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Tuesday 21 November 2017

Brexit Bill Reality Spooks Sun

For those propagandists spinning Britain’s departure from the EU as some great act of liberation, the ultimate answer to the yearning of a people to be free of the bureaucratic straitjacket of the elite, and the start of a new era of Vision And Boundless Hope And Optimism, the moment of reality, where they have to come clean and admit they were deceiving their audience, was never very far away.
He's going to get his way ...

And for the Murdoch goons at the Super Soaraway Currant Bun, that moment arrived this week as they were exposed not just as propagandists, but shameless and habitual liars. First, the the relocation of the European Medicines Agency and European Banking Agency was confirmed, to Amsterdam and Paris respectively. Now has come news that Theresa May and her cabinet had admitted it must increase the “divorce settlement” offer.

No more championing London’s former very occasional Mayor Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson in claiming the EU could “go whistle”. No more of the dishonest pretence the Sun peddled back in April when it told readersEU’RE NOT GOING ANYWHERE Two major London-based European agencies could stay post-Brexit despite EU claims they must be moved, Government insists”. They couldn’t, and they won’t be.
... but she isn't ...

The Lies Of March - “REBATE FOR BRITAIN Theresa May to demand £9billion of assets back from the EU in Brexit divorce talks as ministers prepare to trigger Article 50 within days … Some EU officials have said we could face a £50 billion bill from the bloc - but Government sources say Britain is entitled to get some money back” - didn’t work, either.

July’s “BRIT OF ALRIGHT David Davis’ officials claim to have won victory against EU as Brussels gives UK more time on £85bn divorce bill … Sources claim EU negotiating chief Michel Barnier modified his address at the Commission HQ on Thursday at the last minutewas made-up crap as well, as has become clear to Sun readers today.
... and the EU doesn't care what he thinks

Now, readers are being let down gently, although the mood is still, outwardly at least, defiant.”Prime Minister Theresa May branded Santa after getting Cabinet to sign off £38bn EU divorce bill … Tory backbenchers are furious and have accused Mrs May of caving into the EUblusters an article credited to non-bullying political editor Tom Newton Dunn and alleged “Westminster Correspondent”, the odious flannelled fool Master Harry Cole.

There is an equally defiant follow-up claiming “Brits will ‘go bananas’ at £40bn Brexit divorce bill which is ‘playing Santa’ for the EU, top Tories warn as Theresa May meets ministers to thrash out size of payment … Rob Halfon and Nigel Evans both said the public do not want to pay huge sums to Brussels”. Nigel Evans and credibility. Yes, well.
And all that was backed up with a ranting editorial packed with anti-EU, anti-Irish, anti-German and indeed anti-reality rhetoric, claiming “It’s the EU that’s in the grip of chaos”, a straight-A F*** right off in one. The problem for the Murdoch mafiosi is that it can no longer hold back the tide of reality. Its readers may take in the propaganda, but one switch on of the TV News in the evening and they see they have been lied to once more.

Those pundits who told us what was going to happen - that the EU would call the shots and we would have to stump up the divorce bill - were ridiculed. But they were right.

Faisal Islam of Sky News - and formerly of Channel 4 News, where they deal in those pesky things called facts - noted after the latest cave-in from the Empress Treeza “In 4 months, Cabinet Brexiteers have gone from: 1. No Transition to a 2 year transition … 2. Parallel trade talks to non-parallel talks … 3. No ECJ transition jurisdiction to No ECJ over new rules … 4. ‘Go Whistle’ to £20bn … 5. £20bn to £40bn”.
He also pointed out that his long read for the Sky News website had already, more or less, laid out this direction of travel. And Jolyon Maugham simply said “EU wants €60bn. We will pay ... about €60bn”. Ultimately, we will do just that. We’ll settle EU citizens’ rights in a way that is acceptable to Michel Barnier and his team. There’ll be no messing around over issues like the Irish border. And we’ll end up accepting the EU terms and conditions.

In other words, the Murdoch goons at the Sun have wilfully and persistently lied to their readers, and now that the moment of reality is here and the situation in which the Government finds itself can no longer be spun or denied, they are well and truly screwed.

The inmates of the Baby Shard bunker don’t like reality? That’s not the readers’ problem.


DarrenG said...

Considering it is generally accepted that the UK pays on average about £8b (https://fullfact.org/europe/our-eu-membership-fee-55-million/) a year to the EU. So for £40billion we could fund 5 years worth of payment, £60 billion is 7 1/2 years

So why the hell are we leaving again?

And as for those tories saying that the money could be spent on housing in the UK, i nearly chocked on that one when I heard it this morning considering how the current Tory government is still trying to cut costs due to "austerity" well, pull the other one mate.

Ferdy Fox said...

Anyone who peddles the story that "it's the will of the British people" and uses that as an argument has to be a liar. Only a minority of the British electorate voted in favour of leaving the EU and they were lied to from the start.
Lucky that after all those years of austerity and running down the NHS, we've managed to save and scrimp together enough to pay our bills to the EU and bung the Irish a sizeable bribe. Instead of whining and whinging about the cuts we should all be proud to have played a part in our downfall.
Trouble is, this bloody shower of liars, cheats and hypocrites that we occasionally refer to as a "government" actually believes their own drivel. Shame on them.

Arnold said...

Look on the bright side. We've got a full 16 months to get UK equivalent organisations up and running. Piece of piss.

Anonymous said...

Faisal Islam is a sad sight.

Anyone is who takes the Murdoch shilling. Majority ownership or not, Sky News is Murdochite in everything it churns out.

He knew that perfectly well when he joined them. Shame on him......despite the odd excursion into a truth he couldn't avoid.