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Wednesday 11 July 2018

Piers Morgan Trump Excuses BUSTED

The moment of the Presidential visit is almost upon us: later this week, Combover Crybaby Donald Trump will be flown into London to a moderately small welcome, and a rather larger protest, wherever he goes. This is as it should be in a country which values its traditions of free speech and protest, considering the target is a vicious misogynist, bully, congenital liar, white supremacist, mafia associate, and lousy businessman.
Don't let him know, Don ... we called the dog "Champ"
And one of the means by which the protest will be expressed will be a large inflatable Trump Baby Balloon, scaling six metres or so when filled with a realistic amount of hot air. This has caught the mood of the moment for many, but somewhere in the hermetically sealed bubble of the media establishment, one poor soul is most put out at the thought that his fellow Brits are taking the piss out of his pal Donald.
To no surprise at all, that sad individual is former Screws and Daily Mirror editor (and less than totally successful CNN host) Piers Morgan, who has taken time out from making a nuisance of himself at ITV’s Good Morning Britain to blubber long and loud about it. “If Obama was still President & someone suggested flying a giant black baby balloon over Parliament, @SadiqKhan would brand it racist & offensive, and stop it. This Trump balloon is a hypocritical disgrace” he railed pointlessly.
The response showed that this was one campaign that was turning out not necessarily to his advantage. Paul Connew, who might know Morgan personally, told “Come on, Piers. While I back Trump being invited, his actions justify the right to UK public protests&the orange baby exemplifies British tradition of satire and mockery. If The Donald's thin skin can't take what he'll only see on news bulletins, it says more about him than us”. Quite.
Nitin Sawhney added “You know, I once admired you for your stance against the Iraq war in the Mirror and for John Pilger’s brilliant articles. Now you’re supporting a narcissistic, misogynistic, corrupt white supremacist with a history of scandal and bankruptcy for a CV. What happened to you?” To which William Oliver replied “This is rhetorical right? It was only luck he got it right with Iraq. Morgan nails his colours to the mast best for Morgan. Your mistake is assuming it was based on principles”.
And LBC host James O’Brien summed up Morgan’s problem. “Trump cosies up to, & is clearly in hock to, a foreign leader who's ordered the murder of British citizens on British soil. Last week, a 1-year-old baby appeared before Trump's immigration courts without his parents. And apparently serious people here rage about a comedy balloon”.
It didn’t help when The Great Man claimed “I've never endorsed Trump nor told anyone to vote for him & I'm regularly very critical of him. But I find the anti-Trump hysteria ridiculously OTT, particularly when compared to 'Saint' Obama who did a lot of very bad stuff that nobody seems to care about”, only to follow that with “Kettle's on, Mr President @realDonaldTrump - look forward to seeing you in Britain”.
Never endorsed him? Piers Morgan has been crawling up Trump’s jacksy for years. Small wonder the image he hates - of him doing just that - have been doing the rounds again.
Piers Morgan should stop making excuses. Trump is a phoney. And we all know it.


Anonymous said...

Wonder what he'd say about the idea of having a smaller balloon representation of himself with its face nudging up against Baby Trumps backside?

iMatt said...

A real shame then that Piss Moron was not critical of the idiot-in-chief when actually interviewing him.

Anonymous said...

That cartoon......substitute May for Trump and Kuenssberg for Morgan and you'll be on to something of more relevance to our own collection of pol/media bullshitters.*

One of the more hilarious sights of the last few days has been Kuenssberg with a face like a smacked arse as the tories disintegrate into a pack of spitting fish wives. Ineffable Pienaar is the male equivalent. Neil too must be gnawing at his own liver.

*Which is not to imply disapproval of said cartoon. Quite the opposite.

danny said...

I saw a white dude on twitter who is on record as saying that bombs should dropped on parts of the West where Muslims are screaming that people are saying mean words about Trump.


Stephen said...

That thing about the left never criticising Obama - we did, a lot - The Guardian was full of pieces criticising one or another of his policies - especially drone attacks.

Trump fans can't find anything to criticise him for, and never will, no matter what he does (though when he's gone most of them will deny it).

Jonathan said...

Piers just like the former comedy Foreign Secretary is vain, self Centred and clearly out for whatever he can get.
Sadly Piers along with Kussenberg is deeply unhappy that the Tory ship is slowly mutinying and soon become friendly with Davy Jones' locker very soon.
Piers is upset because the man who he has ducked upto and invested so much in is widely unpopular here in the UK laregley due to sharing many personal qualities with Piers.
Many people were unhappy with some of Obama's policies and decisions notably Libya and TTIP but at least Obama was dignified and respected opposition.