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Tuesday 5 March 2019

Tommy Robinson - Bang Out Of Order

As many who keep watch on his exploits will already know, Stephen Yaxley Lennon, who styles himself Tommy Robinson, took it upon himself to very publicly doorstep historian and campaigner Mike Stuchbery twice overnight at the latter’s home in Luton. In doing so, he made a series of dishonest and indeed highly defamatory claims, with the clear intent of inciting intimidation and violence upon his target.
Lennon’s visits follow the serving of a legal letter at Lennon’s home on behalf of lawyers acting for a teenage Syrian refugee. It is claimed that Lennon defamed that teenager. However, and here we encounter a significantly sized however, the Lennon residence was not identified. Moreover, nor were any street names identified. Also, the person delivering the letter did not serve it directly, but via a Police officer.

So neither that person, nor any of the journalists accompanying him, got within 50 metres of Lennon’s home. I’ll go further: Stuchbery was not one of those involved. Let’s repeat that for the hard of understanding: Mike Stuchbery was NOT INVOLVED in the serving of that legal letter. But when Lennon commented about the letter being served, he specifically mentioned Stuchbery. Now we know why.

Lennon turned up at Stuchbery’s house - in the dead of night, as he did when he tried to intimidate me - and proceeded to progressively lose his cool. He only wanted a polite conversation (where have I heard that before?). He claimed Stuchbery had declared that doorstepping was funny (he hadn’t). He then gave out Stuchbery’s address, with the clear intention of having his fans target the house for a bit of afters.
Mike Stuchbery

Lennon then claimed that Stuchbery was “a case”. That claim then became “a wrong ‘un”. Then there were claims about bondage. Then someone said “Paedo”. There is only one purpose to making such claims - to stir up the mob. Then came the threat to return not once, but every day. He told Stuchbery he would be forced to move house.

All the while, Lennon kept up the pretence that he was the victim, but his house has not been doorstepped. Nor has his address been revealed. He continues to do that to others, while claiming that others are doing it to him. Most people exhibiting this behaviour would be dismissed as cranks - but Lennon’s followers will lap it up as if it were fact.

So why did Lennon turn up at Stuchbery’s house? Simples. Lennon knows the area and it’s no big detour for him to rock up there. He’s picked on someone because they’re the nearest target, then invented a pretext for his visit to fit the narrative.

But there is yet more: Lennon has also threatened several other individuals, claiming he has their addresses, will visit them, will turn up at their places of work, and in his usual tiresome way has suggested he has records of more of that bondage. Anyone would think that he has a fixation with that sort of thing.

All because legal proceedings have been started against him. Stephen Lennon has now completely lost it. It is only a matter of time before someone gets badly hurt - or worse. And he doesn’t care. Because it’s all about him. He is bang out of order.
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Anonymous said...

The "worse" has already happened.

Jo Cox.

Skelator said...

The letter box is just about the right height for him to pop in at mine.. the little racist traitor is going to get bankrupted soon, with a bit of luck.