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Thursday 16 November 2017

Don’t Menshn Corbyn Paranoia

Some Zelo Street regulars may not agree, but this blog does not mention anyone and the Russian connection together without at least some concrete evidence that connects the two, with the perpetually thirsty Paul Staines and his rabble at the Guido Fawkes blog being the latest. The act of claiming a Russia connection on a whim I leave to others, and for anyone who wants a prime example of this genre, it’s already Out There.
Has she got news for us? Er, no

Here, we encounter the wacky and not necessarily wonderful world inhabited by (thankfully) former Tory MP Louise Mensch, who has made a whole series of highly creative claims about the Trump Gang on little more than a hunch. She then declared herself to be the foremost authority on the subject. She may even have claimed to rank as high as any in Rome. But much of what she claimed was in the realm of wacko conspiracy.
All of that need not concern politics watchers in the UK - until now. Because Ms Mensch has now declared that Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is in hock to the Russians, although she is, to no surprise at all, unable to pony up any evidence (no change there, then). But she is ready to tell us “UK tweeps should know: Jeremy Corbyn also benefited from Russian propaganda in the General Election and if he knowingly cooperated, he should be arrested, like anybody in #Brexit who knowingly colluded. @ me all you want; I broke Russian bots for Brexit last year”. Yeah, course she did. Do go on.
Not only did I (and I alone) break Russian bots for #Brexit last September, I also broke the story of @Comey’s #TrumpRussia investigation on Nov 7th, thus scooping both UK and US media on both their biggest stories of the last year”. Her alone? Funny, last time I looked she was claiming to have sources in the US intelligence community.
But she’s off and running: “And I am quite used to mainstream press gnashing their teeth at my true reporting then parroting it nine months later. Russia ALSO interfered in the General Election for its asset @JeremyCorbyn. If he knew, he should be jailed. #Brexit”. Well, if he was a Russian asset, he’d know. There wouldn’t be an “if”. Think about it.
Then she starts giving MI6 instructions, and we are through the looking glass. “It’s time for MI6 to start front-facing Russian propaganda for Corbyn and I don’t mean in the bloody @FT, it might as well still be classified for all Dearlove’s warnings on @GenFlynn got noticed. Please try and be a bit less Foreign Office :)”. Wibble, wibble, she’s a hatstand.
What did her audience make of this fresh and steaming bullpucky? Matt Zarb-Cousin was short and to the point, with “Load of old cobblers. Hope you’re well”. Other replies included “Seriously what in the world is she talking about?” as well as “Basically, because she broke a few things about Trump (i.e. assumed things like everyone else did) she's now under the illusion she's a hard-hitting investigative journalist. Reality is, there's more truth in the Beano than on her twitter feed” and “The idea that the Russians had any significant influence over the election result, or that Corbyn is collaborating with them, is utterly bizarre”. But she could always set out her evidence and reasoning.

Until then, it will have to be concluded that Louise Mensch has journeyed beyond Barking and is in danger of overrunning the buffer stops at Upminster. No change there, then.


Anonymous said...

It's NOT "...already Out There..."

All there is is the usual paranoid muck in the McCarthyite "tradition", the kind of garbage shovelled in accordance in Britain with the same "traditions" as, for example, Chapman Pincher and all the other far right meffs.

What else do you think former agent "Le Carre" novels were but propaganda? Ironically, the only exception was his first successful tale, The Spy Who Came In From The Cold. Which showed a twin track plot featuring - and here's the irony - a WESTERN plant inside Russia and a readiness to betray and kill "our own". All the other yarns reverted to type.

You'd do better with your time concentrating on WHY THIS HAPPENED. What is the motivation? Why has the West ringed Russia with threatening NATO bases along the length of its Southern border? What natural resources is the West after? Particularly in the Donetsk basin of Ukraine, a country whose economy is now in ruins thanks to its chocolatier leader put in place following the Maidan coup. Western spivvery is, as usual, busy looting what's left of Ukraine wealth.

The whole thing reeks of precisely the same strategy and propaganda that brought on the First World War. Too many people were suckers enough to believe it then, as they were during the hysteria of the lunatic Cold War era, and as it threatens to now.

Scarcely a day goes by without yet one more ludicrous allegation - most Western media have even dropped use of the word - nobody has or can prove. Or ever will. There's no reason for the Russian government to "interfere" because Western governments are destroying themselves as rapidly as they are looting their own economies.

In short, it's all my arse.

So is Mensch. But nobody sensible believes a word that fanatical crackpot says.

Anonymous said...

Russians are permanently paranoid.

Have been since the middle ages, got worse with Napoleon in 1812.
Above this long diatribe comes from a Russian Troll.

Absolute Monarch (Tsar)
Russian Capitalism i.e. Absolute Gangsterism

These people are paranoid, suspicious and not to be trusted.

Neither are Nigel "Russian Stooge" Farage or Arron "Russian Piggy" Banks.

Sam Best said...

Strange reasoning from The Mensch (not). I think she's under the impression Russia is still a bastion of Communism and may have missed that it's catapulted into free market lunacy under Putin and the dreaded oligarchs.
This is like saying the Ruskies would have interfered in the US election to get Bernie Sanders elected rather than Trump.
I should think Theresa May is popular with the Russians seeing she & her Tories are chaos personified.

Anonymous said...

Just goes to show how the West is still full of US-led paranoid nonsense.

But actually the current US is merely the latest version of the mass murdering thieving mindset that visited genocide on the real Americans, made illegal war on Mexico and stole from it what became the south west of the "USA", made the Louisiana "purchase" from Napoleon to fund his wars in Europe, invaded all their neighbours, corrupted/made war/subverted governments in sovereign nations in Central and South America, interfered (sic) in European elections and destabilised governments there, and repeated all of it in Asia and Africa.

Which means it is deliberately manufactured paranoia with the sole aim of looting on a global scale. You know, like the various European empires.

Those who forget the past etc. etc.