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Thursday 2 July 2020

Do As Bozo Says, Not As His Dad Does

Of all the false premises under which Brexit was sold, none was more jaw-droppingly dishonest than the idea that it was to put one over on the elites, those high-ups who wanted Good Honest Hardworking People to do as they said, not as they did. If we voted to leave, we would put a stop to that sort of thing. We would take back control!
Then came the Coronavirus pandemic. And following on close behind was the realisation that the unaccountable elites were, in fact, those who had urged us to back Brexit. The electorate had been had for mugs. Even the Daily Mail is now calling out these charlatans, the latest of whom is one Stanley Johnson. Yes, the same one who is the father of alleged Prime Minister Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson.

Bozo Père bust the lockdown to go to his second home in south-west England. But this was not sufficiently rubbing the proletariat’s nose in the crap: he had a suitably upmarket villa in Greece, wished to personally supervise work on it so he could rent it out and score More And Bigger Paycheques For Himself Personally Now, and so he has travelled to that country in flagrant defiance of his own son’s urging against non-essential travel.
Worse is that Stan has been splashed all over the pages of the Mail, thereby alienating yet more Brits, and ensuring that whenever Bozo and his pals urge adherence to the lockdown, the response will be defiance, citing not only the shamelessness of chief Downing Street polecat Dominic Cummings, but also the PM’s own father.

And although the Mail does not, for once, tell readers how much Stan’s villa is worth, it does reveal “The four-bed villa in Pelion has a pool and terraces with views of the mountains and the sea. The beach is only a five-minute walk through an olive grove”. Bozo Père claims he needs to “Covid Proof” the place. Bullshit. He’s gone on holiday.
Many were unimpressed, not least the Tweeter known as the Spiller Of Tea: “Sure the people of Leicester will be very inclined indeed to refrain from nipping over the border for a cheeky Bacardi Breezer knowing that Stanley Johnson has effortlessly outcunted Dominic Cummings by breaking at least two separate countries’ coronavirus rules in a single trip”. Enforcing the Leicester lockdown with pubs opening elsewhere? Not a chance.

He also pointed out the problem here. “Boris Johnson: ‘The problem is not with the rules, it’s with people not understanding the rules’ … Stanley Johnson: *understands the rules so poorly that he books a separate flight through Bulgaria to circumvent the rules he hasn’t understood*”. Bozo Père spells it out: find a way round any ban, and just carry on as normal. The elites once more laughing at the little people.
And talking of the Daily Mail, it was not long before another representative of the elites was along to praise Stan for his actions. Yes, Sarah “Vain” Vine (aka Mrs Michael “Oiky” Gove) took one look at her own paper’s article and gushed “I love Stanley”.

There is an elite that has taken ordinary people for granted. The problem for those people is that, in voting for Brexit, they changed nothing. Because they voted against an elite that was not there - on the say-so of the real elite who have taken them for mugs.

Nothing’s going to stop Stanley Johnson’s free movement. Now who’s taking back control?
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Jonathan said...

I lost count of the amount of conversations I have had over FOM, how it benefited all of us.

Many ordinary and often Labour voters fell for the anti EU lies, peddled by the Elite and beleived that pulling up the drawbridge, would mean to quote Cameron 'Everyone is in this together'which was clearly b*******, when it came to Austerity, it was the poor that got shafted.

Well Stanley won't be the last, there will be no consequences on his return, no blowback, no condemnation from the RW press.

Something's never change.

Anonymous said...

Was quite shocked at how many Labour voters I spoke to (in a Remain city) had voted for Brexit. Used to ask them why, in a non-judgy way and in the vast majority of cases their reply would start off with 'Well I was reading this in the Daily Express/Mail'...

Trying to delve deeper would get nowhere... 'All those immigrants coming here', 'Yes, but hundreds of thousands of British people live over there', 'That's different'.

Historians of the future will be amazed how a bunch of billionaire media barons convinced the population that they were going to help the proletariat battle the elites. Just staggering.

Malcolm Redfellow said...

For those not yet 'in the loop', Stanley Johnson's property, 'Irene Villa, at Horto, Pelion, is featured in some detail here:


rob said...

Not of the common herd impunity rules!