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Tuesday 12 March 2019


Such is the trust that Stephen Yaxley Lennon, who styles himself Tommy Robinson, has in Rebel Media head man Ezra Levant that he asked him to come over from Canada to report from court in Peterborough on a trial where Lennon is suing Cambridgeshire Police for harassment. And Levant has certainly made an impression today.
The case has been covered by Cambridgeshire Live, which has toldTommy Robinson, the founder of the English Defence League (EDL), is suing Cambridgeshire police for harassment. The trial, which starts today (March 12) in Peterborough County Court, is scheduled to run until March 15. Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, otherwise known as Tommy Robinson, was at the Hop and Grain Store with his children in Cambridge on August 27, 2016 before being removed by police”. And there was more.
He claims that he was forced to leave due to violent left wing groups nearby. But police say he was asked to leave as part of a group of 18 Luton Town supporters, as the football club played Cambridge United on that day and officers wanted to stop any potential trouble”. So what has Levant been telling his Twitter followers?
Seasoned England and Wales court reporter he is not. Nor is he averse to making judgmental and prejudicial comments live from the courtroom. We see this from the word go as he tells, just for openers you understand, “I see the Cambridgeshire cops come in to the court room now. I recognize them from the video of them harassing Tommy”. He’s Tweeting that live from a court of law. And he was only just getting warmed up.
I need to do something to detoxify my mind from the hatred and abusive [sic] of these police. I need to watch some real police heroes, to regain my respect for the noble profession that was besmirched”. Pre-judging the case, much? It got worse.
Tommy says it was at that point that the dirty cops stopped stalking and filming them. ‘The police stopped and didn't follow us any further.’” Dirty cops. Stalking.
This was not an isolated occurrence. “Tommy makes the point: we were walking to the train, to leave town -- why were the pervy @CambsCops still stalking his children? #gross”. Stalking again. Cops upgraded from “dirty” to “pervy”.
Then it was back to the judgmental stuff. “I keep thinking of the phrase I learned in law school in Canada: ‘bringing the administration of justice into disrepute’. The @CambsCops did so that day in Cambridgeshire; their lawyer, Mr. Spencer, is doing so again today. I think this is the new normal in the UK, to be candid”. Very high and mighty of him.
What Levant claimed ...

So it was no surprise that he over-stepped the mark. “The lawyers are talking about my interaction with the cops. Over lunch, I had asked them if they had any regrets about their misconduct. They ignored me. But apparently they complained to the judge that they felt intimidated. So I apologized to the judge”. It was, in fact, a defence witness, as the Cambridgeshire Live report confirms. He attempted to intimidate a witness.
... versus what actually happened

And that knowledge that Lennon so prized? “This witness is an inspector - I'm not sure of my police ranks, but I think he's the senior officer. It sounds like he was in charge of policing for the ‘football event’. As I mentioned before, football hooliganism is a big thing over here, and there are special laws about it”. Ri-i-i-ight.
Ezra Levant doesn’t know his Police ranks. He doesn’t know his football law. He can’t report from court without smearing and pre-judging. And to cap it all, he’s had to apologise to the Judge for intimidating a witness. It’s a miracle he hasn’t been thrown out.

Mind you, that would just ramp up the paranoia of Stephen Lennon and his followers. After all, that kind of thing can never be down to The Great Tommy or his pals. Can it?
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