too tactically clever for its own good. Britain left the EU in Jan 2020. The Q now is *how* to do Brexit, not *if* it’s done. Labour’s position ought to hence be what’s ethically correct, not some twisted media framed rationale for the red wall”.

And his conclusion? “Abstaining on a vote on a Brexit Deal carries *no* danger for Labour. None.The vote is not binding. And there are not enough No Deal hardliners in the Tory Party anyway. Abstain makes the Tories own the mess”. On which I concur.

There is a significantly sized shitshow coming down the tracks. When that hits, Labour needs to be well away from it. Leave Bozo to own the fallout - for once in his life.

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Malcolm Armsteen said...

Starmer abstained too much before. If he abstains here the he will get it from both sides.
It might be a no win scenario, but there is no way he can justify abstaining.

Anonymous said...

Starmer won't walk into any trap.

He'll be too busy supporting tories, blue and red.

rob said...

From the above comment by anon and the many trolls left and right on Twitter it can be seen that Starmer has a bigger problem with the Corbynistas who are still fighting why they lost the last election.

One of the reasons why the Labour Party, as is, is still unelectable.

Brexiteers on the right and Corbynistas on the left still wanting their unicorns at whatever cost to their Party (and the country).

Cue pile on.

Anonymous said...


Berate the left all you want but it won't change the fact that Keeves is losing the extreme centre as well: "the irony of Starmer, who systematically dismantled Theresa May’s Brexit deal with his 'six tests', now whipping MPs to back a deal that will put the UK outside the single market and the customs union, is not lost on some of his Labour colleagues." https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2020/nov/28/starmer-prepares-to-reopen-old-labour-wounds-over-brexit-deal-vote

Anonymous said...

@ 09:55.

"Corbynistas" (whatever that's supposed to mean) didn't lose the last election. Red tory quislings did - sabotaging rats like the McNicol/Matthews Gang. You know, the grubby little shits paid off by Starmer from looted party funds. To say nothing of ineffable Mann, Austin, Ummuna, Hodge and all the other weasels.

Blue tory + red tory = de facto one party state. A seedy soap opera of spivs and - if you're lucky - mere mediocrities.

In that context, "electability" isn't worth a bucket of warm spit. Only genuine radical humanist policies are worth fighting for, however long it takes. Such policies will NEVER come from Bozo or the Starmer Quiff quisling.