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Friday 8 March 2019

Tommy Robinson BACK IN COURT

The protestations have already begun, almost as soon as it emerged that Stephen Yaxley Lennon, who styles himself Tommy Robinson, was to face fresh charges of Contempt of Court. The Great Man was incandescent as he raged “What people should be asking is what’s taken the attorney general five months? What’s taken him five months?” He previously raged at the original trial in Leeds being held too soon after he was nicked.
There was more. “I walked out of prison for this six months ago. What’s taken him five months? And then it’s going to take them another five months to get me into court. Another five months before a trial … How is this in the public interest? This is ongoing state persecution of a journalist who exposes the government, the establishment and all of their wrongs.” This is total bunk. Let’s take this one nice and slowly.
One, it’s not going to take them another five months to get him into court, as the case will be heard later this month. Two, as any fule kno, the state and judiciary are separate from one another, as successive Governments have found to their cost. Three, for Lennon to claim he is a journalist is ridiculous. He’s an aggressive thug, shameless grifter, and amateur gangster. And Four, he has exposed no-one, no wrongs, and no crimes.
Still, he maintains “I, along with the support of the British public, will contest this. I am innocent. I broke no law”. One, whether he broke the law is not for him to decide. Two, he should have thought about “contesting this” rather earlier - like before he binned his legal team. And Three, he’ll find rather less of the British public behind him than he imagines.
One member of the British public not behind him was Nick Lowles of Hope Not Hate, who was not at all downhearted to see Lennon facing further contempt charges: “Stephen Lennon’s month has just gone from bad to worse. ‘Tommy Robinson to face fresh contempt of court proceedings’”. Lennon’s fans, of course, saw it differently.
Daniel Thomas, failed amateur kidnapper and Lennon stooge, whined “BREAKING NEWS … Tommy Robinson is being set up by the police, establishment & left organisations to send him back to prison. #ShockingTimes #TommyRobinson #Fascism #PoliceState”. Fascism and a police state being more or less what he would favour if in power.
But a word of warning to all those out there wanting to say something about this news: as Peter Jukes of Byline Media has told, “WARNING: The Attorney General Geoffrey Cox QC has today concluded it is in the public interest to bring proceedings against Tommy Robinson.  The first hearing is due to take place at the High Court in London on March 22. Contempt laws now apply, [and are] in force”. But only for the upcoming trial.
So Jukes also reminded his audience “Please note this contempt issue should NOT prevent you commenting on, or combatting, the other anonymous hate male and right wing figures visiting @MikeStuchbery_ and trying to intimidate him. @YouTube should also ban doxxing, and targeted harassment”. So it should. Starting with Stephen Lennon.

Moreover, we do not yet know the details of the contempt for which Lennon will be charged. So chill out, sit back, wait for those details. And get the popcorn in.
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