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Friday 13 July 2018

The Sun Is Fake News

One attribute of Combover Crybaby Donald Trump which has been demonstrated to the world time and time again is that he is a congenital and shameless liar. Also, he has the attention span of a goldfish, and tends to believe the last person to have spoken to him - or, in the case of Fox News Channel (fair and balanced my arse) the last propaganda broadcast  he watched. And now the British people know this, too.
As Zelo Street has already pointed out, Trump sat down for an interview with the Sun’s non-bullying political editor Tom Newton Dunn before he left Brussels for London. Here, he trashed Theresa May’s premiership big time, as well as blaming London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan for events outside his control, and speaking in terms more generally suited to a white supremacist - which he is. The interview has been widely circulated.
But come the joint press conference with Ms May at Chequers, the language had changed as he figured out he had to be a little less unpleasant to his host. So, without missing a beat, Trump - a big friend of Rupert Murdoch, without whom that interview would not have happened - trashed the Sun, dismissing Newton Dunn’s interview as “Fake News”.
You read that right. Steven Swinford of the Telegraph mused “Donald Trump now accusing The Sun of failing to put in the 'tremendous things' he said about Theresa May in his interview. He says it is FAKE NEWS”. He did? The Guardian concurred. “Donald Trump backtracks over Brexit criticism, calling Sun interview 'fake news' – live updates”.
But then a problem entered. As Mark Di Stefano of BuzzFeed pointed out, “He did it. He really did it. Donald Trump called his ON THE RECORD (which was recorded) interview with The Sun ‘fake news’”. The USA press pack had that one figured out, too, with Maggie Haberman of the New York Times confirming “Trump is calling a taped interview that the Sun posted audio of ‘fake news’”. But they’re used to this by now.
Jonathan Allen of ABC News was also on the story. “Trump calls interview with The Sun ‘fake news.’ There's a recording of it. It's been playing all day”. Perhaps Rupe made sure than Newton Dunn taped the whole thing. Kyle Griffin of MSNBC had: “Trump says that the Sun's interview, an interview which they recorded and posted online, is ‘fake news.’
Mirror Politics hinted at why Trump was backpedalling. “Trump insists Sun interview criticising Theresa May is ‘fake news’, despite audio recording. He adds: ‘I didn’t criticise the Prime Minister, I have a lot of respect for the Prime Minister.’” Did he think Theresa May would somehow miss his Sun interview? The BBC also had the new and more positive Trump: “'No limits' to the UK doing trade deals after Brexit … Trump on May: I didn't criticise the prime minister … Trump on Sun interview - ‘It's called fake news’”.
One Tweeter, looking at the unfolding spectacle, concluded “Trump calls The Sun ‘Fake News’. Trump finally gets something right”. Another showed the idiocy of it all: “Trump says that The Sun's report on his ‘critical remarks’ about Brexit is fake news. Then he won't talk to CNN because they report fake news, then he takes a question from Fox News. He knows Fox News and The Sun are both owned by his mate Rupert doesn't he?

And one thing is now certain: all those Brexiteers who put faith in Trump are now bust. The great trade deal doesn’t exist. Trump has no credibility. And neither do they.


Anonymous said...

I just wish Trump would fuck off and take the Rothermere/Murdoch Nazis with him.

And since he held her hand, May and the rest of the tory goons and spivs too. Come to think of it, also the warmongering nitwits at NATO.

We could then get on with the decades long task of restoring this country to some form of social decency.

Anonymous said...

Do you think those prats at the Sun noticed? They must be so used to changing their own stories/points of view to suit whoever is in favour that hour/day that I'd like to believe that they wouldn't notice.
And it would be water off a ducks back to them anyway.

Jonathan said...

The Trump visit has left the Maybot with a massive amount of egg on her face. The visit has spectacularly backfired and left the Brexit dream dead.

Marco. said...

Tough times when we have to decide who is the most trustworthy, Trump or The S*n.
Both are hardly beacons on truth. In this instance the taped interview means Trump should be issuing a grovelling apology. Any other leader would be grilled and pestered about his lies but for him we are expected to just shrug and agree it’s how he operates.