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Sunday 17 March 2019

Katie Hopkins Mosque Shooting Shame

After 50 innocent people were slaughtered at their places of worship in the New Zealand city of Christchurch last Friday, many of those out there on the right were unusually quiet; perhaps at long last, some of them had realised where their bigoted attitude towards Muslims had now inevitably led. But now, with the grim inevitability of night following day, they are crawling out from under their rocks once more.
Viewers may still want to look away now

And today’s prime crawling example has been pro-am motormouth Katie Hopkins, who has claimed that she was silent only because of something her mother once told her. It is more likely that she was cutting out anything that would be too excessive, even for her - or which might land her in legal hot water. Bur what remains is unpleasant enough.

Here is a flavour, as it were. “A war for the world is underway. And watching the media, the mouthpieces and the multitudes desperate in their search to be the most sorry, I fear that the sad truth none of us want to face is that the victor has already been declared”. Yes, it’s still the fault of Scary Muslims™. Except written in what Ms Hopkins believes is the style of Enoch Powell’s infamous “Rivers of Blood” speech.

She pauses to heap pity on racist thug Fraser Anning, who happens to be an Australian Senator. Then, after telling everyone who had shown empathy for the victims that they were pathetic, came the main event. “I understand, when bad things happen we need someone to blame … the media chose the media, using the attack to single out competitors and adversaries”. Partly right, but as usual, Katie doesn’t really get it.

The old media blamed the new media, partly in a bid to absolve themselves, and their tendency to cosy up to bigots. Katie Hopkins used to have a column in the Sun on Sunday. Then she comes upon familiar ground. “After every Islamist terror attack in the UK, even as our children lay dead on the streets and we’re still counting our losses, the Police chiefs tell us the real threat is Islamophobia”. They don’t, but this serves her purpose.

Now, after an attack on a Mosque by a white guy, even as the losses keep rising, again the  real threat is Islamophobia … It seems whatever the terror, Islamophobia is the culprit”. Now she has set up the target, she can home in on it.

We are told that Muslims killed Nigerian Christians. That ISIS bombed a Roman Catholic Cathedral. So it’s still their fault. And the underlying message is that it’s OK not to feel empathy for the victims of the Christchurch shootings and their families.

Then comes the familiar refrain. The truth? “You can’t see it, can’t hear it, can’t witness it - because you are not allowed. It can’t be recognised without fear of arrest. You can’t talk about the problems of conflicting cultures. Of being threatened by one religion, seeming determined to take over all that was once ours … the future is grim. People are desperately unhappy and feel lost. Forced out from within, strangers in their own lands, separated by fear. On both sides, all sides”. White Genocide. Great Replacement.
Enoch Powell - the inspiration for the latest funereal Hopkins dirge

The inevitable peroration, styled to match Powell’s infamous lines, is then upon us. “We are sitting on a volcano, the hot lava of anger forced down by the constant suppression of our words, repression of our emotions, policing of our thoughts. Controlled by blatant lies”. Yes, that is Katie Hopkins calling out others for lying. We are though the looking glass.

The paranoid delusion winds to its end as she whines plaintively “No one called this war. There was no announcement over a cracking radio. No Churchillian speech to rally us. But the silent exodus of Jews from Europe, of Christians in Britain looking Eastwards for a new place to call home, makes us refugees all the same”. And to that I call bullshit.

Hatey Katie’s last line confirms that she is still blaming the Scary Muslims™, and this is her desperate attempt to justify her hatred. “And watching the media, its mouthpieces and the multitudes desperate in their search to be the most sorry, waving their white flags in advance, shutting their Churches and Synagogues in deference to the Mosque, I fear that the sad truth none of us want to face is that the victor has already been declared”.

In the world of Katie Hopkins, we should not show empathy for the victims, because she is convinced that Muslims don’t show it to the victims of Islamist attacks, so we should behave in that way too - except, of course, that she is making that bit up. It allows her to conclude that by showing that empathy, we have shown “deference” - her term - to Islam, and therefore that in her imaginary war of cultures, Islam has been victorious.

It is a sad and twisted perversion of reality. No-one is suppressing her views, or repressing her emotions. No-one polices her thoughts. No-one threatens to arrest anyone for having views more in tune with Hatey Katie and her allies. But she has to shape her narrative this way in order to move the discussion on to her own paranoid agenda.

Talk of “conflicting cultures”, “one religion” allegedly threatening us, people being “forced out”, and “strangers in their own lands”. The paranoia of White Supremacism. THEY are coming to get US. There has to be a war, because WE must fight back against THEM.

It is a continuation of the story arc piloted by the likes of Enoch Powell. Then, it was simply about frightening Britons about brown and black people. Now it is about religion, too. But it is still racism, still bigotry, still hatred, and it is still wrong.

The reality is that most people want to end the hatred. Katie Hopkins does not, as it is in her interest for it to continue. She will not prevail. That is all.
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Anonymous said...

Once again, we see another right-winger failing to understand what 'free speech' actually means.

Anonymous said...

I'm still waiting for Hatie Slobpins to make good of her promise to run naked down Regent Street with a sausage up her arse if Sadiq Khan is elected.

Burlington Bertie from Bow said...

I fear for her mental health. It really isn't far before she reaches full Icke-land.
Shouldn't her family be doing something about her?

Andy McDonald said...

If it wasn't for the internet, she'd be swearing at the world from a park bench.

Anonymous said...

Hopkins is a worthless individual without a single redeeming feature.

Billsmells said...

REM's Michael Stipe once said, "I believe in the theory that anyone can get laid, it's just a matter of lowering your standards".

Hopkins has proven that the same theory applies when it comes to making money (lawsuits aside).

Sam Best said...

"shutting their Churches and Synagogues in deference to the Mosque". When did that happen?. Crazy dame.