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Wednesday 6 March 2019

Tommy Robinson Fan’s Twitter Fakery BUSTED

Last April, the people at Twitter banned one Nick Monroe from their platform. Very few people noticed; even fewer cared. He was just another sad participant in GamerGate who had resorted to bashing Muslims to get attention, a minor participant in an increasingly crowded marketplace. But somehow Monroe wormed his way back. Now he has aligned himself unswervingly with Stephen Yaxley Lennon, who styles himself Tommy Robinson.
Nick Monroe - a nobody who thinks he is somebody

The problem Monroe appears unwilling to confront, though, is that not only is he the very epitome of a nonentity, he is a congenital liar and faker, but without the skill to do either convincingly. This was on full view when he inadvisedly waded in to the aftermath of Lennon’s doorstepping of historian and campaigner Mike Stuchbery.
And yeah. It was bad for Tommy Robinson to do what he did. Just as much as it was for Mike Stuchbery to do it to Tommy” he announced, including what appeared to be a screen shot of a Tweet Stuchbery had posted regarding the serving of legal papers on Lennon, which had happened last Sunday. And there was more to come.
Monroe then used his screen shot as ammunition as he berated Peter Walker and Nazia Parveen of the Guardian, moaning “Request for comment from @peterwalker99  and @NParveenG of the Guardian, about Mike Stuchbery broadcasting where Tommy Robinson lives”. But comment came there none. So off he went once more.
You both (@peterwalker99  and @NParveenG ) wrote this [article link] … Yet you did NOTHING to talk about Stuchbery's behaviors on Twitter”. No comment there, either. So he had another go. “I want to thank  @peterwalker99  and @NParveenG  for failing so hard at their job in the fairness department that they make me look like a shining beacon of hope in comparison”. It wasn’t working. But Monroe couldn’t take the hint.
He was so unable to take the hint that he then grandly announced “Let me say it straight. I Nick Monroe accuse the Guardian's @peterwalker99  and @NParveenG of providing biased and inaccurate coverage in favor of Mike Stuchbery, in part because of an ulterior motive to attack Tommy Robinson and defame his character. The other part? Laziness”.
Biased and inaccurate coverage, he says. That’s very brave of Monroe. Because his faux indignation is based on more of those lies and fakery. This became apparent after Stuchbery was alerted to Monroe’s screen shot, and presented it alongside the real Tweet, with the comment “Hey, @nickmon1112, why are you altering screenshots?”.
Stuchbery did not identify the village where Lennon lives. Monroe faked that one, and then lied about it. Thus the desperation of the far-right as their great hero Lennon finds his earlier grandstanding and gobbing off coming back to bite him.

Nick Monroe is an utter and complete shit, fully deserving of another spell in the Twitter Cooler. He calls himself a freelance journalist. At least he retained his sense of humour.
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Anonymous said...

Gives a whole new meaning to The Monroe Doctrine.