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Saturday, 14 November 2020

Laurence Fox Reverses L’Oreal Effect

Friday the thirteenth was good for Downing Street watchers, but bad for minor thesp, not very good musician and shambling amateur politician Laurence Fox. As the Independent has reported, Dear Dear Larry no longer enjoys the services of his now former agent. Fox “has been dropped by his acting agent over the phone, he has claimed”.

There was more. “The actor, who has been continually embroiled in controversies throughout the year, said that his former agent's decision ‘reaffirmed exactly why’ he has opted to launch his Reclaim political party”. Yes, because he’s had so few offers to do any actual acting that his agent has cut him loose. He wasn't worth keeping on.

But instead of taking on board that he wasn’t good enough to merit an acting agent, he whined “I want to thank my acting agent who let me go on the phone just now for reaffirming exactly why I am doing what I’m doing … Still waiting for a single example of anything I’ve ever said or done that could ever be deemed racist. We will reclaim freedom, fairness and common sense”. Poor Larry. Dear Dear Larry.

Still, there were plenty of idiots willing to spin for Fox, one of them being deeply unpleasant former Sun editor Kelvin McFilth, who blustered “Sad to hear Laurence Fox has been sacked by his agent for his political views. If he had centre left opinions he'd be either Hamlet or James Bond all week. Makes you sick doesn't it”. No it doesn’t.

Yet more idiotic was Darren Grimes, the world’s most inept form-filler: “If Laurence Fox said men could menstruate, apologised for his white privilege, unconscious biases and announced, on bended knee, that Critical Race Theory was his gospel, he'd have been signed for a Netflix blockbuster by now”. Not without an agent he wouldn’t.

And then there had to be someone trying to milk the story for clicks, in this case the unappealing roster of hosts at Murdoch property TalkRADIO. “Laurence Fox claims his acting agent has dropped him over his controversial views. Do you think free speech is under attack?” James Felton had an answer for them. “Why would you think an agent should be forced to keep a clearly not profitable client who is deliberately tanking his career with his abhorrent views and repeatedly calling people paedophiles on Twitter?

That there was little sympathy out there for Lozza was clear, and especially after Liam Baxter had put it directly. “Laurence Fox - ‘my girlfriend left me because I'm a victimized white man … Ohhh my agent ditched me because I'm a victimized white man’ No, you're just a fucking prick mate. Sort yourself out”. Another Liam put it in perspective.

A reminder that Laurence Fox is a straight, white, upper-class male born into an acting dynasty. Do you have any idea how bad you have to be to fuck up that many advantages in life?” There is, it seems, no beginning to Fox’s abilities.

Laurence Fox is the embodiment of the reverse l’Oreal effect. Because he isn’t worth it.

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Anonymous said...

"Do you have any idea how bad you have to be to fuck up that many advantages in life?”

Not only is the POS playing life on easy mode, he's also got the cheat codes ... and he still fucked it up.

Anonymous said...

I'd never heard of Fox until all this stuff surfaced. Now I know why.

It seems fate has presented its invoice to him. As sooner or later it does to all such utter arseheads.

James said...

Lawrence Fox like so many people who like to bang on about freedom of speech does not appear to understand that responsibility plays a role as well. He comes out with some ignorant stuff which suggests bigotry and elitism on his part, does he not appreciate that his agents like any other business are concerned about their image ?

Lawrence is no different from any sportsman or music artist has been caught out. His difference lies in his response and thinking that he is above anyone else and is the exception. Pathetic elitist sad act.

iMatt said...

Kelvin McFilth and Daz Grimes ought to realise a couple of basics in life.

Firstly, whilst free speech is to be cherished, it has to be remembered there are possible and real consequences to free speech at times. Just ask Gerald Ratner! The lies of Fox, McFilth and Grimes clearly think it should be possible to say what you like, about whom you like, whenever you like with zero comeback no matter what.

Secondly, do they think Fox's agent is somehow duty bound to keep a client on who increasingly brings controversy of the wrong kind? If so, then anyone else should be unsackable also.

Jonathan said...

Lozza could do with popping back down to his therapist again,to work on his issues, otherwise he's going to be on his boneo.

If Fox can't link the fact that expressing very nasty comments and accussing people falsely of paedophilla often results in heavy blowback.

Just like many of the neo fascist right, generally they're while males usually ex public school, wealthy and pontificate from upon high, upon everything and believing they have some form of moral authority and above scrutiny from those they consider below them.

Sadly for Lozza and his chums,we live in a free society where we all have 'FREEZE PEACH', many of those they criticise aren't going to bow down to the Great Lozza, many are fighting back and determined to hold the Great Lozza Fox to account and teach him an important lesson.

organic cheeseboard said...

As Dan Davies pointed out on Twitter, a big reason for this is likely Fox's new, massive, hand tattoos, which basically render him unemployable in any form of period work, previously his staple (and most other films and TV as well, really).