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Monday, 2 July 2018

Eddie Mair To LBC - But WHO GOES?

[Update at end of post]

The media news of the weekend was that the Bête Noir of London’s formerly very occasional Mayor Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson was to leave the Beeb: “Presenter Eddie Mair is to leave the BBC after more than 30 years, the corporation has said … The 52-year-old, who has been a presenter on Radio 4's PM programme since 1998, will host his last show on 17 August”. And with that he was gone. But where?
Evening all

The Beeb had that one covered, too: “According to the BBC's media editor Amol Rajan, Mair is set to join talk radio station LBC”. And the Guardian confirmed this: “Eddie Mair to host new LBC show from September … PM presenter ‘eager to get started’ at London-based radio station after 30 years at BBC” as well as hinting that the reason for Mair’s departure may have been money - he was, it seems, refusing a pay cut.
But all of that was put aside as the media and politics world passed generally favourable comment on Mair’s move to LBC, with that from the station’s managing editor James Rea being typical. “Hugely excited to announce the brilliant Eddie Mair is joining @LBC. He’s an exceptional broadcaster and I’m absolutely delighted he’ll be on our great team from September”. Others in the world of punditry were equally positive.
Ian Dunt, who does a little of this kind of thing from time to time, was unequivocal. “This is a very, very smart move”. James O’Brien, an LBC fixture despite constant howls from the Europhobic fringe, was in agreement: “What a coup”. Coo, what a coup!?!
On went the praise, not least from Iain Dale, who was sure he would be presenting alongside Mair: “It's official. I'm delighted to welcome the incomparable @eddiemair to @LBC. His signing is a real statement of intent from LBC and I'm very much looking forward to working with him. I first became a fan when he was on 5Live back in the day - a truly exceptional broadcaster”. But no-one had asked the obvious question.
It was left to Good Morning Britain co-host Susanna Reid to pitch the question many were beginning to ask: “Yes but in which slot....?! Nick, James, Shelagh & Iain all irreplaceable but I can't see Eddie doing an evening show”. There are already enough existing LBC hosts to cover the schedule. If Eddie Mair is to get a regular berth come September, someone is going to have to do less presenting - or even, whisper it quietly, go.
So who is going to be left standing when the game of LBC musical chairs comes to the stopping-the-music moment? One might not like Nick Ferrari’s politics, and I certainly don’t, but he’s not going anywhere. Likewise James O’Brien. And almost certainly likewise Iain Dale and Shelagh Fogarty. Who will give way for Mair? Who has a slot at a time in that early evening part of the schedule on weekdays?
Squeaky squeezed out finger up the bum time?

This may be a long punt, but one LBC presenter not welcoming Eddie Mair this morning has been Nigel “Thirsty” Farage, who has given the broadcaster plenty of headaches with his tendency to say things on air that are not true, or as most people call it, lying. He already does a podcast for LBC. Will that be his consolation prize?

After all, UKIP, Farage’s party, has become an irrelevance. Nige is looking more and more at the USA. It would be no surprise if LBC were to bin him. Here’s hoping.

[UPDATE 1350 hours: some 45 minutes after this post went live, Mr Thirsty finally acknowledged Eddie Mair's arrival at LBC.
"Big statement from LBC. Eddie Mair will bring listeners with him, he has many fans" was the rather terse response from The Great Man.

Note the lack of enthusiasm, or indeed congratulations. Why is that? Another case, I suspect, of "you might wish to ask that - I couldn't possibly comment"]


Strike Out said...

Farage only does an hour so, if its an evening slot, they're denoting Clive Bull as well.
I'd say he gets breakfast, with Ferrari taking another daytime slot + one other daytimer relegated to weekends.

rob said...

"Nige is looking more and more at the USA."

If the US hearsay is correct then the USA in the form of the FBI & Special Investigator Mueller are looking more and more into Nige's role in Brexit and the parallels with the Trump election later.

Could Nigel be the missing link between Russia, Assange/Wikileaks and the Trump.org? If so an enforced sojourn in the USA may be on.

Anonymous said...

Murdoch is in there somewhere.

Dont forget.

rob said...

@ Anon 17:49

"Murdoch is in there somewhere"

Yes but that goes without saying. Fox News is Trump's mouthpiece in the US and relays his views to "his people". It's unfortunate that many ex Murdoch's minions in the UK are now spread (placed?) into other areas and it appears to some, including me, that the BBC has also fallen victim to this strategy.

When you've got access to wealth beyond most people's dreams what do you spend it on? A power grab to create a world in your own image seems a likely bet.

Anonymous said...

Can we vote on who...?

Jonathan said...

That's what Carole Cadawallr and Peter Jukes'investigation has revealed that Mr Thirsty is the man who links Russia, Brexit and Trump.

Everyone apart from Thirsty and his right wing douchebags want Mueller to unseal the warrant for his dastardly collar.

rob said...

@ Anon 17:49

And don't forget a former Belize ambassador to the UN who was made a Lord under controversial circumstances. Turns out his promises were just as good as any Murdoch makes.

A conspiracy by second hand car salesmen? Just on a much larger scale.

Iain Dickson said...

Eddie to get drive time with Iain Dale moving to 7pm slot. That's what I've heard.

Anonymous said...

They have demoted Clive Bull a fab, conscientious, long-standing presenter, who knows what his audience wants, to give us Mair, Tom Borebrick and more of Payne in the Neck. Who wants Mair? Foggarty is too weak. Hence having to promote her recently with dramatic trailers. Ferrari has turned into a timid wimp: he always used to have and healthy anti-eco rant, but no more.