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Sunday 31 March 2019

UKIP Embraces James Goddard AGAIN

After all the adverse comment, and a slew of resignations, following Adolf von Batten’s decision to appoint Stephen Yaxley Lennon, who styles himself Tommy Robinson, as advisor to the party, it might have been thought that those still drifting around the planet UKIP would be steering well clear of anyone else tainted by actual or even alleged criminality. But that thought would have been misplaced, as last Friday’s events show.
Although James Goddard, the de facto leader of the UK “Yellow Vests” movement, otherwise known as the Amateur Comedy Sturmabteilung, could not be in London for the gathering addressed by Batten and Lennon - because to do so would have breached his bail conditions - someone close to him was in town. That someone was his partner Ashlea, who confirmed her presence in a series of photos from the event.
So who might she have met during her sojourn in the capital? To no surprise at all, there she was with Stephen Lennon, giving us the connection between Goddard and UKIP - an endorsement, too. No steering clear of someone who has been arrested and charged with public order offences in both London and Manchester.
And it gets worse: Ashlea also posed for a photo with appalling narcissist Carl Benjamin, who styles himself Sargon of Akkad. This soon proved an embarrassment to his party leader: after Batten went after Theresa May, sniping “Words, words, & more words that mean nothing. As Home Sec Mrs May restricted stop & search, she ran down & depleted the police & prison service. Now we get more meaningless words & the Tories can’t get rid of her. We are in the biggest political mess ever”, the response was swift.
The Tweeter known as Roblola snapped back “Care to comment on why your adviser Carl Benjamin aka @WarPlanPurple is posing with Goddard’s girlfriend at your event on Friday? The man who is currently on charges of public order offences”. UKIP’s stance on Laura Norder™ not helped by endorsing a creep like Goddard. Also, Benjamin has already been banned by Twitter on his own account, so a bad move all round.
Meanwhile, the kind of content Goddard’s partner personally endorses might raise a few eyebrows, for instance two of the Wall Of Gammon™ with what is supposed to be Theresa May’s coffin, or her backing ofLoyalist Songs - Orange And Blue” (to be listened to, no doubt, while one is going for a quick sash). Plus her publicising the DFLA turning up mob handed at the Guardian’s offices, demanding their letter is published by the paper or else.

But above all, this shows that the current UKIP leadership not only has no problem in associating with those who have a criminal record, it is also relaxed about cosying up to those who are working hard to get one. The scenes of Goddard intimidating MPs and threatening a journalist are widely enough available for the New World Kipper Order to know exactly who it is endorsing by welcoming Ashlea.
Gerard Batten claimed previously when his name was associated with that of James Goddard that “Dozens of people ask for selfies with me at rallies & meetings. I don’t know who they are. I didn’t know who he was”. He did in January. He did before then. And his advisors know now. So stop lying and come clean, Adolf. We see you.
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Anonymous said...

"...DFLA turning up mob handed at the Guardian’s offices..."

I wonder where they got the idea:

All far right thugs and gobshites together.