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Friday, 20 November 2020

Met Commissioner Won’t Back Priti Patel

As the report on allegations of misconduct made against Priti Patel is released by alleged Prime Minister Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, the support for her from our law enforcement authorities is paramount. Should senior Police officers stand behind her, her position is secure. But if they do not, that puts Bozo in one of those Very Difficult Positions. Which brings us to a phone-in this morning on broadcaster LBC.

During the station’s breakfast show, hosted as ever by Gammon Emeritus Nick Ferrari, the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, Cressida Dick, was subjected to a light grilling by members of the public, and indeed by some of her own officers. The subjects raised included claims of over-zealous enforcement of Covid-19 restrictions, custody sergeants now wearing body armour, and new entrant requirements for the force.

And, inevitably, Priti Patel. The station’s political editor Theo Usherwood relayed events, like questions on pay. “Pay freeze for police officers? Met Commissioner: ‘I fully appreciate the NHS have been astonishing but I am really proud of what my people have done. They have worked really hard. I appreciate the Govt has hard decisions to make. I will respect whatever they decide to do.’” Which sounds like she thinks they deserve a pay rise.

Usherwood added this coda: “She says she doesn't have the room in her budget to provide a bonus for officers this Christmas. And she will continue to shout for her officers”. So that’s a clear potential disagreement with Ms Patel on the horizon.

Then came the crunch question: did Ms Patel have the Commissioner’s backing over the bullying row, and the report which appears ready for publication? It seems she does not. Questions on the subject were bodyswerved, starting with one from a serving officer.

Police officer asks if someone is found to be a bully, would they get the chop? Links to Priti Patel. ‘I can't comment on that report. It's a matter for the Government. I have a very productive working with this Home Secretary, as I had the last, and the one before that.’” One opportunity to support Ms Patel gone unanswered. But there was another.

Ferrari took up the challenge himself. “Ferrari: ‘But you don't recognise (Priti Patel as a bully, per se?’ … Cressida Dick: ‘I am not a gossip. It's not appropriate for me as a senior police to get drawn into this.’” Usherwood added this observation: “Hardly a ringing endorsement from someone who works closely with the Home Secretary”.

Cressida Dick had the opportunity to deny that Ms Patel was a bully. She did not. There were also two opportunities to declare her support for the Home Secretary. She did not take up either of them. So while Bozo backs Ms Patel, the Met Commissioner has declined to do so explicitly. Which makes the PM’s support for someone who has been found breaking the rules for a second time even less excusable.

Our Government is not fit for purpose. And worse than that, they don’t care.

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Jonathan said...

Another spectacular own goal by the Fat Oaf in No10, like Cummings she'll be gone in a few months.

grim northerner said...

Oafish human meatball defends Verruca Salt, hold the front page!!