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Sunday 12 July 2020

Carole Malone Oppressed By Mask

With face masks, or some form of face covering, looking likely to be declared mandatory, at least in shops as well as public transport, the libertarian tendency is out in force, telling anyone who will listen that such precautions against Covid-19 are A Very Bad Thing Indeed. So bad, in fact, that wearing a simple face covering is being likened to an act of oppression, such is the power of reinvention and victimhood.
Someone's not a happy pundit. Again
And doing both reinvention and victimhood in no style at all is the singularly unappealing presence of Carole Malone, who is, shall we say, no stranger to controversy. Ms Malone has been wearing a face covering. And any idea that she should grin and bear it has gone right out of the window. It has driven her beyond mere perspiration. And it has oppressed her deeply. So she decided to say so very publicly.
I’ve been wearing one in London this week and it felt horribly claustrophobic. It made my face sweat, I couldn’t speak to people properly and it felt oppressive. People can be sensible and safe without having to wear a gag!” she exclaimed in response to a far right Tweeter who she might have been best advised avoiding. Carole Malone not being able to speak quite so much might not seem good to her, but others may disagree.
Sadly, her proposition did not prove universally popular. After Fionna O’Leary pointed out “If you don’t like a mask you are really going to hate ventilation” (along with an illustration of just how invasive intubation is), the Tweeter known as SnigsKitchen asked “How is it nurses, doctors and surgeons manage to wear a mask for hours, and often ALL day, and they don't faint, or suffer a lack of oxygen?” And posted another illustration.
Other feedback was in the same vein. “It's a very small inconvenience whenever you go out amongst people Carole which I'm sure wouldn't last a long time, better than a persistent cough and struggling to breath, or requiring a stay in hospital and needing either a oxygen mask or worse, intubation” being typical. Then a GP chipped in.
I've been wearing my mask all week to you're right, its claustrophobic, sweaty, difficult to communicate while wearing and uncomfortable, however I'm more interested in not spreading potentially lethal pathogens around my patients”. One Brit abroad added “In Germany, everyone wears masks when in shops or on public transport. It's really not a problem. If a surgeon can wear a mask nonstop for 11 hours while performing a difficult operation, you can do it for 10 minutes while shopping. It might even save a life”.
And the view from Scotland, where face coverings are now mandatory in shops? “I hate wearing a mask. My glasses steam up, I can't see to shop, I get anxious and hot. However, it's a small inconvenience compared to the NHS staff who wear ppe for up to 12 hours. Here in Scotland it's now mandatory, a bit late but vital”. Then came a warning.
Caroline Fox put it directly to Ms Malone. “Ask yourself why masks are essential and why medical staff wear them. Clue: They don’t just wear them to protect themselves against disease. I’m going to keep posting this until masks are mandatory”.

Some people are thinking about those around them. Carole Malone is thinking only about herself. Thus the entitlement of the Pundit Establishment.
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The Toffee (597) said...

'People can be sensible and safe without having to wear a gag'

It'd be a bit more sensible to gag some people to keep others safe, if you catch me drift, carol...

Anonymous said...

A strange, silly, often outright stupid woman is Malone.

The type of mentality who often thinks itself a "character". The type often employed by untalented broadcast producers looking for bullshit "controversial issues" spouted by empty-headed fools. Shades of Bird-Fortune wonderful dinner party satires.

Actually, you'll find a Malone in every bar, usually shouting at the furniture by 10pm. Who then wonders why there's suddenly a headlong rush for the exit.

AndyC said...

I dont know for sure but I'd hazard a guess she's a Brexiter. A recent survey would suggest that Remainers are more likely to accept the temporary inconvenience and exaggerated, by the likes of Malone, discomfort of wearing a mask, not least because of the benefit for those around them.

Crispin Fisher said...

The fact that a mask stops Carole Malone from speaking seems to be the best argument ever for making masks compulsory.