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Thursday 9 July 2020

Liam Fox - WTO Comedy Candidate

Nowhere has the disconnect between reality, and the world of our Government, been shown more clearly than in the nomination of disgraced former minister Liam Fox by alleged Prime Minister Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson for the role of World Trade Organisation Director General. He won’t get the job, not that the press is bothered.
This man wants a job ...

Hence the Mail telling readersBoris Johnson backs Liam Fox to be the next World Trade Organisation chief after 'Labour's Peter Mandelson was told by the Government he would not be the UK's candidate because he is not a Brexiteer’”. Boo Remainers! But do go on. “The Government announced this afternoon it is formally nominating former Cabinet minister Dr Fox as its candidate in the race”. There was more.
... leading this organisation ...

Writing to the WTO to recommend Dr Fox, Mr Johnson said: 'As the world seeks to recover from the shared challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic, the role of free and fair trade has never been more crucial … Dr Fox is a passionate advocate of multilateralism, who brings detailed knowledge of the global trading system from his years as a UK Cabinet Minister and Secretary of State for International Trade’”. Yeah, right.
... but there may be a problem

He’s a passionate advocate of seriously dodgy practices - hence his having to resign when the Guardian caught him and his pal Adam Werrity. Tellingly, the Mail goes on to warn “Dr Fox will now have to win over countries around the world to secure the support he needs to win the contest” and concludes “Some believed Lord Mandelson, a former commissioner for trade at the EU, would have been better placed to win the contest”.
And Steve Bullock spelt out why even the Mail might be hedging its bets. “Fox’s application arrived with 15 mins to go. Here’s who he’s up against - One of the authors of the proposal to create the WTO - Chair of Gavi, that has immunised a quarter of a billion children, and ex-finance minister - A former diplomat, WTO Director and trade lawyer”.
That was just for starters. "- A former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador to the WTO, and expert in International Trade Law - A trade minister of a country that has completed many successful trade negotiations - A former Foreign Affairs and Trade minister and Assistant UN Secretary General - A former minister of the Economy and bank CEO”.
His summary of Fox’s credibility and chances of success? “The UK has put up a discredited trade minister, loathed by business, that promised deals that never materialised, was once fired as a security risk, and who strongly advocated leaving the world’s largest trading block, damaging trade and the domestic & global economy”.
So that’s a No, then. What is more, the people at Ladbroke’s, who know a little about running a book, have made Fox the 33/1 outsider for the post. They have concludedLiam Fox is the rank outsider to be named as the next leader of the World Trade Organisation, so say our traders … Jessica O’Reilly of Ladbrokes said: ‘As far as the odds are concerned it’s not looking good for Liam Fox and the UK.’

Once again, the real world intervenes and puts Bozo straight. No change there, then.
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Johnspartacusanonymous said...

Slimy, smirking, thick and properly dodgy. How disgraced do these people have to be before they disappear.

mirandola said...

This is outrageous.

We should have gone for the famously ethical, totally uncorrupted, and lily-white Labour candidate - Peter Mandelson.

This Cult of The Doddering Gerontocrat - once so fashionable in the dying days of the Soviet Union and now personified in the US Presidential Contest between two candidates contesting each other over who is the more senile - is obviously arriving in Britain.

Less of this Necro-Realism!

The Toffee (597) said...

fox, mandelson - what does it matter? They're ALL a shower of oleaginous self-serving vainglorious avaricious cnuts on the revolving-door-money-go-round.


Stephen said...

Too many foxes today.

MikeR said...

Our cup runneth over - Chris Grayling is being nominated to chair the Intelligence Committee and Tory MPs will be whipped to support him:


Anonymous said...

The juxtaposition of "Grayling" and "intelligence" bodes badly for Britain.