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Saturday 23 March 2019

Tommy Robinson Excuses BEYOND DESPERATE

The behaviour of Stephen Yaxley Lennon, who styles himself Tommy Robinson, in twice doorstepping historian and campaigner Mike Stuchbery was bang out of order, and for a whole variety of reasons. Now it turns out that his campaign has developed not necessarily to Lennon’s advantage, and as a result he has tried to excuse his actions in a discussion with Carl Benjamin, who styles himself Sargon of Akkad.
Lennon’s apologia is so ridiculous as to be obviously untrue - and if he doesn’t like that assessment, he can pony up the evidence to disprove it, which he will not. Here’s The Great Man trying to wriggle out of his Bad Publicity Hole.

Bearing in mind when you think of fear, on a Sunday afternoon my children were playing on the drive and my wife gets a phone call saying Antifa are coming to the house … my wife gets the kids in the house, and let me tell you why she’s more panicked than … most people would be. The Police have come into my home [the one he said he didn’t live in] twice now … they name Antifa as an organisation”. Do go on.

Who are going to murder us. They say they’ve armed themselves with weaponry, with guns [my emphasis]. So my wife’s been told all of this. I’m not in the country. Then she gets a phone call saying six of them [are] on their way to the house. She’s terrified. She’s locking herself in the house, she rings the Police. The Police come.” There is more.

There’s been a big deal made on their part, that ‘we didn’t even go near his wife’s house’. No, because the Police were there. If they hadn’t been there [they] would have walked up, live streaming my children’s faces, and my wife, who they are all fully aware is under a death threat and an Osman warning from the Government”. Then comes the wriggle.
Mike Stuchbery - threatened and doxxed

Mike Stuchbery, who was one of the people who encouraged this and financed it”. Right. Let’s take that apart nice and slowly. One, Antifa is stuff all to do with this. The people who went not to Lennon’s house, but stopped nearby and entrusted one person - that’s one person - with serving a legal letter on Lennon’s address - were NOT Antifa. Lennon knows this. But he also knows he is losing the propaganda war.

Two, if the cops named Antifa, let’s see the evidence. Until then, that’s just another Lennon lie. Three, possession of a firearm is, in this country, strictly controlled and policed. If Antifa, or anyone else, was on that day in possession of firearms in the vicinity of Lennon’s house, they would, and should, have been nicked. They were not. QED.

Four, the only reason the group went to the area of Lennon’s house was because The Great Man had ignored all previous communications from the lawyers concerned. And none of them were Antifa (did I mention that?). Five, they were not going to approach the house under any circumstances, because unlike Lennon, they don’t do doxxing. Six, Stuchbery did not “encourage” any form of action. Seven, to claim he had “financed” it is a ridiculous exaggeration. He contributed to the crowdfunding to start legal action against Lennon for the alleged defamation of a teenage Syrian refugee.

Stephen Lennon is now reduced to making up excuses to justify his aggressive doorstepping and doxxing of someone just because they’re a convenient target. He was wrong, and he knows he was wrong. He just isn’t big enough to say sorry. End of story.
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