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Friday 20 July 2018

Katie Hopkins Flirts With Libel AGAIN

The far-right in the UK seems to have gathered the wagons in a circle around the case of Stephen Yaxley Lennon, who styles himself Tommy Robinson, and in particular his being in jail following a second contempt of court within a period of 18 months. The rogues’ gallery has also been swelled by many from other countries - well, those who don’t get themselves barred because of their bad behaviour, anyway.
Viewers may still want to look away now

So it should surprise no-one that pro-am motormouth Katie Hopkins has leapt aboard this particular bandwagon, talking well but lying badly about Lennon, his campaigns, and his alleged predicament. She has combined this activity with doing her part to demonise the established print and broadcast media, and now the two have come together as she has veered perilously close to landing herself with another defamation action.
Pausing only to show her support for actual Nazis for being abusive to the BBC - “Excellent work by #identitarians. Well done lads” - without mentioning that several of their number are on trial in Graz right now, and that the Identiarians are also Islamophobic and anti-Semitic, Ms Hopkins gets right down to trashing the media.
First on her hit list was Peter Walker of the Guardian. “Bless this boy. Facts really aren’t his thing”. And what had Walker done wrong? Actually, he had done nothing wrong. He reported that Lennon was only appealing his custodial sentence, and then when the latter’s legal team made it clear that they were going to additionally appeal the contempt of court, he corrected himself. This is called journalism.
That change from Lennon and his lawyers had also come too late for The Secret Barrister, not that it mattered to Ms Hopkins: “Poor Walter Mitty, facts just aren’t their thing. #TommyRobinson appeals charge AND sentencing. The confusion sits with you, honey bunch”. Getting quite on her high horse, isn’t she? But there was a problem, and it was called reality. Condemnation of her own facts problem soon followed.
A Tweeter called Victoria put it directly. “In all due respect, @BarristerSecret tweet is dated 17th July, this pinned tweet of yours Hopkins is dated the 18th July, you also claim that Tommy is only appealing SENTENCE, you work for Rebel huh and like Ezra he too thought it was just sentence”. Indeed. Ezra Levant of Rebel Media, and Hatey Katie herself, originally thought it was only sentence Lennon was appealing.
And The Secret Barrister had bad news for someone who dumped Mail Online with a thumping legal bill, and then dumped one on herself, for libelling others. “1/ Robinson’s spokesperson stated he was only appealing the length of the committal … The ‘confusion’ arose from his late change of instructions …  2/ Tell me more about ‘facts’, Mrs ‘Three Libels’ … 3/ Be careful calling people ‘Walter Mitty’. You don’t want to make it four”.

Ouch! Ms Hopkins has gone all quiet on that front since those replies came in. Perhaps the rest of her family would rather still have a roof over their heads for the foreseeable future and have prevailed on her to stitch her North And South.

Katie Hopkins is veering close to the libel line again. It’s only a matter of time.


Anonymous said...

Reality has never bothered Hopkins or the far right.

Nor has decency.

Unknown said...

She's been in Israel disrupting Palestinians being interviewed by journalists. It's not going to to be long before she upsets the IDF and gets in real trouble.

Anonymous said...

According to mainstream media reports, Hodge ranted against Corbyn as "...a fucking anti-semite and racist..."

A charge which is patently untrue and a gross calumny.

Corbyn, like many others across the world - including the United Nations - has condemned the Israeli government because of its property theft, state terrorism and oppression directed against the Palestinian people. Religion has absolutely nothing to do with it.

Corbyn has NEVER denied the Holocaust and never will. It goes against every one of his life-long political principles.

Hodge may be Jewish, but that doesn't make her invulnerable to self-manufacture of lies and propaganda to suit her own agenda, whatever it may be. Nor does it make a theocracy like the government of Israel innocent of the accusations made against it, accusations made palpable by film, audio and eye witness accounts.

The Holocaust was the worst mass murder and genocide in modern history and should be taught as such to coming generations. It must never be forgotten. But Hodge's lying accusations against Corbyn are a disgrace to her and to the memory of the Holocaust - which, lest it be forgotten, was perpetrated by the lunatic far right of politics.

Hodges gives every appearance of trying now to restore favour with the establishment she once quite properly criticised in select committee. It is a sickening sight and one seized on by the unprincipled tory likes of May and Javid, to say nothing of the usual New Labour gang. That's a very unholy alliance which long ago spilled over into outright evil and warmongering.

If Hodges has a trace of decency left in her she'll apologise to Corbyn. But don't hold your breath. I suspect she sold out a long time ago.

Anonymous said...

Saw her last week when she was possibly coming back from the Festival of Speed at Goodwood. At least, my Muslim and politically wired up colleague said that the woman was Hopkins and she looked exactly like the picture: short and sour faced.
She went from being happy to be recognised by us when we used her name, offering an autograph then, when we asked if she could libel us for (our) financial gain, she called us mad and specifically denied she was Katie Hopkins, calling the idea 'absolutely absurd' that she was, and I quote her exactly, 'that woman'!
With people now pointing at her she put on her big lensed sunglasses to hide behind and rushed off.
Wish I'd got a picture of her so that I can gloat about it when she gets locked away.

Jonathan said...

Hatey Katey obviously isn't very clever or else is seeking more attention and victim hood..

To be slandering the Secret Barrister on Twitter is a) very stupid, B) "Very expensive and shows you really are stupid or narcissitic.