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Monday 6 July 2020

Ghislaine Maxwell And The Daily Mail

Those following the fallout from Jeffrey Epstein’s affairs, and indeed many others, cannot have failed to notice that the FBI rocked up at the retreat of his former confidante Ghislaine Maxwell last Thursday, said “knock knock”, and then broke down the door. Having arrived mob-handed and armed to the teeth at the secluded properly somewhere in New Hampshire, an act of gratuitous property damage was the least that could be expected.
Ghislaine Maxwell? Ghastly business ...

As the Guardian has reported, “Her arrest ended almost a year of speculation over her whereabouts following the death of Epstein in a New York jail last summer; some reports had suggested she was in Los Angeles, others that she had moved to Paris”. And the Guardian is one of few titles that can lay claim to be free of taint in this case.

After all, Ms Maxwell’s late father, the publisher, businessman, serial litigant and later crook Robert Maxwell, was intimately involved with the Mirror titles - he owned them for some years, long enough for him to have raided the pension fund, before his unfortunate demise - and Ghislaine, his youngest daughter, was minor Fleet Street royalty.
... oh hang on, maybe it's just an isolated incident ...

And then there is the Mail: the paper is coming over all pearl-clutching and righteous over the antics of Ms Maxwell and her pals, not least the Duke of York, as today’s front page shows, and the online article titledThe palace prank that could backfire on Prince Andrew: Ghislaine Maxwell and Kevin Spacey pose for photo on Queen and Prince Philip's thrones during private Buckingham Palace tour organised by Duke of York” merely reinforces.

But here a problem enters: Ghislaine Maxwell got around, and not just in the circles frequented by Epstein and other unsavoury characters like Combover Crybaby Donald Trump. She was close to many in the UK, not least those who are now in positions of influence at the Daily Mail and Mail Online. And the evidence is there for all to see.
... oh dear, it isn't ...

While the Mail gets judgmental about a “palace prank”, it does not reveal that its editor Geordie Greig was close to Ms Maxwell. Very close indeed, as readily available photos reveal. Readers are toldThe arrest has piled more pressure on US authorities to question the duke about his friendship with Epstein, who killed himself last August before facing trial on sex trafficking and conspiracy charges”, but not that Greig partied with Ms Maxwell.

Nor are readers told that Mail Online’s editor at large was also close to Ms Maxwell. That would be former Screws and Daily Mirror editor Piers Morgan, now three days a week co-host of ITV breakfast offering Good Morning Britain. Yes, there is photographic evidence for that one, too. But you won’t read about it in the Daily Mail.
... and what's More, Ron

The Mail is now quoting Laura Goldman, a friend of Ghislaine Maxwell, who says of Prince Andrew “she feels very loyal to him that he helped her after her father died … He helped launch her in New York society, and that she will never betray him”. And the Mail will never, it seems, betray its editor, or Mail Online’s editor at large, either.

The Daily Mail reports on Ghislaine Maxwell’s downfall. But only up to a point.
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Ceebs said...

surely they could have found a more tasteful word than "Launch"

Johnspartacusanonymous said...

All of these creeps do like "socialising". I.e living high on the hog in a sort of incestuous circle jerk.!

Anonymous said...

Turn over a stone, don't be surprised at the creatures clinging to its underside.

What odds Maxwell is "discovered" swinging from a nearby convenient beam or hook?

Palinly they're "all in it together."

Jonathan said...

The Daily Diet Heil have been out batting for Prince Andrew claiming that Madam Maxwell won't sing his name like a canary down a coalmine to the Feds. But the non sweating royal is considered a few brain cells short of any form of intelligent life.

Will Andrew is finally going to provide that statement he has been promising since his car crash interview which he threw Ghislaine Maxwell under the bus.

Who will blink first? Money is on Maxwell singing sweet lullabies naming names particularly the royal with a selective memory.

The Royal Family must be wondering on how to save their decaying reputation & lustre.

Johnspartacusanonymous said...

The royal with hyperactive and indiscriminate genitalia. A thick unpleasant drone, epitome of the English Upper Class "Spare"

rob said...

According to the latest Zev Shalev podcast Narativ Live there are other connections to the Royals than just Andrew.

A story of spies (and double agents?) for multiple countries, double dealing on laundered money from arms dealing(incl. Iran Contras deal) mafia type organisations, Italian and Russian mobligarchs, and a spy history that goes back to early 1900s as interference in other countries elections, both sides of the cold war KGB GRU and CIA, start to become a good way to increase your power throughout the world. Oh, and paedophile networks an easy way to honey trap would be victims for blackmail leverage. (reminiscent of the Fake Sheikh?)

What a world! What a story!