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Thursday 9 July 2020

Laurence Fox - Racially Ignorant

Despite his recent notoriety coming as a result of being a Question Time panellist, minor thesp Laurence Fox has determinedly joined those wanting to defund the BBC. Perhaps it is because, despite his protestations to the contrary, that his appearance shone an uncomfortably bright light upon his ignorance on the question of race.
Laurence Fox

His problem is that shooting the messenger, or maybe that should be shooting the medium, is not going to address his problem. Maybe his next target will be Twitter, after he used that medium to once again wade clumsily into an argument where he is singularly unequipped to deal with the issues. Once again, the subject is race, and racism.
And at 1853 hours yesterday, off he went. “I am extremely pleased that [Cancel Culture] is getting the cold scrutiny it deserves. I hope this curious spasm in society can now be confidently challenged by rational, sensible people. An important strike for the reasoned against the hateful and racist woke”. He means people who agree with him, who will call someone else racist. Preferably his critics. Because he isn’t, honestly.
His problem was that he followed up with “They are the exact thing they accuse you of. Say it loud. #AllLivesMatter”. His objection is to Black Lives Matter. Because he doesn’t understand that it means Black Lives Matter TOO - not that any other lives don’t. Fox is wilfully, crashingly ignorant at best. He has his mindset and no-one is going to educate him out of it - because education is what he is woefully short of.
To demonstrate his ignorance to all who had not yet seen it coming, he then declared “It’s time for a movement. It’s time to challenge terms like [Islamophobia] (the biggest lie of them all) and [White Privilege]. We are positive. We will engage with you and your lie of systemic racism, because we care about inequality. We want to connect, human with human”. Where does one start? Let’s begin with Islamophobia.
It is not, repeat is not, repeat IS NOT a lie. Anti-Muslim bigotry is rife in this country. It has infected the media class like the most virulent of viruses. It has, as Sayeeda Warsi has put it, “passed the dinner-table test”. And Peter Jukes of Byline Media was not impressed.
8,000 defenceless men and boys were killed in Srebrenica nearly exactly 25 years ago - the biggest massacre in Europe since WW2 - because they were ‘Muslim’. Dismiss the out of work actor looking for relevance. Recall the dead”. And then there is White Privilege.
Fox dos not get White Privilege. He has it, but once again his ignorance means he is unable to understand it. He could begin by watching Michael Holding’s powerful message delivered during a break in play at the First Test between England and the West Indies yesterday. Citing the white woman calling the cops on a black man in New York City’s Central Park, and the attitudes of retail security staff to black customers, he concludedUntil we educate the entire human race, this thing will not stop”.
Education, education, education. Three things Laurance Fox missed somewhere along the line. And playing the victim when he gets called out is not an acceptable substitute.

Nor is blaming the BBC for his plight. We see you, Laurance Fox.
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Steve Woods said...

"Education, education, education. Three things Laurance Fox missed somewhere along the line."

Of course he did. The last thing for which one goes to Harrow is education.

Darren G said...

It appears that Mr Fox has created his group


And look at who and what they have retweeted

Anonymous said...

The All Lives Matter campaign are being incredibly selective in their definition of 'all lives' and we know realistically it's just a movement to push racism to the sidelines.

If All Lives Matter then why did nobody do shit when government austerity policies were hurting the poor and sick? Didn't see Lawrence or any of his chums ranting against that or asking for more welfare support for vulnerable persons.

If All Lives Matter how come our establishment seems to love blaming certain groups for all our problems, even when those problems are clearly across the board? Did you notice that when the Jimmy Saville et al. thing kicked off and people realised abuse was a big deal that the media suddenly switched to Muslim sex gangs? They present these gangs as an inbuilt failing of Muslims yet never look at all the white abusers in churches, private schools or sports and declare 'middle-class white men are clearly all deviants'.

You get the same with mental health issues (poor=lazy, rich=suffering), general antisocial behaviour (chavs, bad... Rugby lads, just avin' a larff), economic crimes (how many people have gone to jail for benefit fraud vs. how many white collar criminals being tossed in the slammer) and so on.

Is okay to generalise with the poor or minorities but woe betide any generalisations against those folks at the top and their idiot policies that exacerbate the problems in the first place.

So Lawrence mate, you're absolutely full of shit and am sure you'll be going full alt-right 'am not racist but that Stefan Molyneux totally has a point' soon enough.

Nigel Stapley said...

Poor Foxy; an actor not even competent enough to play the victim.

Peter C said...

Fox is a prime example of mediocracy and ignorance being elevated well above it's level and ability. Purely because of nepotism and privalage.

Anonymous said...

I told you there'd be another one along in a minute.

And Hey Pesto!.......The Fox knobhead appears.....

Anonymous said...

There is no anti-muslim bigotry, I think you mean anti-islamic viewpoints.

Latest "scary muslims" scare stories, police arrests in East London & Leicester over potential terror attack, Uber driver jailed for planned attack on gay pride . .. .. ..