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Tuesday 14 May 2013

Guido Fawked – Demented Hypocrisy

While his preferred political party turns in on itself over Europe, the perpetually thirsty Paul Staines has clearly decided to try and make a little news on his own, with the added bonus that he is going in to bat for one of his bestest friends, the now Officially Tory MP for Mid Bedfordshire (yes, it’s her again) Nadine Dorries, who is trying to stir up trouble for Labour’s Diane Abbott.

Yeah, Nadine called me when I was on the lash, shit no, phone, to ask if I'd go after a skinful, stuff it, no, attack from a landlord, bollocks no, Labour MP. After I'd finished the fourth pint. Oh sod it

Ms Dorries, clearly stung by those ready to exploit her Twitter gaffes, such as upbraiding Labour MP Steve McCabe for taking time off from his Parliamentary duties, when he was in fact having, and recovering from, open heart surgery, homed in on Ms Abbott after the MP for Hackney North and Stoke Newington had referred to the fragrant Nadine as “demented”.

The Dorries ire well and truly raised, she took to Twitter to announce “Totally disgraceful disregard for people with mental health issues”. Sadly, nobody took any notice, so today she blamed the HuffPost UK for that. “Will @HuffingtonPost write about shad(ow) health minister @HackneyAbbott using #demented yesterday, or is it only my Tweets they obsess with?” she demanded.

Actually, those using the Twitter address she used for the HuffPost, the main (US) one, probably don’t even know who she is, let alone obsessing over anything she does. But The Great Guido was ready to heed the call, and Staines personally took charge, unlike most other Dorries occasions, which are handled by her puppy-like devotee, the odious flannelled fool Henry Cole.

Shadow Health Minister Diane Abbott Calls Nadine ‘Demented’” howled Staines, telling anyone who would listen that “Mental health charities will have to send Diane for re-education”. Sadly, The Great Guido was standing in a very draughty glasshouse: he has routinely referred to Pa Broon, with no justification whatever, as the “Prime Mentalist” on scores of occasions.

So he’ll be first for any re-education. And, it seems, Diane Abbott has been doing her homework, because Nadine Dorries has previously used the word “demented” on her blog ... about herself! Oh yes she has: during another excursion through MP’s Expense land, she told that “I spent my first years like a demented homing pigeon trying to keep everyone happy and most of the time failing spectacularly”.

All of that means that she has no room to call out anyone else for calling her “demented”, because they are only following her own precedent. What a pity: that means her intervention, and that of The Great Guido, will be going precisely nowhere. But Diane Abbott can treat herself to a good laugh at the routine cluelessness of her opponents.

As the Fawkes folks pick that one out of their own net, it’s yet Another Fine Mess.

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