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Saturday 7 July 2018

Nigel Farage Trump Balloon BURSTS

Next week, the UK will have the dubious privilege of an official visit from Combover Crybaby Donald Trump, the cheap huckster, failed businessman, mafia confidant, congenital liar, misogynist bully, nailed-on racist and recipient of golden showers presently standing in as President of the USA. The visit is not universally popular; as such, there are a series of protests planned during the course of his sojourn here.
Squeaky orange friend finger up the bum time
So what kind of protests are planned? As the BBC has reported, “Plans to fly a giant inflatable depicting Donald Trump as a baby over London during the US president's visit have sparked an online row … London Mayor Sadiq Khan has given permission for the helium-filled six-metre (19.7ft) high balloon to fly … Mr Trump is due to meet Theresa May at 10 Downing Street on 13 July”. Not everyone was amused.
Trump’s fans certainly weren’t, not least of whom was Piers Morgan. “The Trump baby balloon is genius. a) It will definitely encourage the President not to be puerile or childish. b) It will definitely encourage the President to give Britain a great new trade deal post-Brexit. Well done everyone!” This man is a bit of a crawler.
James Felton put him straight. “a) If being President of the USA doesn’t encourage you to not be a fucking child nothing will b) The goal here is to reject a psychopath who thinks keeping kids in cages is fine, not appease him to get scraps of trade & some swimming pool chicken. Other than that well done Piers”. Quite. But more was to come.
Former UKIP Oberscheissenf├╝hrer Nigel “Thirsty” Farage was incensed. “Sadiq Khan has allowed an inflatable ‘Trump baby’ blimp to fly in London. This is the biggest insult to a sitting US President ever”. Abe Lincoln, Jack Kennedy … but let’s move right along.
One Stateside Tweeter was unimpressed. “Perhaps Trump should've considered the consequences of his behavior when he mocked London after a terror attack. If you like him so much, you're welcome to keep him”. Another simply told “He deserves it, he’s a disgrace. Look at his insulting tweets. Or the insults when he speaks publicly. He should try acting civilly and acting like a grown ass man and behave with the dignity that equals the office. FULL STOP”. Back in the UK, Owen Jones clearly liked the idea.
I know, brilliant isn’t it” he responded, before reminding Farage “The hard right: The left are easily triggered snowflakes who hate freedom of expression … The hard right also: Waaaaa waaaaa the mean left are putting a balloon baby Trump in the sky”.
Meanwhile Marina Hyde of the Guardian reminded Nige just how crass his claim was - “Couple of presidential widows would probably have argued the toss with you, but if you need to wet your pants about a balloon, so be it” - before reminding everyone else why Farage was getting so uptight. “Nigel getting v worried that his crush won’t like him anymore if he has a shit state visit”. And if nobody likes Nige, Nige gets less money.
As to the insult idea, Sean Rostron had news for Farage: “Really? Come to Birkenhead and see my ‘fuck off you fat bald stupid orange wanker’ inflatable in the shape of an orange arsehole”. And Technically Ron reminded Nige “Today in 2018 the people that say people are too easily offended these days are offended by..... a balloon”. End of story.


Unknown said...

There's a campaign doing the rounds (I won't link to it) to pay for a Sadiq Khan baby balloon. I'm all for peaceful protest, whatever your inclination, but at least come up with an original idea.

iMatt said...

I'm also sure former President Ron Reagan's children could suggest their father being shot in the chest whist in office was a somewhat bigger insult than an otherwise harmless balloon. Not to mention the idiot-in-chief Trump insisting President Barrack Obama on a regular basis by insisting he was not born in the US and thus having nil legitimacy. And of course did not the racist twit Farage call Obama a ''loathsome creature''? But hey, a balloon is the biggest insult ever!

The fact the bigoted lickspittle Farage is so rattled over this shows what a shill he is. Simply put, he is little more than Trump's obedient lapdog.

Anonymous said...

If he finds a balloon imitation of him insulting he needs to grow a pair and stop behaving like a snowflake, as I believe we are constantly being told.
Mind you I would be seriously impressed if he could grow a pair of baby Trump balloons, although I'd imagine his doctor would be quite worried.

Anyone got any news on the plan to mass moon him all along the route from the airport?

rob said...

C'mon guys cut him some slack.

He has to support the Dear Leader of the Free World (but not quite tariff free) so that those great trade deals for the UK done bigly aren't going to leave the table post Brexit.

If Brexit still happens and Mueller hasn't nailed him or Nige (or both)in the mean time those deals wil be vital for any claim of success.

Saying which Nige may be in need of a pardon to avoid going behind those bars where a drop of alcohol doesn't reach.

rob said...

Enigmatic tweet from Jolyon Maugham.

"Nigel, did you get paid by hedge funds for spreading misinformation about Brexit? Do you have gambling debts?"

Watch this space?

Jonathan said...

Ah the snowflake Mr Thirsty, seems free speech and freedom to protest only applies to when Tommy Robinson gets himself arrested or when the Wall of Gammon want to protest about Tommy getting locked up.
Roll on Trump Baby..

rob said...

***POTUS & Friend***

Mean Mr Trump is coming here
To shake Maybot's hand in trade deals
Has affront to lunch with the Queen,
Onlookers will shout out something obscene,

Such a dirty old man!
With that strange orange tan

But you should see colourful Nige
So good looking when you're one over eight
See his Assange lurk
He's that kind of a berk
Shame he can't win elections with hate