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Friday 3 July 2020

Brexit Talks - Bozo Team Sent Home Early

There were face to face talks in Brussels this week between the UK delegation, led by chief negotiator David Frost, and the EU team fronted as usual by Michel Barnier. And that is about all that some observers can agree on: as so often, the agenda of those reporting dictates how the story is framed. What is in no doubt, however, is that the talks ended not today, as might have been expected, but yesterday.
Hello, good evening, and Oh Shit

As might be expected, the Daily Brexit, still called the Express, said the Rotten Foreigners Done It: “Remainer campaigners PANIC as Brexit talks end a day early with serious divergences … BREXIT talks finished a day early and even the EU's chief negotiator Michel Barner [sic] has been criticised by pro-EU group, Best for Britain as the two sides failed to make progress”. They criticised both teams, but hey ho.

The Independent, though, saw things differently. “Brexit trade talks in Brussels have ended a day early as David Frost, the UK’s chief negotiator, warned that ‘significant differences’ remain between the two sides … by Thursday lunchtime, officials said they had got as far as they could this week, despite the planned schedule including sessions later in the day and a further meeting on Friday”. And the Irish Times gave a hint of what really happened.
Here all day. Up to a point

The abrupt end of the latest round of talks between Britain and the European Union a day earlier than planned was not only surprising but perplexing … the language on both sides was restrained and Frost’s had none of the belligerence that often characterises his rhetoric towards Brussels”. Then came a most revealing passage.

Before this week’s talks began, the EU told Britain it was ready to compromise in order to accommodate the red lines Boris Johnson identified … The Europeans hoped that Britain would respond with a step towards compromise of its own but by the time the talks ended on Thursday, Frost had produced no such offer. During the course of the week, it became clear that unless Britain makes a substantial move within days, there will be no significant progress this month”. We wanted compromise. It was offered. We failed to reciprocate.
It was on Frost and his team to make a move. A move was not forthcoming. So there was no point in continuing - until a move was forthcoming. The talk of Frost being “restrained” is key. That tells you what really happened: he wasn’t prepared to do what he claims the EU won’t do - compromise - so the EU side ended the talks round.

As Jason Hunter put it, “Looks like the UK 'negotiating' team were kicked out of Brussels for being time wasters. Who woulda thunk that after Boris said he was gonna ‘put a tiger in the tank’ for these talks!”. Our side, it seems, flunked the job interview and were sent home early. Carrying on would have been no more than a waste of time.
That is the level to which the UK delegation has sunk. So it’s going to come down to a situation not unlike that of the Japanese deal, where the other side draws up the deal, gives us six weeks’ notice, and tells us to sign, or else.

Most people would call that abject humiliation. But remember, we’re taking back control.
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Simon said...

I thought we had an 'oven ready' deal. It must be true, Boris Johnson sai... Oh yeah of course.

Anonymous said...

Why are we talking? Just send them an itemised invoice for services rendered 1939-1945. My white privileged Grandad wants his youth back!

Deep Thought67 said...

Ahhh, the good old "remember the war?" tactic!
A great deal of the reason that WW2 started was because of British incompetence in talks with Herr Hitler. The typical "have your cake AND eat it" arrogance of the UK Negotiators led Hitler to correctly predict that the Brits weren't prepared for or committed to maintaining peace in Europe and that we didn't have what it took to stop him.
Just as British Hubris couldn't BELIEVE that Argentina would REALLY invade the Falklands, after all, one word from us should make the World tremble! It was the sacrifice of volunteers (and those conscripted) from Nations in every Hemisphere that eventually won the war, Britain's first "victory" was to run away. Time the survivors of the British Empire submitted a bill to Little England for reparations for all the rape, pillage and genocide committed under the Union Flag!

Derek said...

Dear Anonymous @17.18 ,
Be careful to 'shield' him in these C-19 times , as he must be nearly 100 at least ,

Put A Spider In Your Camp said...

Your "white privileged Grandad" should have invested in the Nazi war industries, and then he could have been compensated under the Marshall Plan just like Americans.

rich m said...

Anonymous at 17.18

Expecting the grandchildren and great grandchildren of the EU(?....some countries were allies, some enemies and some neutral) war generation to recompense the grandchildren and great grandchildren of the UK war generation? This is pitiful (if you mean it and are not just trolling) and brings shame on us. And what might some countries and peoples of the former British Empire ask of us if this approach is successful. Mardy bum stuff.

Unknown said...

While I agree with the thrust of your argument I must take issue over the Falklands - that engineered short war was a party political for Mrs Thatcher. The bit they couldn't believe was that Argentina fell for the "we're not looking" ploy.

Burlington Bertie from Bow said...

Mark Francois fought in TWO world wars and he's only about 50, (going on 11).

Anonymous said...

Re: The Falklands. There's the Operation Journeyman story where the previous government sent a nuclear submarine and other ships out to scare off the Argentinians in 1977.


The full details weren't revealed until 2005. So paradoxically it looks like the Labour party did a better job of protecting the Falklands than Thatcher's lot.

Anonymous said...

He is 99 on Sunday and has always voted Conservative. FYI he was a merchant seaman 1936-1952 when stomach ulcers did for him so he took up painting on land. He is currently still checking for his white privilege. Tells a tale of a boiler-room chum who he didn't realise was not white until they went ashore in Newcastle. Real men that had real jobs to do.

Johnspartacusanonymous said...

During previous Argentine Sabre Rattling the Labour Administration let it be known that a Nuclear Hunter Killer Sub was on "exercises" in the vicinity. Suspect that Thatcher's lot were incompetent during run up to 1982, but grabbed the marketing opportunity with both hands when conflict arose. Cock up versus conspiracy.???

Johnspartacusanonymous said...

Sorry to have duplicated your info - should have scrolled through. Trying not to be distracted by our anonymous Gammon "contributor"!

Johnspartacusanonymous said...

Yes. Great he's still here, however you could inform us about the 50,000 deceased WWII Merchant Seamen whose pitiful wages ceased on the day their ships were sunk. Real Men those shipping line owners, salt of the earth. Their latter-day equivalents are still laughing at the likes of you.

Anonymous said...

And what's gonna happen when 3 million Hong Kongers arrive and find they too have been screwed over?

Gosh, it's beginning to look like....er....er....a severed pig head.

Anonymous said...

"He is currently still checking for his white privilege."
How does he feel about you using him as your shield to defend the ideology which he fought against?

Anonymous said...

What ideology is that, don't think I mentioned one. Not being in an organisation which is merely the extension of Germany by another means is not fascism. He did no fighting but did his job, try it, might make a man of you. He found his medals of privilege.

Unknown- you are only here because those men supplied your forebears in WW2, they did their duty to mankind. Now go and do likewise if you can bear it!

Anonymous said...

So, the "services rendered 1939-1945" before which we are all supposed to pay obeisance involve not fighting fascism? Which side was he on? The same as you?

Anonymous said...

@ 16:27 "What ideology is that". Glad to be of help:
"The time had been, when this burst of enthusiasm would have been cheered to the very echo; but now, the deputation received it with chilling coldness. The general impression seemed to be, that as an explanation of Mr. Gregsbury’s political conduct, it did not enter quite enough into detail; and one gentleman in the rear did not scruple to remark aloud, that, for his purpose, it savoured rather too much of a 'gammon' tendency.

The meaning of that term—gammon,' said Mr. Gregsbury, 'is unknown to me. If it means that I grow a little too fervid, or perhaps even hyperbolical, in extolling my native land, I admit the full justice of the remark. I am proud of this free and happy country. My form dilates, my eye glistens, my breast heaves, my heart swells, my bosom burns, when I call to mind her greatness and her glory". (Charles Dickens, Nicholas Nickleby, 1838)

Deep Thought67 said...


Beside Religion, Nationalism has been the cause of the greatest misery, destruction and oppression that Mankind has inflicted on itself since we stopped being Hunter-Gatherers.

Until the Petty Despots who rose to Power over their kith and kin, Homo Stultus had had no need of "Country" or Borders! It was Tribal Leaders, seeking to persuade their family members to kill the neighbours, who invoked the concept of Nationhood. The entire species of Homo stultus has, ever since, sought to tear itself apart. In the name of King and Country, Religions or rocks. We are an infantile species, refusing to ever grow up and acknowledge that we are ALL required to pull on the oars of the only lifeboat we can ever have.

And that is why this current 6th Extinction Event that is wiping out the very sources of Life On Earth will, in all probability be the last to ever occur.

Something I fervently wish for. The arrogance and stupidity of Man must NEVER be allowed to infect the Greater Universe. Homo stultus is the single most deadly life form on this planet, (except perhaps for the viruses that are now culling out numbers). Actually no, viruses tend only to infect specific organisms, whereas Man kills EVERYTHING within reach. From Trees to the Oceans, microbes to Mammoths, Rivers to Glaciers, NOTHING escapes our destructiveness.

We are incapable of growing up into an Adult, Intelligent Lifeform. As those who spout the garbage of "National Pride" prove every day. How weak-minded and lacking in self-esteem must one be to base one's identity on a lump of rock and some musical dirges, the crimes of ancestors and an over-inflated sense of unfounded superiority. It's pathetic and, as I said, infantile.

I used to be in favour of Man's reaching out to Space. Now I am convinced that it should never be allowed to happen. It would be the equivalent of allowing unsocialised 5 year olds loose in a sweet shop without parental supervision!

Deep Thought67 said...

Actually, I've revised my analogy. Allowing Mankind to colonise Space would be like allowing a mentally deranged and narcissistic 13 year old with an AR 15 fitted with a bump stock to take classes at a Sunday School!