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Friday 17 July 2020

Cancel Culture RW Hypocrisy EXPOSED

What those out there on the right call “Cancel Culture”, is merely another manifestation of what Zelo Street calls Olbermann’s Dictum - “The right exists in a perpetual state of victimhood”. That explains why the inmates at Spiked, so called because it should have been long ago, and the loathsome Toby Young at his Free Speech Union, are so keen to promote the concept. But it is a deeply flawed concept.
Lloyd Russell-Moyle

The idea that intense criticism which leads - intentionally or otherwise - to someone losing their status, or even their job, is exclusive to the Rotten Lefties™ is bunk. One need only consider the tsunami of abusive pile-ons that follow every published utterance from the likes of Owen Jones or Ash Sarkar to see that. Newspapers and broadcasters are constantly bombarded with demands that such people never appear there again.

Moreover, we now have two specific cases where those on the left have been subjected to deliberate attempts to bring them down - and our brave and unswerving defenders of FREEZE PEACH have said nothing. First, consider the hounding of Labour MP Lloyd Russell-Moyle, who yesterday decided to step down from his shadow cabinet role.

As the BBC has reported, “The Brighton Kemptown MP said [a ‘campaign by the right-wing media’] had ‘unleashed a torrent of online hate’ and daily abusive calls to his staff. He said he would need ‘a few weeks’ to recover from stress and support his team”. He added “It is my job to get political flak, but it is not the job of caseworkers, researchers and assistants to be attacked”. An attempt to take out, to have cancelled. And a pretty blatant one.
Rianna Croxford

Then, talking of the Beeb, we come to a shameless attempt to force out one of their staff. This has come not from those lefties, but from the perpetually thirsty Paul Staines and his rabble at the Guido Fawkes blog, who have told readers of the “BBC’s Corbynista Correspondent”. Their target is Rianna Croxford, who they have decided is an “activist”.

So off they go. “Rianna Croxford is the BBC’s Community Affairs Correspondent and has in recent weeks been at the forefront of the Corporation’s Covid-19 coverage, including representing the organisation at a Downing Street press briefing. Guido can today reveal that Croxford was a diehard campaigner for Jeremy Corbyn and has called for the Prime Minister to lose his job … All the Tweets are still live”. Are they really?

There is only one reason this item has been posted: the Fawkes creeps want to cause the Corporation embarrassment - and lose Ms Croxford her job. It is the most blatant example of what their fellow right-wingers call “Cancel Culture”. So what is the Free Speech Union saying about Ms Croxford? Crickets. What are they saying about Russell-Moyle’s right to express himself freely? Nothing. Nil. Nix. Nada. Not a sausage. Bugger all.

How about the people at Spiked Online? Those great defenders of personal liberty? Those promoters of individual freedom? As if. They’re too busy churning out post after post blethering incoherently about the “Woke Left”, whatever that is. Besides, the FSU and Spiked are on the same side as The Great Guido, so they’ll keep schtum.

And that is the reality of “Cancel Culture”: just another excuse for right-wingers to play the victim - and distract from their pals beating up lefties. No change there, then.
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Anonymous said...

This is what happens when a nation edges closer to totalitarianism with each passing day.

It isn't enough for ranting righties that corporate media have become monopoly-owned far right propaganda bullshit spewers. Even occasional nominal dissent must be villified then stamped on with cyber jackboots.

Unchecked, there is only one "logical" conclusion. For examples, see the rise of Falangist Spain, Fascist Italy, Nazi Germany and a myriad other murderous regimes around the world.

Corruption is osmotic. The body politic and its media are already riddled with it.

Anonymous said...

Hold on the whole object of the progressive cause is for us all to be what they are, and, in true Leninist style, to get to this end by any means possible, no dissent allowed. Now that really is totalitarianism!

Anonymous said...

So progressivism is totalitarianism? Next you'll be telling us that War is Peace;
Ignorance is Strength; and that Freedom is Slavery, eh Parteigenosse.

grim northerner said...


Anonymous said...

What on earth is "progressivism"?

Anonymous said...


What on earth is google?


I suggest that, when in future, you have difficulty understanding the meaning of other commonly used words, you make use of the website.