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Sunday 24 March 2019

Breitbart “Journalist” IS A DISGRACE

After Stephen Yaxley Lennon, who styles himself Tommy Robinson, made a number of highly creative claims in his efforts to win back the moral high ground following his aggressive doorstepping and doxxing of Mike Stuchbery, some have found themselves unable to resist the temptation to jump on the same bandwagon. One of those thus tempted is Chris Tomlinson, who claims to be a journalist.
Tomlinson’s problem is that he is one of those working in the service of the coalition of the irredeemably batshit otherwise known as Breitbart. This appears to have caused a significant dislocation in his reality circuit, resulting in his believing Lennon’s obviously untrue claims and even embellishing them for good measure.

As Zelo Street told yesterday, Lennon has sat down for an alleged interview with Carl Benjamin, the lame propagandist who styles himself Sargon of Akkad. During this session of fawning softball, The Great Man claimed that those who visited the area near the Lennon household were actually a delegation from Antifa. He then claimed that the Police had warned him they had armed themselves - with guns.

Leaving aside that possession of a firearm without a licence is an illegal, and indeed arrestable, offence, and that had the cops really had that intelligence, they would have nicked the supposed Antifa members before they got anywhere near the Lennon residence, it should have been obvious that Lennon was lying. Again.

Tomlinson did not allow this thought to enter. “New video from Tommy Robinson shows footage of UK police allegedly warning that Antifa members were coming to kill him and had procured AK-47 rifles and had made bombs. Tell me how they are not a terrorist group”. Woah! The guns are now AK-47s! And there are bombs too!
One hates to dismiss his concerns out of hand, but this is total crap. No matter: it was, for Tomlinson, on with the conspiracy theory. “To those asking where [the] video is, it is on his YouTube channel. I would link it here but social media censorship leads me to believe I'd be forced to remove it anyway”. Baloney. Someone in his replies did, and it’s still there.

The derision was not slow in arriving, with responses like “Hey Chris you missed out the Challenger 2 battle tanks and ICBM's aimed at the gnomes in his garden in the mistaken belief it was him” being typical. Tomlinson was being appallingly irresponsible, and he should have known it. Another not believing his spiel sniped “Did he also mention the little elf shoemakers are coming to make him shoes while he sleeps or any other fairy tales”.

And one Tweeter had the whole idiocy figured out. “AK-47's, home made bombs. If there was any truth in that the police would have made arrests. I think you'll find who ever SYL was talking to in that video was probably one of his mates”. It was. The end.

Breitbart is expected to peddle batshit rubbish. But for its alleged “journalists” to recycle and amplify wacko and dangerous conspiracy theories is totally out of order.
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