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Monday 25 March 2019

Tommy Robinson Abuses Charity Event

Many of us donate money to charitable causes. Most of those donating seek not even so much as an acknowledgement for that donation. We know it is going to a good cause of our choice. Others give their time to help such organisations; the well-known make appearances, give speeches. But what none of those people do is to promote political parties and spread hatred on the back of charitable organisations.
All except one, that is, and it will surprise no-one that the exception is Stephen Yaxley Lennon, who styles himself Tommy Robinson. Lennon has attended a fundraiser for the Amelia Mae Foundation, set up to honour the tragically short life of a little girl who died after being struck down with Neuroblastoma, an especially aggressive childhood cancer. The charity’s website, which seeks to raise awareness of the condition, is HERE.

Lennon’s appearance at the fundraiser started without any problem, save his moaning about venues which refused to host events where he spoke, and complaining about “Political Correctness”. But then the mood changed as he told his audience that they had to get themselves to London next Friday, March 29. And why would that be?

We’re not just being betrayed, the worst betrayal of all is the betrayal of democracy. We’re being betrayed at every single level, from the media, to the Police, to the Government”. By this time he had overstepped the line. But he was only getting warmed up. “We will be in Parliament Square … it’s in conjunction with UKIP”. Politics and charity? That’s a no-no.
After a lengthy detour around the history of the EDL and how he was saved from it by Quilliam - perhaps - Lennon then returned to his favourite topic, the idea that “They” are trying to silence him, to prevent people hearing his message. Some may be wondering what this has to do with the Amelia Mae Foundation. It doesn’t.

What we’re actually saying is very moderate, very reasonable … if everyone was aware of the reality of what our children will have to face, there’d be a revolution tomorrow. What the Government and the Establishment are trying to do is prevent people becoming aware … we hear the figures of 1400 children in Rotherham, yeah?” There was more.

There’s only 3% of Rotherham is Islamic. So in one of the lowest populations of Muslims in a town …” Then he claims that 2,800 of (his estimate) 10,000 Muslims in Rotherham are males over the ages of 16 or 17. He then claims that 550 of those 2,800 are under investigation. Following that riling up of the audience, he goes on to talk about Telford.
Luton, he asserts, is 35% Muslim. How many, he asks his audience, do they think are being raped there? And then it’s on to claiming that there is a rise in populism, citing his favourite politician, Combover Crybaby Donald Trump. The public, he claims, are refusing to be lied to. The whole of Europe is swinging, whatever that means.

What it means is that Lennon is totally our of order using the name of the Amelia Mae Foundation to launch into yet another of his anti-Muslim tirades, and riling up the crowd with his spurious claims about the cops and everyone else trying to silence him.

The charity is taking this seriously, holding an emergency meeting of trustees and seeking advice from the Charity Commission. What Stephen Lennon has done is plain flat wrong.
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Nigel Stapley said...

What on earth were they thinking of in allowing that ordurious twat there in the first place?

AndyC said...

What was he doing there? Were the charity unaware of quite who / what he is? Did they make any attempt to cut short his totally inappropriate speech?

A Kelly said...

The largest ethnic group in Luton is the Irish. The Amelia Mae Foundation have only themselves to blame.

fatfairandfortyfour said...

I'm sorry that they allowed a self serving fraudster to hijack a charity event. He is odious, without a moral compass, and definitely needs diagnosing.

Flood said...

Of course, they have to turn down any money raised. I just hope it goes to a worthy cause rather than something favourable to that motor-mouthed moron.

Anonymous said...

Noted Eugenecist Toby Young reveals the template for his Aryan Superman.

Vote for this lot and your grandkids will all look like Ventriloquist's dummies.

Anonymous said...

Look at the charity's Ambassadors.... very white and some with form