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Friday 3 November 2017

No-one Trusts The Sun

In September, the daily circulation of the Murdoch Sun was down almost 9% on the previous year, and hovered just above the all-important 1.5 million mark. By now, at that rate of decline, it may well have fallen below it. Print journalism is in serious decline, and what is worse, those buying the Super Soaraway Currant Bun increasingly take no notice of its exhortations, as last June’s General Election demonstrated.
Having trouble finding that P45, Tone?

So it was that a paper screaming at its readers to back the Tories saw 30% of the ones who voted backing Labour, with fewer than half the total bothering to vote at all. Now has come yet worse news: as Press Gazette has noted, a recent survey shows the Sun at the very bottom of the league for impartiality, accuracy and trust (at the other end of the scale was the hated BBC, the kind of hint the Murdoch goons find hard to take).
Impartiality - bottom of the class

It gets worse: the survey not only included broadcasters - with BBC News, ITV News and Channel 4 News coming out ahead of Sky News, in which the Murdoch mafiosi have a 39% stake - but also social media providers. And yes, the Sun comes out behind Twitter and Facebook, as well as being way behind sites like Google News, Yahoo News and MSN News. Behind BuzzFeed and Vice. Rock bottom.
Accuracy - bottom of the class

And when the survey asked which source they were “most likely to turn to” for news they could “trust the most”, the Sun did not even register. The BBC scored a whopping 57%, while the only newspaper to break 1% was the Guardian on 4%. Even Facebook got a mention on that part of the survey. And as “The survey was carried out between 27 January and 7 February this year”, those numbers may have got worse since then.
Trust - bottom of the class

After all, the Sun has been shipping sales, and most Labour supporters, even if they buy the rag, are most unlikely to believe anything politics related that they read in it. Made-up stories about Jeremy Corbyn, like “COURT JEZTER”, which was demonstrated to be a pack of lies, have only served to alienate part of the paper’s core demographic. So what did the inmates of the Baby Shard bunker have to say in response?
Most trusted news source - not even on the board

They just did the usual “fingers in ears, la la la, I can’t hear you” routine: “The Sun remains Britain’s best-selling newspaper for a reason - because every week, millions of readers put their faith and trust in us. They know we’re on their side more than any other”. Yeah, right. Those “millions of readers” plural may not be so plural in future. The Sun is now losing money, after years of being the Murdochs’ cash cow. And there is more bad news.
There are more phone hacking claims coming down the track - so far, the Murdoch mafiosi have avoided court cases by paying off all the claimants before that stage - and allegations of other illegal practices, such as blagging and improper use of private investigators, are mounting up. And on top of that are the past exploits of “Fake Sheikh” Mazher Mahmood, which could end up costing the Murdochs and the cops dear.

No-one trusts the Sun. So don’t buy it.


A.Robot (Mrs) said...

Private Eye this week has the Sun's Page 3 Stunna from a 1974 edition. She's a 17 year old shown with her breasts peeping out from a skimpy top. She's from Texas. Yep, it's Jerry Hall!

Still, creepy Uncle Rupert did the decent thing 40 years later and married her. So that's alright.

DarrenG said...

Interesting that when you look at the charts, all the hated channels by the quitlings are above the brexit supporting papers

i.e. the guardian, and the independent

Anonymous said...

The day the Scum closes and its employee gobshites made redundant will be the day loud cheers are heard from every part of the Britain - with the possible exception of the track suited, tattooed, body pierced East End.

As for the BBC "reputation", much of it is carried on the backs of first class production values in non-news/political/social comment programmes.

The editing and presentation of BBC News is a different matter. It stinks the gaff out with its weasel words and even worse editors and presenters. Anyone who doubts this need only consult the recent words of former News Controller Mosey who "deplored" Question Time for including "Corbynistas" - whatever and whoever they're supposed to be - with far right extremists in the audience. See the what he did there? Can anyone doubt how such a mindset would operate if he was still in place? Not that it matters much when you see who's still there: Neill, Kuentssberg, Davis, Maitlis, Smith, Robinson, Marr, Coburn and all the other tory gimps.

In the end the difference between Murdoch News and BBC News is merely right wing relative.

It's good to know the Scum and its cowardly employees are being fucked right off. But there's an awful long way to go before this country's media resembles anything remotely decent and fair minded.