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Sunday 17 March 2019

Tommy Robinson Admits Racism - ALMOST

After losing the pointless court case he brought against Cambridgeshire Police, alleging discrimination, harassment and human rights abuses, all of which claims failed, Stephen Yaxley Lennon, who styles himself Tommy Robinson, was not downhearted. He would appeal to the High Court, in the belief that he would secure a different result there.
This, as ever, would demand more support from his followers, as in money. There is, in Lennon’s world, one born every minute. Meanwhile, The Great Man has visited Belgium, where he is attending a conference on FREEZE PEACH. That’s the freedom of speech that he demands, while attempting to silence anyone who doesn’t agree with him.

As part of his visit, Lennon sat down for an interview, where he made one most revealing statement - then attempted to row back on it. Here’s his schtick. “We have these NGO organisations, you have them here, we have them in England, who contact your work, they contact your HR department. They demand, and they put pressure, I’ve seen it, I’ve [given] evidence of it in England, where simply giving your opposition to Islamisation, or criticism of an ideology - or a book - can result in your losing your career and job”.

There was more. “And that is intentionally done. And people like me are used as an example, and they’re beaten, and they’re attacked, and their lives are destroyed. They’re supposed to be the example to the rest of the people to sit down and shut up. Sit down and shut up because whether you like it or not, we’re going to replace this population”.

Got that? And he hadn’t finished. “We’re going to bring in mass, mass numbers of Islamic immigration and you’re going to be good about it, you’re going to be quiet about it”. At this point, the interviewer made the obvious point: “That’s the White Genocide theory”.
Whoops! Cue screaming 180º U-Turn. “I don’t have a White Genocide theory, no. I talk about the Islamisation. Not about white, I don’t mention white”. Luigi Vercotti speaks.

So let’s consider what Lennon was on about. The idea that there are “groups” who force people out of their jobs is a reference to Hope Not Hate, who exposed the activities of a young merchant banker called Tom Dupré. Lennon claimed, as part of his lame attempt to stop the Panorama investigation into himself and his activities, that HnH got Dupré sacked because of his views. But he failed to make a full disclosure.

Dupré was fired by Standard Chartered because of his membership - he was UK leader of the group for a while - of Generation Identity, a fascist and indeed neo-Nazi organisation. It is not the only Generation Identity connection with Stephen Lennon.

That interviewer was right: the “Great Replacementis part of the White Genocide theory. It is central to the ideas of groups like Generation Identity, whose leading European figure is Martin Sellner - he and his partner Brittany Pettibone are friends of Lennon.

And there was Stephen Lennon promoting the White Genocide conspiracy theory - except he wasn’t quite doing that. Because he didn’t say “white”. It was all about Islamisation, and in his world, Islam is not a race and so he can’t really be racist.

He talks like a racist, and acts like a racist. But he isn’t a racist. So don’t call him one.
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Anonymous said...

So if we can't call him a racist can we just settle for calling him a thick bigoted cunt?

Andy McDonald said...

Regarding the replacement theory, stripping away the fact that it's a load of paranoid, racist crap, one has to wonder how its proponents explain it.

If I were one of the shadowy powers that be, apparently enacting it, I'd imagine myself asking, as Rob Halford of Judas Priest did at the "hidden messages" trial, how such a plan could possibly benefit anybody.

Rich Will said...

". I talk about the Islamisation. Not about white, I don’t mention white"

His stupid attempts to be clever echo Trump's. He twice refers to what he says but hides what he thinks.