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Tuesday 12 March 2019

Tommy Robinson Censorship Claim BUSTED

More claims about his being allegedly censored by social media platforms have now been made by Stephen Yaxley Lennon, who styles himself Tommy Robinson. And, as so often, when his claims are subjected to a little factual analysis, they come up short. His latest gripe is about Facebook, from which he was recently banned.
Here’s the claim: “Everyone now knows the level of censorship … You can’t even say Tommy Robinson on Facebook without getting banned. How scary is that? You can’t even speak about me. You can speak about Hitler … speak about Hitler … can’t speak about Tommy Robinson. This isn’t about erasing Tommy Robinson, it’s about erasing an entire movement of people. You say my name - Boom! And there’s another one gone.”

I have to tell Lennon and his followers that this is total bunk. And to demonstrate that The Great Man is being exceptionally economical with the actualit√©, we need look no further than the Zelo Street Facebook page, which mostly provides links to the blog, with images, post titles, and summaries. Let’s look just at Lennon’s appearances there early this month.
3 March: Tommy Robinson’s Finnish No-Show. His name clearly visible in the post title, mentions of him in the post for which a link is provided, and an image of him added to the link and summary. Still there. Not amended in any way.

3 March: Tommy Robinson Served Legal Papers - LIVE. Again, his name visible in the post title, several mentions of him and his past actions in the post, and the same easily recognisable image of him. This link and summary is also still there.

4 March: BBC Bans Boring Blowhard Bigot. This link and summary is to a post on the removal of Mark Meechan, who styles himself Count Dankula, from a BBC late night show. But Lennon gets a mention. No changes to the Facebook entry have been made.

5 March: Tommy Robinson - Bang Out Of Order. Once more, Lennon’s favoured style is in the post title, this one about his disgraceful doorstepping of Mike Stuchbery. And once more, there are several references to him in the linked post. It’s all still there.

5 March: Doorstepping - Tommy Robinson Fans SILENT. A post about those who have been saying Lennon isn’t such a bad sort, and who fell silent when he doorstepped and doxxed Mike Stuchbery. But his name’s in the post title. All still in place.
6 March: Tommy Robinson Fan’s Twitter Fakery BUSTED. Post about sad nobody Nick Monroe, and his attempt to con two Guardian journalists by faking a Tweet. But once again, Lennon’s name is in the title. And Facebook hasn’t taken it down.

6 March: Australia BANS Milo Yiannopoulos. Only a mention in the post text this time, as Lennon was going to tour Oz with Yiannopoulos and Gavin McInnes. But Lennon claims a mere mention means Boom! No it doesn’t - the Facebook entry remains unaltered.

That’s seven Facebook posts which run from just a mention of Stephen Lennon, to making him the subject of the post. No censorship has occurred. He loves to call “liar” on others, but has no problems lying through his teeth when it suits him. What a hypocrite.
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Anonymous said...

"Tommy" being stupid.

As usual.