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Friday 17 November 2017

Katie Hopkins Sex Hypocrisy

Still promoting the garnering of More And Bigger Paycheques For Herself Personally Now, pro-am motormouth Katie Hopkins has seen an opportunity to get a few more outrage points by shooting off her North and South about underage sex, or, as many people inconveniently call it, illegal sex or even paedophilia. As so often with Hatey Katie, though, the point at which she trips herself up over her own bigotry is never far away.
Viewers may still want to look away now

Ms Hopkins has decided that what Judge Roy Moore did with a 14-year-old girl is no big deal, but only on the basis of her objective judgment you understand, and not because he’s a rabidly right-wing politician who she wants to see elected at any cost. So on seeing Moore’s poll ratings tanking after he was accused of what is a felony offence, she decided to point out how she herself was sexually aware at the age of 14.
After Moore was accused, she wanted everyone to know that 14-year-old girls were somehow “not innocent”, which may provide an interesting talking point at the school gates, provided of course that other parents give her the time of day. “Wake up people. 9th grade = age 14/15. You think 15 is innocent? Go take your heads for a wobble”. What was she trying to say? Did she think Moore would get off a felony rap?
It was looking that way. After seeing that Moore’s attorney was trying to discredit the molestation allegations - that would be as in “serious enough molestation allegations for it to be a straight felony” - she sniped “If you take 40 years to remember how upset you were at 14, you are not a victim. You are a weapon #RoyMoore”. So now the woman who complained of being molested is being attacked. But not Roy Moore, oh no.
And then she did it: Katie Hopkins told the world that 14-year-olds indulging in sexual activity was fine. As the law stands on both sides of the North Atlantic, she was ready to approve criminal behaviour, paedophilia even. Off she went: “Not all girls are innocent at 14. I was pleasuring my boyfriend harder than a Russian gymnast working a pole (Capital P optional) #RoyMoore”. Who would give her media appearances and writing gigs now?
One woman reading this was beyond outrage: “I’m physically sick reading this Tweet. From a woman no less. How can you even condone paedophilia? How the fuck can you justify an adult taking advantage of an adolescent?” Hatey Katie did not trouble herself with reason, but resorted to simply sneering “Tweeting through the vomit. Good skills. One hopes your phone is waterproof darling”. And she had forgotten the hypocrisy bit.
Because last year, she had decided that 14-year-olds being molested was A Very Bad Thing Indeed, Tweeting “More than 20 girls molested by migrants at Swedish festival. Some girls as young as 14. We need Leadsom - get us OUT”. Ah, but the acts of alleged molestation were only bad if the perpetrators were Scary Muslims (tm). For Ray Moore, and other upstanding white Christians, a quick grope was A-OK.

Racist bigotry comes all too easily to Katie Hopkins. As well as the paedophilia approval. Yes, I can just see all those media outlets queuing up for her services. Or maybe not.


Anonymous said...

I didn't know Hopkins was still on release.

I thought she'd disappeared up her own arse months ago.

Come to think of it, reading that......She has.

Shawlrat said...

Her children must be so proud. They’ll need some lessons in self respect from someone other than their mother.

J. Rees-Mogg said...

Andrea Leadsom plus a 14 yr old Hopkins 'pleasuring' her boyfriend (some 52 yr old mate of her dad's, presumably) and both in the same post. Thanks for those images, Tim. Delaying ejaculation should never again be a problem.