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Thursday 2 July 2020

Darren Grimes Fronts A Racist Endeavour

After Reasoned UK, the latest vehicle for Darren Grimes, the world’s most inept form-filler, passed before the inspection of Private Eye magazine, his Fifteen Minutes was well and truly up. From here there could be only one direction of travel, and that direction would be downhill all the way. This was confirmed today when it emerged that Grimes had nodded along while one of his interviewees indulged in a shocking display of racist bigotry.
The Eye had revealed thatthe small print of Reasoned’s privacy policy reveals that Grimes’s ‘online grassroots organisation’ is run by a Borehamwood-based company called Media and Activism. This turns out to be the same company behind conservative ‘youth’ group Turning Point UK (Eyes passim)”. TPUK is the UK offshoot of a US original fronted by Charlie Kirk, against whom there have been several accusations of racism.
I em not a racialist but, und zis is a big but ...

So, to keep it in the family, Grimes decided to give a platform to David Starkey. And no-one does Miserable Bastard™ quite like Starkey. Nor does anyone else veer across the racism line with such lack of aplomb. The car crash, when it came, was full value for money.
The chosen subject was slavery. Was it genocide? Starkey, as so often, was not stuck for a bon mot. “Slavery was not genocide, otherwise there wouldn’t be so many damn blacks in Africa or in Britain, would there? An awful lot of them survived”. The only surprise here is that he does not round off his argument by claiming that they breed like rabbits.
Having sounded like a 1980s apologist for Apartheid South Africa, but without the accent, Starkey then proceeds to whitewash the British Empire. “The honest teaching of the British Empire is to say quite simply that it is the first key stage of world globalisation. It’s probably the most important moment in human history, and it’s still with us”. Well, he is, anyway.
Its consequences are still on … and in most ways, actually fruitful”. Not sure what the reaction to that would be in many of those countries that were given the benefit of this less than benign phenomenon, along with the brutal militarisation, enforced famines, and free trade that was only free if it suited the colonial power.
But worse than Starkey’s shameless racism is that Grimes can be seen apparently agreeing with him. Small wonder that there is already a meme doing the rounds which has Dazza nodding along with an excerpt from one of Adolf Hitler’s Nazi rally rants. Grimes has heard his interviewee come out with the most appalling racism - the kind that might have even troubled Nick Griffin or Bernard Manning - and has still published the video.
From here there should be no way back for either Starkey or Grimes, although Brendan O’Neill will no doubt be along soon to excuse the whole affair, blaming any criticism on “leftists”, “wokeism”, or some other excuse that allows him to pretend to understand George Orwell. Darren Grimes is fronting a racist endeavour.

Will broadcasters now think better of inviting Dazza on? Don’t hold your breath.
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J said...

Have you seen his, Darren Crimes (sic), video to camera piece that copies/makes a mockery of the "first they came for..." when he says "I didn't speak out when it was the racists because I wasn't a racist"?
Guess he meant "I didn't complain about the racists getting cancelled, I put them on my program instead"...

He even sits there nodding like the good little racist adoring lapdog he is. He must be getting some huge amounts of cash to keep being such a sad little alt-reich twat.

Andy McDonald said...

Can I suggest that Starkey and Grimes test the limits of free speech by reenacting the opening scenes of Die Hard 3 on the streets of any major British city?

Yeah, the bit with the sandwich board.

Anonymous said...

Grimes doesn't matter.

But Starkey probably will be thrown under the bus....because he's now too obvious even by his own loony ranting righty levels.

None of it will make the slightest difference to the British establishment. It will remain far right hard core racist rotten-to-the-core organised thievery. It won't change any time soon.

Rosie said...

Starkey was my tutor for the Tudors at LSE in 1971-74. We spotted what a bastard he was then and he is the same fucker now.
It was history within the Royal bedchamber, births, scandal, marriages scandal, syphilis and death that interested him. Nothing about the first voyages. Nothing about explorers attitudes to civilisations far older and greater than Englands. One presumes LSE was the only job he could get at the time, and he certainly looked as if he never wanted to be reminded that he had ever ever lectured there when I bumped into him a decade ago in Winchelsea, where, attending a charity opera event free of charge with sycophantic rich people, I volunteering and serving drinks reminded him of the LSE. "Eeek, he shrieked. LSE! Don't remind me! "

iMatt said...

Funny how the likes of Starkey, supposedly a historian never mentions the fact that British slave owners and plantation owners in America and the Caribbean were essentially bribed, bailed out to free their African slaves. Morality, Christian teachings and simply doing the right and moral thing came later.

As for Grimes, he is a very young man making himself more and more unemployable by the day. One's heart bleeds!

Johnspartacusanonymous said...

Assumed noxious greedy horrible old creep Starkey had sunk into well merited obscurity. His college is unimpressed apparently - no more guzzling @ high table perhaps.

Harry Hatter said...

You'd think after Starkey's QT scandal in 2011 he might choose to be more careful with the language he uses but he seems to have not only jumped on the rabid "you can't even sing baa baa black sheep anymore!" train but he's immediately sought out the ticket inspector to upgrade to first class.

Wonder what Malcolm thinks of this.