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Friday, 27 November 2020

Laurence Fox Diversifies Bigotry Portfolio

Still claiming not to be at all racist, honestly, and still telling anyone not yet asleep that he is launching his own political party, increasingly minor thesp Laurence Fox has been finding it difficult to remain in the public eye. His media profile had already declined to the level of being castigated for his bigotry on Jeremy Vine’s Channel 5 show. How could he rescue the situation, bring himself back to centre stage?

Making no progress. Except on the hatred front

Ben Hunte

And then yesterday, as with the light bulb flashing above his head, came the brilliant idea: he would go after not just the hated BBC, but TEH GAYS! I mean, stuff it, he’d already gone full racist, so why not double down and add homophobia to the portfolio? Maybe he could do both together? He could? One Tweet was all it took.

Lozza discovered that the Beeb has an LGBT correspondent. And he’s black. Off you go Mr Fox! So it was that the unfortunate Ben Hunte had his Twitter background screen shotted with the sneering aside “So glad I’m not paying for this anymore”. The result was a racist and homophobic pile-on against Hunte, which has now been referred to the Police.

Hunte later told “My family and I have been sent racist and homophobic abuse following the below screenshot of me being posted. I am fine - but I will let the police take over … If you disagree with my job, or with the BBC’s Editorial Guidelines, or with wider LGBT-related decisions I am not involved in, please do not contact my family with hate. Please use the BBC’s complaints process”. So did Fox retract and apologise?

As if. He then targeted Hunte again, not saying sorry but coming the faux sympathy. "Hey Ben, saddened to hear you have had abuse. It’s horrible and I know exactly how you feel. My view is that the [BBC] is increasingly identitarian and divisive and should be defunded. I believe in people, not acronyms. Loz x”. I may be in a minority here, but right now, I couldn’t give a rat’s arse about what Laurence Fox believes.

There was, at least, support from BBC veterans like John Simpson, who weighed in on his colleague’s behalf. “Deeply depressing that my excellent colleague, the BBC’s LGBT correspondent Ben Hunte, should have received racist and homophobic abuse in the wake of an unpleasant tweet by [Laurence Fox] which talked about 'defunding' the BBC. Fox should know better”. Did Fox now, finally, realise his mistake and say sorry?

You jest. “Hey John. Nice to meet you. Do you believe the [BBC] should have a dedicated LGBTQ correspondent? Where do you stand on safe spaces for biological females? Do you have a position on trans children? Really interested to have a discussion”. Maybe more than one person now doesn’t give a rat’s arse about Fox after that response.

And he wasn’t finished, signing off with the reliably not-racist-really “Every single human life is sacred. #AllLivesMattter”. Will he be going all religious later, then? Who knows, and, indeed, who cares? Fox is slowly following Katie Hopkins down the irrelevance hole.

The time of Laurence Fox was for a time, but not for all time. Just rejoice at that news.

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Anonymous said...

The only thing you can say about Fox is that there is something seriously wrong in his head.

Problem is, Britain 2020 has too many like him.

AndyC said...

I dont think I like Fox all that much.

Anonymous said...

Still trying to decide whether he's a see you next Thursday, or someone who works as a see you next Thursday.

Fully expecting a barrage of "But when's White Friday" from this spoiled luvvie today.

grim northerner said...

Fox will wind up doing alt-right porn with Katie Hopkins and Candace Owens in the near future.

James said...

Whenever Laurence Fox reveals (again) he is a prat* my number one thought is:

"Boy, did Billie Piper have a lucky escape !"

Does anyone think like this ?

*Yes I know prat is kind. To be exact he is a terrible actor hiding behind his privileged background in order to be an elitist scumbag with no appreciation of others and their own experiences in life. I feel sorry for Emilia Fox etc. I bet they have received CDs of his albums during past christmas !

Anonymous said...

"Where do you stand on safe spaces for biological females?"

Isn't this cuntspeak for "but bathrooms"?

iMatt said...

I do hope the BBC never employs Fox given his views. Not just the bigotry, but the fact he wishes to defund them. I mean, which actor says this about one of the biggest broadcasters in the UK and his case potential employers? I think the term is called "Pissing on your chips". What a twit.

Jonathan said...

Overpriliged rightwing idiots like Fox, whose talent is let's say extremely limited to bullying and gaslighting those whose only mistake is to give the fool the time of day.

He needs reporting to Twitter for bringing their rules and reporting to the police. In the meantime just block the SOB.

Nick S said...

For all the upset and annoyance he might be causing others, this path he has chosen will do far worse damage to himself. We know that he is thin-skinned, and was easily hurt when Rebecca Front decided he was too much poison in her life, so as he becomes hardened and more offensive he will be hurting underneath. Cutting himself off from decent folk, knowing that people he respected now despise or pity him, having only the likes of Hopkins and Yaxley-Lennon as peers; that's very damaging to the psyche. And who's going to hire him as an actor?

Unknown said...

Yes. Most things Fox says are cu tspeak.

Unknown said...