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Saturday 21 July 2018

Piers Morgan - Out Of Touch Brexit Man

As the Brexit debate continues to give off more heat than light, the last thing it needs is the pointless ramblings of someone who really is part of the elite, really is out of touch with ordinary people, and really isn’t going to listen to anyone who views detract from the relentless pursuit of More And Bigger Paycheques For Himself Personally Now.
So what the Brexit debate received was the pointless and unwelcome presence of former Screws and Daily Mirror editor Piers Morgan, someone so on top of his brief that he had no idea that he was presiding over an increasingly criminal enterprise for which the Mirror’s current owners are still paying out millions of pounds in compensation.
The nuances of the Morgan approach to the little people are subtly explained

Morgan is rich beyond most peoples’ wildest dreams, whether or not he merits any of it. His idea of a bet is to wave his wad in the style of Harry Enfield’s least sympathetic creation in a highest up the wall contest with other rich people (although at least the beneficiary is usually a good cause). What he’s prepared to blow on a wager is more than many millions of Britons will see in an entire year. But he knows more than you and me.
Britain prevailed over two World Wars during the last century. I'm sure we can prevail over Brexit, however it unravels” he declared, suggesting that paying an obscene amount of money for one of Winshton’s left-over cigars may have gone to his head (Britain ceased to be a world power after the first of those wars, and was stoney broke after the second).
The level of delusion was only underscored by “Brexit's going to happen, so painting an endlessly apocalyptic picture is ultimately self-defeating. The time will very soon come for the country to rally together & fight hard to make it work. Or we just roll over & surrender”. To whom would we surrender? One can almost hear Harry Palmer in Billion Dollar Brain asking the wacko General Midwinter “Who’re you fighting, General?
He really believes this rubbish, too. “I'm not being jingoistic. Brexit is the biggest challenge Britain's faced since WW2. It will soon require the same kind of national resilience & collective positive mindset to make it work”. This is easy for someone who will not be one of the up to 2.8 million who lose their jobs in the pursuit of nationalistic purity.
We should just be positive, adopt a perma-smile in the style of Richard Tice, and all will be magically transformed. Thus another example of how out of touch the real media elite has become. But there was more. “Statistically this is the safest, healthiest, most prosperous time to ever be alive in Britain. Some perspective is important. Brexit is not going to cause the deaths of millions of people”. Let’s take this nice and slowly, shall we?

There are millions in poverty right now. If the economy heads down and unemployment heads up, there will not only be millions more, but the worst-off will see a decline in their quality of life and some will fall by the wayside - literally. Still, for those whose only privation is not being able to blag a table at the Chiltern Firehouse, who cares, eh?
What say Piers to that? Well, in his world, we have to do it anyway. “Mate, 17.4m Britons didn't agree with you & me - they wanted to leave the EU. We lost & Brexit will happen, or our democracy dies”. No, the people seeing what Brexit really means and voting accordingly shows that our democracy is very much alive.
And just to show the world how out of touch he was, Morgan then came out with this pearler: “I try to be balanced & reasonable about Trump & Brexit but nobody wants balance. They just want THEIR opinion to be the ONLY opinion - and anyone who says otherwise must be abused into silence”. Sounds like him on GMB.

Piers Morgan is not the only member of the real media elite to show the world that he is totally out of touch with how life is lived by 95% plus of those he uses his ITV pulpit to talk down to of a morning. But he is undoubtedly the only one who is so shamelessly loud and tone-deaf with it. He doesn’t experience it, so it doesn’t happen.

But good to know he doesn’t understand democracy, doesn’t care, and doesn’t listen.


Anonymous said...

I bet it's a Russian cat........

Arnold said...

Britain prevailed over two World Wars during the last century. I'm sure we can prevail over Brexit, however it unravels” he declared,
So like other Brexiters, he now admits that it's a bad thing. But undoing a mistake would be undemocratic?

Anonymous said...

A point from history: Hitler rose to the surface of the cess pool that was Germany between the wars, and many people did nothing because there was backing from the intellectual elite and the media that meant that those who disagreed were Рworst case scenario - exterminated. Martin Niem̦ller wrote a poem that illustrated the problem nicely.

Ok, we are not at that point yet (hopefully) but those who would like the rest to know that this is not what they signed up for are even now being shouted down by the empty yet noisy vessels who believe that no one should go against them.

Morgan, when on CNN, was famously vocal against guns; now he is doing to others what the gun lobby had been doing to him – telling us that we don’t understand or want to understand, that we are not looking at the big picture and should just shut up and let the ‘grownups’ talk, etc.
And anyway, he is just an annoying dick.

rob said...

We can prevail over Brexit.

But as Moggy himself admits to Channel 4 it will take 50 years at least before we may see any benefit. Well,at least to the ordinary man/woman in the street.

By which time he will no longer be around to claim victory. As will most of us. But moving much of his wealth offshore, as he has been reportedly telling his clients to do, would possibly offset any hardships to himself.

Wonder whether Piers will invest in the UK if "no deal" or"hard Brexit" prevails? Or will he take Moggy's advice?