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Friday 22 March 2019

Brexit - EU Takes Back Control

Voting to leave the EU, so we were told by the since discredited Vote Leave campaign, would mean taking back control. We now know that this was yet another flat-out lie peddled by the smirking and shameless Matthew Elliot and his frighteningly batshit side-kick Dominic Cummings, a worthless chimera waved before voters in order to entice them into placing their mark where the dark money-funded front men wanted.
She's no longer in control of the Brexit timetable ...

Just exactly who was going to end up taking back control was spelt out in stark and nationally humiliating terms yesterday evening, as representatives of the other 27 EU member states seized the Brexit timetable from a flailing and clueless Theresa May and told her what she was going to have to do. They had, indeed, taken back control.

There is next to no confidence among those representatives in her ability to deliver anything, and with a split opening up between 10 Downing Street and the whips’ office - last seen just before Mrs T was so memorably defenestrated - that inability to deliver may very soon include herself. Politico’s insider account from Brussels makes grim reading.

Read this and weep. “One senior EU official told POLITICO that after the PM had left the room, Emmanuel Macron turned to the other leaders and said that before hearing May’s pitch he thought the chances of her getting the deal through parliament next week were only 10 percent. ‘After listening to her, I now think 5 percent,’ Macron said. Donald Tusk grimaced and told Macron this sounded too optimistic. Ouch”.
The Guardian has spelt out what then happened. “After a marathon late-night session of talks, the EU’s leaders ripped up May’s proposals and a new Brexit timeline was pushed on the prime minister to avoid the cliff-edge deadline of 29 March - next Friday … Under the deal agreed by May, Britain will now stay a member state until 12 April if the withdrawal agreement is rejected by MPs at the third time of asking”. They told her what to do.

And what M Macron said to reporters after the marathon round of meetings was equally cutting. The Guardian again: “The French president, Emmanuel Macron, told reporters as he left the summit that the EU had acted to protect its interests in response to a ‘vacuum’ in Westminster. ‘The EU in a very clear manner has today responded to a British political crisis,’ he said”. A crisis entirely of Theresa May’s, and the Tories’ making.

That is a national humiliation. And although some in our free and fearless press have conceded that the EU has taken over the Brexit timetable, none of those out there on the right are prepared to admit it. They shilled shamelessly and indeed ruthlessly for Britain to leave the EU, but now, like so many of the rabble-rousers who have heaped fuel on this particular fire, they can’t bring themselves to own up to what they have done.
... because he has taken back control

Far from restoring greatness to the UK, this three-year charade had diminished it seriously, if not irretrievably. The worst national humiliation since Suez was totally avoidable, but now it may be too late. Our standing in the world lies in ruins. Yet press and broadcasters continue to humour those who did the greater part of the wrecking.

Theresa May could, and indeed should, be out within a week. It’s only a pity that the shysters and spivs who brought us to this point won’t be going with her.
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Anonymous said...

The point missed by many is that the Vicar of Wobbly is, er, thick as pigshit. I mean, SERIOUSLY thick as pigshit, like one of those loopy money-collecting gun-carrying Dixie evangelising senators. Alternatively, a sort of Missus Strangelove.

Politically speaking, all faux fur, bling jewellery and no knickers. As trustworthy as an East End barrer girl. Which is why her "presentation" went down like a lead balloon even with fellow EU spivs.

Mind you, she IS the logical product of four decades of far right bullshit. As is Trump in the Yank version.

All of which means matters are on course to get even worse - perhaps yet ANOTHER saving war - so you might as well learn to love Big Brother/Sister. The next similar sourced module (someone like, say, Macron) might be tidier and more "plausible" but it will be the same twisted gobshitery all over again. Because time after time we let such charlatans, liars and hypocrites get away - quite literally - with murder.

Anonymous said...

"She is mean. She is rude. She is cruel. She is stupid. I have heard that from almost everyone who has dealt with her," Parris says. He said he had never expected this much hatred, "and that is not a word I use lightly."