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Tuesday 14 July 2020


And so, at long last, after weeks of aimless dithering and a weekend where they appeared to back away from the idea, the Government has made a decision on the wearing of face coverings in enclosed spaces like shops: they will be compulsory for all throughout England, but only from July 24th. The BBC dutifully brought us the news.
Wearing a face covering in shops and supermarkets in England is to become mandatory from 24 July. Those who fail to comply with the new rules will face a fine of up to £100, the government has announced. Health Secretary Matt Hancock said it would ‘give people more confidence to shop safely and enhance protections for those who work in shops’”.
There was more. “The move will bring England into line with Scotland and other major European nations like Spain, Italy and Germany”. Once more, England has lagged behind others, and that has given impetus to the inevitable contrarian backlash, demonstrating that a lack of medical knowledge can take a pundit a long, long way.
Who would like to kick off? The world’s most inept form-filler Darren Grimes would, sadly: “I know many will tell me of my selfishness for this, but I despise wearing a mask and dread the compulsory wearing of them. They're so dehumanising. You miss a smile, you can miss dialogue and social interaction with staff. They're the most miserable public health initiative yet”. Like anyone smiles when they see Dazza approaching.
Another not generating smiles was mercenary hack Isabel Oakeshott. “Muzzles should be voluntary, not mandatory. Another sinister encroachment of the state! [Michael Gove] was right - keep the law out of it; and let people exercise their common sense”. Muzzles? The kind of things applied to rabid dogs? Slight dramatic excess, much?
Meanwhile, Grimes had someone endorsing his views, but sadly, it was the serially dishonest Suzanne Evans. “It’s not selfish at all. Masks are anti-social [no citation], unhealthy [no citation] and won’t protect you from covid [they will reduce its transmission if everyone wears them]. Your view is completely sensible”. And to that I call bullshit.
This is a straightforward public safety measure. Like the imposition of speed limits on the country’s roads, introduced in order to stem a death toll that was approaching that of a minor war, the compulsion of wearing a safety helmet when riding upon a motorcycle, and wearing a seatbelt in a moving car, the motivation for the move is in the category of stating the bleeding obvious. But, as with all those other measures, there are naysayers.
The economy is being gradually opened up; however, the Coronavirus is still present and does not make exemption for contrarians. NHS staff would rather not deal with too many people who have had to be scraped off the road after not obeying the speed limit, helmet law or seatbelt rules. By the same token they would rather not have to deal with Covid-19 sufferers who are there merely because of their lawbreaking ability.
Nietzsche would NOT wear a mask. And don't call me stupid

With a reopening of the economy, we have new freedoms. With freedom comes responsibility. Wearing a face covering reduces the transmission of Covid-19. Reducing the risk to our fellow citizens is a responsible sort of action. It is an intelligent solution.

The inconsiderate “no masks” movement is not. It is literally a no brainer.
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Anonymous said...

S’funnt how those who object to the wearing of masks are amongst those who most need muzzling isn’t it.
And while we’re at it ... regarding mz oakshitt, she’s not arf as glam as she thinks she is and would be better suited to wearing a full head Tesco bag with home made eyeholes.

Anonymous said...

Is also funny how these characters are opposed to any attempt to reduce the virus - track and trace, masks, lockdown, vaccines. Reading their twitter feeds is absolutely terrifying as the dickhead ratio is off the charts.

They've also managed to be wrong about everything so far (Austerity,Brexit, Boris) which makes me think they're also wrong about the current nonsense they're ejaculating out of their Macbooks.

AndyC said...

Hang on, I thought we liberals/ lefties/ Remainers were supposed to be the snowflakes.

Anonymous said...

Maybe a white pointy one?

Anonymous said...

Pathetic bunch of Karens!

Dave said...

What a lot of these idiots don't seem to grasp is that wearing face coverings is not to stop you catching the virus, but to prevent you from passing it on to someone else.

Unknown said...

It's such a shame that all those facial recognition CCTV cameras don't work if people are masked, isn't it?

I bet having to enforce mask wearing is making heasd spin. Won't SOMEONE think of the surveillance?

Anonymous said...

Dummkopfs unchained

Anonymous said...

Oakeshott isn't a real person.

She's a dead-faced CGI tory cartoon.

Anonymous said...

A bit to ask us all to wear masks after allowing so much lawlessness on our streets.