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Saturday 25 July 2020

Owen Jones Attack NOT AN ACCIDENT

When journalist and campaigner Owen Jones was violently assaulted outside the Lexington pub in Islington last August, some out there on the far right immediately claimed that the assault had not happened, or if it had, Jones somehow deserved it. Or declared it to be terribly funny. But it had happened, and all those claiming otherwise were soon silenced when a number of men were arrested, and later charged.
Owen Jones

Meanwhile, there was the all too predictable response from those in and around the media. While some on the right - Darren Grimes, Iain Dale, Toby Young, Stephen Pollard - condemned the attack, those at the increasingly alt-right Spectator magazine shamefully equivocated. One amusing side show was amateur comedy kidnapper Daniel Thomas trying to prank Jones and ending up interfering with the Police investigation.

For those who claimed the assault either didn’t happen, their moment of reality came yesterday, as the Guardian reported: “A Chelsea football fan was jailed for two years and eight months for committing an aggravated assault on the Guardian columnist Owen Jones with a ‘karate kick to his lower back’, motivated by hostility to the writer’s leftwing and LGBT politics”. James Healy had significant previous convictions.
Moreover, the assault was not some mere accident of fate: Healy and his pals had already identified Jones before jumping him as he left the pub. Also, that it was a hardline Chelsea supporter was not a coincidence. In January last year, one far-right Tweeter told “People who were about in early edl days might remember owen jones he was a young kid riding up and down whitehall on his bmx tweeting to antifa trying to get people attacked. This is who you are dealing with. Put the word out #Millwall #Chelsea #westham #arsenal”.
This indicates significant stupidity (when Jones was a “young kid” he lived not in London, but in Stockport, there was no Twitter then, and the term “Antifa” was not yet in use), but it had an immediate effect. The next day, Jones was jostled and threatened in London’s Trafalgar Square. The Police were forced to intervene.
Mike Stuchbery, who has also been on the receiving end of far-right intimidation, responded “This is unacceptable. The same collection of 'Yellow Vests', made up of BNP and other Far Right groups, forcing [Owen Jones] to have police protection as he crosses Trafalgar Square. Despicable. Solidarity to Owen”. One of those responding to the news reminded him “Pie n Mash threatened to do this yesterday”.
Indeed, Jones saw the Pie n Mash Tweet and noted “This never happened, but if anything happens to me, we'll know who the culprits will be”. The Pie n Mash Tweet tagged #Chelsea, and one of their pals from Chelsea was indeed the culprit.
Meaning, if anyone were still in any doubt about such things, hate speech and threatening behaviour on social media platforms is not merely about FREEZE PEACH. It has to be called out and action needs to be taken against it. Because it has consequences. For which James Healy is now serving two years and eight months.

Nor does that let media equivocation off the hook. Hello Spectator people.
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grim northerner said...

I'm staunchly Pacifist, but I almost enjoyed watching London's black youth handing the assortment of football fash who turned up to 'defend statues'their arses during the blm protests a few weeks back.
The fash always seek easy targets and are always battered when confronted by anyone who isn't an effete middle-class activist or female. I try not to view fash as subhuman vermin who should be exterminated as this would drag me down into their moral cesspit, but boy they don't make it easy!

Anonymous said...

"Media equivocation" = Far right lying propaganda concocted by a gang of crypto-nazi gutless tory cunts.

Anonymous said...

At this rate it won't be long before we see another political assassination.

For which we can blame all those in public life and media who have pushed this country further and further to the right.

What price an excuse for martial law? The USA is already in full blown practice for it. And what Yank fascists do today, British poodles do tomorrow.

Unknown said...

Is pie n mash rhyming slang for fash?

wildswimmer pete said...

That fat, lying slob currently squatting in No.10 would cream his pants over the chance to impose martial law.

Alan said...

Cool. Take it easy. A long journey ahead.

Anonymous said...

"That fat, lying slob currently squatting in No.10 would cream his pants over the chance to impose martial law."

I find it bizarre when commentators in the media pretend that, if you disregard Brexit, he is socially liberal. And I think you'll find that the correct euphemism for discussing incidents involving what is inside the PM's pants is 'technology lessons'.

Anonymous said...

"this would drag me down into their moral cesspit"

A key component of the myth of Fascism is the cult of strength. Enjoying seeing them get their arses handed to them doesn't make you a bad person. If the Supreme Court can decide that money is free speech so too are T-34 tanks.

Anonymous said...

You are all mad, Owen Jones seems almost to be dealing with a full deck in comparison.

grim northerner said...

I'm mixed race, so I take the mere existence of racist scum as a personal affront. But you're right, a cool head is needed for what may be down the road.

grim northerner said...