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Thursday 23 July 2020

Tom Newton Dunn - Master Hypocrite

Ah, that rhyme that slips off the tongue: “Tom Newton Dunn, Tom Newton Dunn, sold out his cred for a berth at the Sun”. Worse for the non-bullying Chief Political Commentator at new Murdoch offering Times Radio is that he is effectively being kicked upstairs so that his old job - political editor of the Sun - can be given to the odious flannelled fool Master Harry Cole, a pretend journalist of no known ability, and even less principle.
But Newton Dunn knows one thing instinctively: to remain on message not only for the Murdoch mafiosi, but the press generally. So he is not backwards in coming forwards to put the boot into social media providers when they incur his displeasure, as Twitter has done following propagation of a Fake News Item about Labour MP Jess Phillips.

Ms Phillips had told her followers “Yesterday I was alerted to a completely fake headline that was being put on @Twitter about me, that puts me my family and staff at risk of violence. It is completely fake”. So it is not being reproduced here. What is being reproduced is Newton Dunn’s riposte: “This wouldn’t happen if [Twitter] took responsibility for its content, like broadcast, print and digital media must”.

Really, O wise one? That’s an interesting, not to say very brave statement, coming from someone whose ability to create falsehood and misinformation is the stuff of legend. Take, for instance, the Sun front page splash1 in 5 Brit Muslims’ sympathy for jihadis” juxtaposed with an image of one of those alleged to have performed beheadings. This story merely fiddled the results of a poll. But then it got worse.

Newton Dunn later had his name on the by-line of the infamous SunQUEEN BACKS BREXIT” splash. There was no actual evidence ponied up to support the claim, and after looking at the list of those present when Her Maj is alleged to have made her pronouncement, the conclusion was reached by many that his informant was most likely Michael “Oiky” Gove, who has not always found dishonesty to be inconvenient.
Could it get worse? Sadly, it could: there was Newton Dunn once again in 2018, desperately trying to stand up the claims by fantasist Jan Sarkocy that former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn had been a Czech asset during the last years of the Cold War. Sadly for the Sun man, Sarkocy also claimed that he’d helped organise either Live Aid, or the Nelson Mandela concert. He was a fraud, and Newton Dunn was bust.

And that should have been the end of it, but the pièce de résistance was yet to come: only last year, once again under his by-line, the Sun briefly told readersEx-Spooks say Corbyn is at the centre of a hard-left extremist network … Jeremy Corbyn is at the centre of an extraordinary network of hard-left extremists pieced together by former British intelligence officers”. So hard left it included the Guardian, the BBC, and the People’s Assembly.

It was a far-right conspiracy wackjob. Newton Dunn had, willingly or otherwise, lent his name to endorsing a hoax. This was the level of veracity that had seen alleged Prime Minister Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson sacked from his first job in journalism.

Tom Newton Dunn has no room to call out Twitter for enabling Fake News. He has, after all, enabled plenty of it himself. I’ll just leave that one there.
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Anonymous said...

Newton Done [sic] is but one tiny example of the utter corruption of British public life.

No lie is unacceptable, no smear disallowed, no hypocrisy challenged. A Parliament so rotten with malevolent spivvery it has quite literally rotted the building.

Each day we wish and hope it could get no worse. Each day the disgusting level of poisoned political and cultural sewage rises higher.

A blind man could see what it's leading to. But for the time being few want to look even if we had enough exemplars pointing toward decency - the last attempt, Jeremy Corbyn, was brought down by the most dishonest and outright evil since mid 20th century totalitarian madness.

Yet there are still good people willing to resist. The problem is they are increasingly marginalised by morally corrupt propagandists and cowardly opportunist politicians.

We are now approaching a point where soon there will be enough people with nothing to lose. Recorded human history shows what happens next.

So....Newton Done?....A bullshitter, liar, coward and hypocrite. A tiny cog in a decaying machine. A man so idiotic he probably doesn't even know it, or want to know it. Typical of his type and this lamentable era.

Malcolm Armsteen said...

Time to accept the inevitable old boy. Tom Newton Dunn is right

Anonymous said...

Ms Phillips had told her followers “Yesterday I was alerted to a completely fake headline that was being put on @Twitter about me"

What was the fake headline, that she was a decent human being?

Anonymous said...

Talking of the Sun fiddling the results of a poll, here's a completely fake poll the Sun concocted so as to have their several million readers believe that the vast majority of junior doctors are hypocrites. This was at the time they were taking industrial action:

'Survey shows 93% of junior doctors would back a fully privatised health service if it meant a pay increase'


Keep right on to the end of the line said...

"... that puts me my family and staff at risk of violence."

Anonymous said...

On a slightly different note

lux (@luxflux) Tweeted: @Otto_English Meanwhile in Downing Street #ToryCorruption #RussiaReport https://t.co/Ky6EGe3WVe

Anonymous said...


"The day that ... you are hurting us more than you are helping us, I won’t knife you in the back, I’ll knife you in the front."

'Ms Phillips said: “I roundly told her to fuck off.” Asked what Ms Abbott did in response, Ms Phillips said: “She fucked off."'

Shame Ms Phillips didn't consider the consequences of using inflammatory rhetoric earlier. Might have saved her and her family and staff some bother.