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Thursday 12 July 2018

Tommy Robinson Appeal IS ON

The fan club of Stephen Yaxley Lennon, who styles himself Tommy Robinson, have been making great play of his decision to appeal against the custodial sentence handed down after his second contempt of court conviction in less than 18 months. To be given a ten month prison term, to run consecutively with the three months from his first contempt, the latter being activated on his second contempt, was claimed to be too harsh.
At first, we were told that Lennon’s appeal would be heard on July 10th. Then a great play was made of the date being moved to the 24th, despite Lennon’s team being ready. This was claimed to be part of some great plot by the state, which was after The Great Man, and wanted to silence him, perhaps for good.

Also, after the claim was made that Lord Justice Leveson would hear Lennon’s appeal, the level of paranoia within the Wall Of Gammon™ was raised yet further by claiming a mention by Leveson of the case in an interview meant that Lennon would not get a fair hearing. It now turns out that both of the dates pitched were wrong.

We now know from the list of Court of Appeal cases fixed for hearing (Criminal Division) that Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon will have his case heard on July 18th - that would be next Wednesday - at the Royal Courts of Justice in The Strand, in Court 4 at 1030 hours. If only his social media presence was telling his fans the news.
The Tommy Robinson Facebook page - this checked at 1615 hours - has no indication of the new appeal date. Mind you, it also advertises Geert Wilders as one of the speakers at his latest rally in London next Saturday, and Wilders has already pulled out, claiming his “armed protection officers” can’t be provided. One fewer narcissist to deal with.

Nor has this news yet been disseminated by Raheem “call me Ray” Kassam, the Walter Mitty figure who threatened to take legal action against Zelo Street, but then found he had another of those hair appointments. Nor has vicious creep Caolan Robertson said anything about the hearing. Nor has Robertson’s side-kick George Llewellyn-John.

Perhaps Lennon’s long-suffering PA Hel Gower has the information? Sadly, her Twitter feed makes no mention of it. Anyone would think that his appeal, the one opportunity for him to be released from jail early, is of less importance than the protest on Saturday - where speakers are already pulling out, there is England’s third-place World Cup tie against Belgium as competition, and the Metropolitan Police are going to be in no mood to take any crap from the Wall Of Gammon™ after misbehaviour the last time.
So what’s the game? Are the organisers of Lennon’s Saturday protest trying to keep attention away from his appeal? It would make sense: any more of the abuse and paranoia directed at the judiciary and he might find himself going back to prison, and for a longer sentence that he was already serving. But one thing is for sure.

Lennon will get his day in court. And Zelo Street will be watching.


Jonathan said...

Can only be to reduce his sentence..

Anonymous said...

It would be too funny for words if the Nazi meff has his sentence INCREASED.