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Sunday 3 March 2019

Tommy Robinson Served Legal Papers - LIVE

While Stephen Yaxley Lennon, who styles himself Tommy Robinson, congratulates himself on another successful trip abroad - where he didn’t even turn up to the booked event - and heads back to the airport for his return flight, moves on the legal action front have been continuing apace. And that means when he returns to that exclusive gated residence of his later today, there will be some bad news waiting for him.
Why that should be concerns his intervention in the case of a Syrian refugee called Jamal, who was attacked by a fellow pupil at his school near Huddersfield. It was, by most accounts, a racially motivated assault. It later transpired that Jamal’s sister had also been the target of racial harassment at her school. But in Lennon’s retelling, it was Jamal’s attacker who was the victim, and The Great Man pitched in accordingly.

The problem here was that, in wading into Jamal’s case, Lennon made a number of statements about the teenager that,it is claimed, were untrue to the point of defamation. As Qasim Rashid said at the time, “Jamal’s family to sue convicted violent felon Tommy Robinson for his public lies accusing Jamal of committing ‘Muslim violence’ against white British kids - Robinson’s lies are causing physical harm.”
One problem Jamal’s lawyers faced was how they might have a judgement against Lennon enforced: as Abdulnasser Youssef, Jamal’s “litigation friend”, put it, “[Lennon’s] criminality indicates that enforcement of any financial award obtained may be challenging. We hope to penetrate the veil of Mr Lennon's finances,  identify and forensically trace all of Mr Lennon's financial assets so that he does not escape the economic consequences of his defamation of others”. Now the lawyers are ready to roll.

And they’re having papers served at Lennon’s reassuringly upmarket residence this afternoon (The Great Man need not be at home for this task to be accomplished). As Mike Stuchbery has noted, “Delivering the legal letter to 'Tommy Robinson's' place this afternoon is YouTuber, and gentleman of leisure @BrotherNeuro, on behalf of @MohammedAkunjee of Farooq Bajwa & Co”. Someone who knows Lennon well.
Plus, guess what? Resisting Hate has even better news. “Our guy (not pictured) will be present and will be live streaming as Robinson is handed papers … Daily Mail, Resisting Hate, The Guardian and ITV present”. Yes, it’ll be live streamed and in both the centre-left leaning and centre-right leaning press tomorrow morning. And the evening TV news.
Lennon is being served a Letter Before Action: he has 14 days to respond either with an offer to settle that is acceptable to Jamal, or with notification that he intends to defend this claim. If he fails to respond within the time frame, Jamal’s lawyers are instructed to issue proceedings against him in court. It’s that straightforward.
So without further ado, on to the live stream somewhere in Bedfordshire [unlike Lennon, this blog does not reveal others’ addresses] - only for Resisting Hate to reveal “Tommy has called the police!!! The team turned up and the police were waiting. Got the footage recorded and will upload asap. Papers have been served. Oh you COWARD Robinson”.

Lennon and his brains trust called me every abusive term under the sun when I called the Police when he first turned up on my doorstep in the dead of night. How different it now is when the boot is so firmly on the other foot. Also, the papers have been served.
The legal action against Stephen Lennon has now commenced. He will scream and shout, rant and rave, and, yes, scam his adoring fans for more of their hard-earned money. But this is the moment when the tide turned for the Lennon intimidation machine.

He either has to climb down and say sorry, admitting he lied - or it will get very expensive indeed for him. Just like it did for Katie Hopkins. Just rejoice at that news.
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Tim Fenton said...

Abusive and/or defamatory comments will not be allowed on this post, or any other.

That is all.

Unknown said...

Lessons need to be learned.

Resist hatred

Unknown said...

Did Jamal not get enough money in the first place for having water squirted in his face. What about poor April that was beaten to a pulp or the poor boy in Bradford 3 days ago. Why are you not fighting all bullying or is it because they think they can get loads of money out of Tommy . They should be ashamed of themselves.

Unknown said...

Oh the hatred...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Why can they make loads of money out of him? It's not because he has a load of numpties willing to fund his new teeth and 20k watches?

Anonymous said...

@Beverley M-d
More proof that supporters of thug TR have shit for brains. Well done.

Unknown said...

Did you not read the reference to Stephen and his fellow goons threateningly late night harassment of the author of this article?