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Wednesday 27 March 2019

Tommy Robinson Linked To Christchurch Killings

After Darren Osborne drove his van into a crowd outside Finsbury Park Mosque, killing one and injuring several more, Stephen Yaxley Lennon, who styles himself Tommy Robinson, vehemently denied that he had influenced the killer. Osborne might have received messages from Lennon’s campaigning against Muslims, but as far as Lennon was concerned, he wasn’t the one Wot Done It.
Now, in the wake of the mass shootings in the New Zealand city of Christchurch, Lennon has another problem: one well-known far-right activist whom he has supported extensively has now been revealed as receiving money from a man with the same name as the one standing accused of the Christchurch killings. How The Great Man intends to deny that link will be an interesting one to see, as well as his denying the neo-Nazi links involved.

As a Reuters report has told, “Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz on Wednesday said there was a financial link between the man who killed 50 people in mass shootings at mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, and the far-right Identitarian Movement in Austria”. Do go on. “Hansjoerg Bacher, spokesman for prosecutors in Graz, said Martin Sellner, head of the Identitarian Movement … received 1,500 euros ($1,690) in early 2018 from a donor with the same name as the man charged with … the Christchurch attack”.
Moreover, Sellner has effectively admitted it. “Sellner published a video on YouTube in which he said he had received a donation from the man and that police had raided his house over the possible links to the Christchurch attacker … In it, he said: ‘I’m not a member of a terrorist organization. I have nothing to do with this man, other than that I passively received a donation from him’”. Not a terrorist? Hold that thought a moment.

Because the Chancellor has made one thing plain: “Kurz said Austria was looking into dissolving the Identitarian Movement … ‘Our position on this is very clear, no kind of extremism whatsoever - whether it’s radical Islamists or right-wing extremist fanatics - has any place in our society,’ Kurz said.” That suggests someone thinks he is a terrorist.
Martin Sellner

That might not be so challenging a proposition to stand up, following Sellner’s participation in the ill-fated voyage around the Mediterranean by the C-Star, in an attempt to frustrate efforts to rescue refugees from the sea. Lennon’s links to Sellner are well documented.

When Sellner was refused entry into the UK, Lennon gave his speech for him, at Speaker’s Corner in London. After Sellner tried again to get into the UK and was then given a lifetime ban from the country for his trouble, Lennon flew to Vienna to interview him - a clear and unequivocal show of solidarity. For a nailed-on neo-Nazi.
At the time Sellner received the €1,500 donation, he had been involved in the C-Star campaign, which looks very much like an act of maritime terrorism. The movement in which he is involved has now been correctly identified as one of “far-right extremist fanatics”. It’s taken a donation from someone charged with mass murder.

And Stephen Lennon is a fan. But remember folks, he’s not a racist, he’s not an extremist, and anyone who says he is is “telling lies”. And if you believe that, you’ll believe anything.
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Anonymous said...

You do understand, Tim, that you will now be accused of "cultural Marxism"?

You old pinko you.

Unknown said...

Couldn't be further from the actual truth if they tried. I guess the longer people believe all this BS the longer the real ones involved are free from any legal punishment due.

terrydev1269 said...

He is a despicable conman. That is all.