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Wednesday, 11 November 2020

Twitter Bans Another Nazi

He was the “presentable” face of what he and his pals liked to call “British Nationalism”. But Mark Collett was a nailed-on Nazi. And, ultimately, his social media presence went the same way as other nailed-on Nazis. And what happened to Mark Collett should worry those out there on the right who consider themselves rather more mainstream.

No hurrah for this Blackshirt

He had a Twitter following of over 60,000. But, as we saw when the platform dispensed with the presence of pro-am motormouth Katie Hopkins (who had racked up over a million followers), that is no defence against the sanctions which follow persistent busting of the Ts and Cs. So now Collett is an ex-Twitter presence. He’s been banned.

Why might that be? What he put on Twitter gives a clue. After Combover Crybaby Donald Trump failed to win the US Presidential Election, he declared “We are currently witnessing a communist takeover of the West. But do not forget, this has been aided & abetted by conservatives. Every demand made by communists has eventually been adopted & embraced by conservatives. Conservatives have conserved nothing & ceded everything”.

That, though, was just a warm-up. “We used to complain about the media influencing elections with biased coverage - but now we are bearing witness to something much more insidious. The media, the deep state & silicon valley are now openly deciding the outcome of elections”. Anyone else he’d care to accuse? Yes, it was DA JOOZ!

You think I jest? There he was, Retweeting Ethan Ralph’s graphic showing the US electoral map all blue, with a photo of Binyamin Netanyahu giving a thumbs up. The Democrats were in league with the Jews! So he dabbles in anti-Semitism too.

And he’s on board with every child grooming story going, whining “The police covered up the grooming, sexual assault & rape of hundreds of thousands of British girls at the hands of immigrants. The same police are now searching for people who put leaflets through doors that dare to criticise immigration. The police are a total disgrace!” No, the Police are on the trail of his fellow Nazis, putting out racist literature.

But into every paranoid Nazi world a little rain must fall, and before he fell foul of Twitter Ts and Cs, he fell foul of HSBC. “Today I was informed by my bank, HSBC, that they will no longer provide me with banking services. [Laura Towler] faced the same situation last week when Santander closed her account. This is clearly a coordinated effort to silence those who speak out against demographic change”. Those who are Nazis, more like.

And what was that about “more mainstream” right-wingers? Well, Collett has been linked to The Richie Allen Show, which Hope Not Hate describes as “a David Icke-affiliated radio broadcast that serves as an online platform for antisemitic conspiracy theorists and Holocaust deniers”. Guests on that show have included two people who were elected as Brexit Party MEPs - David Bull and Ann Widdecombe.

One of Collett’s messages was shared by Catherine Blaiklock, the Brexit Party’s first leader. So while he blubbers about being banned on another far-right site, some of those who claim not to share his views might be best served considering their position.

The Twitter world is well rid of another Nazi. Just rejoice at that news.

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Arnold said...

“Today I was informed by my bank, HSBC, that they will no longer provide me with banking services. [Laura Towler] faced the same situation last week when Santander closed her account
Presumably accounts used for political purposes. While I loathe these people, I wouldn't deny them personal bank accounts. They're indisputable in the 21st century.

Anonymous said...

I love that "...considering their position..." phrase.

But I prefer, "Just fuck off, knobhead." Much nearer the point.

grim northerner said...

Im getting that sinking feeling about having to win this battle on the streets in the near future. And denying actual self-confessed nazis a bank account is a start, propagating nazi ideology must have consequences for the individuals concerned or it will grow and gain influence. Crush it in its cradle, it's the only way.

Arnold said...

They're indispensable in the 21st century. Damn predictive text.

Anonymous said...

The real Nazis are not in full view.