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Saturday 7 July 2018

Julia Hartley Dooda’s Brexit Blubber

For those not yet au fait with the political orientation of TalkRADIO, the station whose audience is smaller than the population of Icelend (and the census was probably taken on an early closing day), the station’s shamelessly self-promoting breakfast host Julia Hartley Brewer has shown the world exactly where this Murdoch-owned business is orientated - way out there on the screamingly Europhobic right.
We know who you are, thanks

As a result, yesterday’s cabinet awayday to Chequers, where all the alleged Brexit rebels caved in and agreed with Theresa May, has caused her considerable discomfort. To this end, she has Retweeted Migration Watch UK, Chloe Westley of the so-called Taxpayers’ Alliance, Spiked Online, Jacob Rees Mogg, Arron Banks’ Westmonster, Leave EU Official, plus a variety of idiocy from the Sun and the Guido Fawkes blog.
But it is her own outpourings that bring us closest to this troubled, weeping has-been, for whom an invite to the Spectator magazine summer party is a sign of continued relevance, rather than an impromptu doorstop. “Football may well be coming home but, from what I’m hearing, Brexit most definitely isn’t. Not really sure why anyone bothered asking us ordinary voters what we wanted if they were going to ignore it anyway” she moaned.
What “we” wanted could hardly be gauged by a yes or no question on a ballot paper, could it? That thought did not trouble Ms Hartley Dooda, who chose instead to endorse an editorial from Spiked, so-called because it should have been long ago, with the ringing endorsement “This. A thousand times this”. A thousand times not, more like.
But by now, the large black cloud marked GLOOM had settled above Ms Hartley Dooda, intensifying the misery, as she bleated “Did you see what Belgium did to Brazil’s World Cup hopes? Just wait 1 minute to see what May did to Leave voters”.
On she droned: “I never thought, when I voted Leave two years ago, that our best chance of Britain not being shafted in a Brexit deal was the hope that *the EU* would reject the British government’s plan. #BrexitForever #Democracy”. For some reason, Ms Hartley Dooda fails to tell her followers that the only form of democracy of which she approves is the kind that gives the result that is in line with her views.
But there was a silver lining to that big black cloud. “The Cabinet Brexiteers may have capitulated but backbenchers tell me they will vote this deal down”. Yeah, right. Like the Tories will break ranks and bring down the Government, when they know the most likely consequence would be a General Election that Jeremy Corbyn would win.
Plus, there was one small problem with her reasoning, and that was summed up by a pundit just after the referendum: “No one in the Leave campaign had the authority or mandate to set out a manifesto for Brexit. That is a job for government”. Quite right. And that is what the Government is now doing - taking on that job.

And who was the far-sighted pundit who gave such wise advice two years ago? Why, it was the same Julia Hartley Dooda who is now whining about it!

The audiences never do come flocking to TalkRADIO, do they? Why might that be?


http://www.thesocialshuttle.com/ said...

The faux Libertarian Brendan O'Neill of Spooked is whining about "elites" like Gina Miller & The Remoaners. That's the Brendan O'Neill who is handsomely paid by Rupert Murdoch for an occasional column in Rupe's loss making The Australian Newspaper and whose trips to Austrlia to bore people witless is funded by the creepy far-right "think tank" the IPA which in turn is funded by such non-elites as Rupert Murdoch and Gina Rinehart, reputedly the richest woman in the world.

rob said...

The only way to judge what the Cabinet agreemnent on the deal really means is to ascertain what the Moggy is telling his clients to do.

Hold on keeping those assets abroad as he previously advised in the hope that the EU turn down the final flat. Or, bring it all back home to profit from a rejuvenated £.

#reality's coming home?

nparker said...

'Ordinary voters.'

She just doesn't get it, does she? Remain voters are also 'ordinary voters,' but that can't be allowed to cross her mind. Besides, many Leave voters not ordinary people, and Julia seems to think she is one? HA! She's a rich far right rabidly Europhobic bigoted loon, and that is not ordinary or normal in any way shape or form, something many Remainers and Brexiters can agree on.

Arnold said...

Since when was Julia Dunning Kruger an ordinary voter?

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness we now know that she regards herself as an ordinary voter.

For a moment I thought she might demand that we put her on a golden pedestal and obey her every warped whim. Or is that what she would wish for in her idealised dreamworld?