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Sunday 22 July 2018

Rees Mogg Says Don’t Worry, You’ll Be Dead

The reality of what would happen if the UK exits the EU without any kind of deal having been reached on our future relationship with the other 27 member states has begun to hit home: even today’s Murdoch Sunday Times has now admitted that, even in a three-choice referendum, it is likely that 50% of voters would choose to Remain in the EU as a first preference over No Deal, or Theresa May’s “Chequers Compromise”.
But in the world of the committed and inflexible Brexiteers, such thoughts are not allowed to enter. For them, nothing short of ripping the UK out of the EU at any price will do. Only in a complete repudiation of 45 years’ membership of the European Club will their mission to preserve ideological purity be successful. And Jacob Rees Mogg, the capo di tutti capi of the Brexiteer mafiosi, has been unswerving on this mission.

This mission, though, did not fare well when put to the test by Channel 4 News’ Krishnan Guru-Murthy as he questioned the Moggster on Brexit. “If you’re wrong, and the economy does take a hit next year, what will you do? Will you feel honour bound to resign?” he asked The Great Man. Rees Mogg, to no surprise, did not feel honour bound.

What can I resign from? I’m a backbench Member of Parliament”, he proffered, somehow missing the obvious. “This will be a choice for the electorate … the electorate ultimately will be the judge of this, and will decide whether Brexit has been a success or a failure”. But he will not countenance the possibility of a further referendum.

Then came the admission “I may not know for years to come”. What did that mean? Guru-Murthy pressed him again on resignation. Why not? “Because you’re proposing a very simple question on a very complex set of circumstances”. Sounds like the referendum.

And then we discovered what “years to come” meant. “We will know at some point, yes of course we will, but it’s a question of timescale … We won’t know the full economic consequences for a very long time … We really won’t … The overwhelming opportunity for Brexit is over the next 50 years”. The next 50 years.

Put simply, what Rees Mogg is telling all those older voters who, for whatever reason, voted to Leave the EU that they should not worry, because when we discover what a complete shit-show it has become, they’ll mostly be dead. He and his fellow vulture capitalists will have trousered obscene amounts of money from the Brexit débâcle, and retired to the comfort of their fortified mansions by the Mediterranean.

After all, with all that money, they will be able to buy residency rights in those EU member states that they spent so much time slagging off. Their only problem will be choosing between locations such as Puerto Banus, Cap Ferrat, Ischia and Hydra.

Jacob Rees Mogg just admitted he won’t be around when the shit really hits the fan. Now has the penny dropped?


Ceebs said...

So those people who mainly voted for Brexit, things will only economically turn positive when its their grandchildrens time to collect their pensions....

rob said...

"Jacob Rees Mogg just admitted he won’t be around when the shit really hits the fan."

And those divisions in our society which have been exacerbated with the aid of the Russian/American far right/left trolls needed to get the required result will possibly still be around too?

Thanks Moggy,Farage,Banks & Co (fine purveyors of rotting dead fish - "feel the stench").

rob said...

Somebody's been watching too many cartoons?

From Dawn Foster twitter feed

"I was told a senior Tory MP had also asked DeXEU if it was possible: to dynamite part of the white cliffs of Dover to allow more lorries through, and if underwater walls could act as borders for fishing."

I thought those blue passports were required for the fish!

Pêcher avec frontières - 'Ey it's a down and under!

iMatt said...

So that's Nigel Farage who said he never promised Brexit would be a success. A lie of course. Priti Patel who tweeted it does not matter whether Brexit is a success or not, we have to get, on with it, and now Jacob Rees-Mogg who is admitting we will not know how successful Brexit is going to be for the next 5 decades!!!

The principle Brexit cheerleaders have less and less faith in the monster they created. And yet, there are those still prepared to put trust in them and hang on their every word!

Anonymous said...

There's a dead easy answer to this.

Turn London and the south east corner into a lorry park after we regenerate manufacturing industries in the rest of the country. That way, we'll return to making things the rest of Europe actually wants and be rid of the money laundering spivs and barrow boys everybody else detests.

The large lorry park will be a small price to pay. And anyway it won't affect the vast majority of the country. The spivs and barrow boys can always move to Washington DC where they've always belonged, while Geordie Washington in north east England will regenerate. The "effing tories" (copyright D. Cameron esq.) can also move to Washington DC.


Anonymous said...

Still, let's just get on with this marvellous European weather we've been having for the past few weeks. (Applies, obviously, to those with the good weather!)

Leavers will be demanding good old British rain, grey skies and miserable kids, moaning about everything now they are on holiday.