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Monday 6 July 2020

Fawkes Puppet Master Hypocrisy

The perpetually thirsty Paul Staines and his rabble at the Guido Fawkes blog have been in buoyant mood today as they claim to have unearthed anti-Semitism in the Labour Party, to the claimed embarrassment of new leader Keir Starmer. The problem for The Great Guido is that he is, not for the first time, shouting from an extremely draughty glasshouse.
Behold the arbiter of truth and decency

Staines’ replacement apprentice sandwich monitor Christian Calgie has been designated today’s righteous anti-racist, and to that end has told anyone not yet asleep “After his hard-line approach with Becky Long-Bailey’s social media antisemitism [alleged, Christian, alleged], Sir Keir has said he will ‘talk to’ shadow local government minister Steve Reed who at the weekend tweeted the ‘unacceptable trope’ that Jewish property developer Richard Desmond is the government’s ‘puppet master’”.

He was soon back to reportA Labour spokesperson has said that despite saying he would discuss it with Reed after his morning LBC interview, Starmer is to take no action against his shadow local government and communities minister … It’s understood Reed ‘regrets’ the language he used … Starmer’s inaction has managed to unite the Tories and the hard left over his inconsistent responses”. No Tory citation given.

But enough. As Zelo Street regulars will know, no-one should be taking lessons from the Fawkes massive when it comes to anti-Semitism. Their attacks on Ed Miliband were a case in point, with one PMQs report reading like an excerpt from Die Stürmer.

Every week Cameron looks easier, calmer, more in control of his party, his policy and his election plan - and every week his opponent dances at the despatch box like a spastic marionette … Ed kept asking, his convulsive string master taking another swig of the meths”. Marionette. Puppet master. Deliberate use of anti-Semitic tropes.
There was more. On another occasion, readers were told “Miliband is no Messiah. Pious, yes. Other-worldly, yes. Crucifixion-material, yes”. Talk of a “Messiah”. Someone who is “Other worldly”, who is “Crucifixion material”. More blatant use of anti-Semitic tropes. And before Calgie and his pals protest that this was before their time, yes, there is another glaring example of anti-Semitism that comes from this year.

In January, replacement teaboy and lockdown-buster supreme Tom Harwood told readers “Festive cheer was somewhat lacking from one Labour MP over Christmas, who took to the BBC to defend her conjecture Italian tourists should have their heads kicked in. Distancing herself from Labour’s pro-EU stance already”. Really? Do go on.

Back in October, Nichols had originally tweeted that fans of the Italian club S.S. Lazio should ‘get their heads kicked in’ as they performed fascist salutes before a football match in Glasgow”. Except they weren’t “Fascist” salutes, but Nazi salutes. And the Labour MP they were attacking, Charlotte Nichols, is Jewish. Her rebuke was swift and to the point.

My granddad didn't risk his life in WW2 to beat fascism 'in the marketplace of ideas' and as a Jewish person I'd rather drop dead than apologise to Nazis”. Absolutely right.

Guido Fawkes anti-Semitism hypocrisy as as breathtaking as ever. Another fine mess.
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Anonymous said...

Guido Fawkes anti-Semitism hypocrisy as as breathtaking as ever.
I completely agree, but the problem is so is Keir Starmers and that is the point here.

Steve said...

Whilst I agree with the assertions on Guido Fawkes it does not explain Starmer's obvious hypocrisy ie RBL obvious none antisemitic trope consequently got her the sack. Reeds antisemitic trope not even a slapped wrist.

Puzzled said...

If someone saying that Cummings is the puppet master pulling Johnson's strings is okay, why is it not okay to call a Jewish person who has control of another a puppet master? Is it a UN ruling?
Is 'muppet master' or 'back seat driver' anti-Semitic?

Johnspartacusanonymous said...

Corrupt amoral Spiv should do nicely.

Unknown said...

If we're talking about Desmond, I prefer "Horrid creepy old pornographer".

Didn't "lord" Alan Sugar pull the same trick? Jewish but you wouldn't know so calling him for being a reprehensible human is actually anti-Semitism?

No worries really, I'll stick to plain old Anglo Saxon insults. They are both absolute Canutes.

Puzzled said...

If some people start to call George Soros a 'corrupt amoral spiv' and repeat it day after day, will that term become an anti-Semitic trope?

Jonathan said...

Starmer has got himself to blame, sacking RLB for alleged antisemtism (except it was standing with the Teaching Unions), whilst giving Steve Reed a mere ticking off.

Can you imagine if Jeremy had done this, Laura Kuenssberg, Robert Peston, Sophy Ridge and the RW rags would be camped outside JC's home waiting to catch him out!
Hypocrisy is Starmer's downfall, all Guido has done is highlight it..
But then again, word on the street is Starmer wants to recruit some of the Leave bad boys to win back the Leave vote!

Anonymous said...

Reed will get away with on the (flimsy) basis that the tweet was immediately deleted in contrast to whatever really happened with RLB's. In the process, Starmer's honeymoon will end as Tories like Nicola Richards and Andrew Percy continue to point out his hypocrisy. For me, the ironing is delicious as it has been reported of Reed:

Mr Reed had previously been outspoken on Labour’s failure on antisemitism under Jeremy Corbyn.

Last July he said: Labour’s failure to tackle antisemitism has let the actions of a tiny minority turn into a crisis for the whole party - for the sake of staff, members, the Jewish community and our supporters who need a Labour government it’s time for a fully independent process to deal with antisemitism complaints.’’

He met with the Board of Deputies in April where he said he wanted to ‘’reaffirm my commitment to working closely with the Jewish community.’’

You live by weaponised acusations of antisemitism, you die by weaponised acusations of antisemitism.

Brutal tactics are universal said...

Anyone re-tweeting poison that American cops were taught how to use lethal restraining force by the Israeli secret service is unfit for positions of responsibility. For Heaven's sake, there were racist, bigoted, violent law enforcement officers in the USA before the State of Israel was created.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous Brutal tactics are universal said

To quote another anaonymous from 26th June:

Anonymous said...


Utter right wing lying claptrap.


Anonymous said...

Totally agree!!

Sam said...

I give up on all these politicians who just allow these falsehoods to fester. It was the one thing that annoyed me about Corbyn. He should have dragged those who defamed him into libel courts and being nice or turning the other cheek helped no-one.
The late Aussie PM Bob Hawke was legendary for slapping a libel writ on anyone who said a falsehood about him. Criticism he could deal with but libels he didn't. It had 2 positive effects: 1. he made heaps of money out of it and 2. it shut the buggers up usually crucially in the lead up to elections.
Keir Starmer isn't handling this well at all. Caving into the BoD so easily was a strategic mistake and the belief the Tory loving Board will somehow aid Starmer to victory is lunacy. It's so obvious Labour lost the election on it's bungled Brexit stance. The false notion it is institutionally antisemitic was a media creation which would have affected few voters who vote for their own personal benefit.
As usual the wider Jewish community will pay a price for years to come for the machinations of right-wing Jews and those who tremble before them.

Brutal tactics are universal said...

Have you read the article that you've linked?
It's about 33 senior officials (i.e. those with desk jobs) attending a seminar (not a hands-on training exercises) to discuss counter-terrorism topics such as suicide bombers, improvised explosive devices (IED), mass casualties.

Brutal tactics are universal said...

Apology from The Morning Star newspaper UK MONDAY, JUNE 1, 2020

'This article’s first line originally read “OFFICERS from the US police force responsible for the killing of George Floyd received training in restraint techniques and anti-terror tactics from Israeli law-enforcement officers.” '

'We have amended this and the headline as there is no evidence that the conference mentioned in the report involved training in restraint techniques specifically. We would like to apologise for any confusion caused.'

Derek said...

Dear Brutal tactics are universal said...,
In response to your comments I ask politely why are you so furious to deny the collusion and many levelled association of US Law Enforcement and the Zionist apartheid state ? The headline URL quoted shows high level collusion and implies co-ordination of brutal repressive measures by those police forces (and this can be further researched to show other incriminating links) . Clearly what is this to do with ‘anti-Semitism’ , ‘anti-Zionism’ probably , although whether comments generated by the current Zionist policy to brutally implement illegal annexations means rejection of a ‘two state solution’ and of Israel’s ‘right to exist’ , these are all nuanced differences not clarified by name calling or furious denunciation . A great deal of it is just continued weaponisation of the concept of ‘anti-semitism’ , which evidence has shown is not as great in the UK as many other countries , and proportionately significantly less in those identifying with left wing policies

Anonymous said...

@ 07:32.

Have you read the accounts of actions by police forces who uncannily used said "tactics" on innocent protesting civilians? Like, for just one instance, George Floyd.*

Tip: Engage brain before opening sophist gob.

*Want more examples, including photos and witness statements?

Brutal tactics are universal said...

@Derek 11:11
The headline URL was created when the original article was posted for publication. When the Morning Star realised that there is no truth in their claim, they altered the article and added an explanation. The URL remained unaltered even though it made an untrue statement.*
You are presenting an extremely flimsy case if all that you have is a string of http characters above a news report that, after publication, had to be altered and an apology issued.
* HTTP URL strings have to be unique and it's probably illegal to change them at a later date.

If you have proof that violent restraining tactics used by police officers in the USA are as a result of training by Israeli personnel and no other group, you should contact a reputable civil rights group's lawyers.


There are many official investigations into Positional Asphyxia In Police Custody and they go back decades.
I find it amazing how far some people will go in order to try and absolve the US Police Forces of blame.

The Moving Finger Pecks said...

Derek @11:11
If an online newspaper alters a published article, the url remains the same as what it was before changes. The Morning Star was confident that they were right to implicate Israeli law enforcement, but later on they realised that they were wrong.

Derek said...

Dear Israeli Police Exoneraters ,
Kindly view https://skwawkbox.org/2020/07/05/the-newly-deleted-web-page-that-seems-to-exonerate-long-bailey-and-peake/ and all it’s following comments and amplifications . If you refer to this URL and follow up the comments to it , you will be able to see considerable supportive corroborating evidence that this form of restraint is practised by the Israeli Forces and that there is even a description of the techniques used as those of ‘Krav-Maga’ , which if I recall correctly was referred to by the tearful ‘ex’ Israeli agent who opened the ‘anti-Semitic’ accusations of Ware’s notorious BBC documentary ‘Is the Labour Party anti-Semitic ?’ , and at a subsequent point she boasted of her mastery of these techniques . ‘Anti-Semiticism’ smears such as this against RLB and any ‘left wing’ attitudes are worthy of a ‘tropes’ gallery in themselves . To draw attention to the current policies of Israel and it’s repressive armed forces , including the police , is not ‘anti-Semitic’ . Further I would argue they are not even ‘anti-Zionist’ if one accepts Israel’s ‘right to exist’ , but not a total ‘land of milk and honey’ aspiration . Why are so many people (often non Jewish) indulgent of a Torah God inspired irrationality such as this ?

Brutal tactics are universal said...

Derek @11:08
So, it appears that it's a business based in Washington DC.

The Moving Finger Pecks said...

Dear Derek,
All that Skwawkbox has done is show advertising blurb for a company registered in Washington DC. As the company is US based, it is subject to US laws. If police in the USA received training from an American company in the USA, it has nothing to do with the Israeli police. It doesn't matter where the course instructors came from or where they worked in the past, it is an American company and wholly an American responsibility.

Anonymous said...

@ 17:36.

Classic "It wasn't me, guv" dodge.

The CIA, FBI and the Pentagon all employ "private contractors" to do their dirty work. As do Mossad and other "intelligence" agencies. They also employ individual "contract agents".

Nothing new there. It's called "plausible deniability". Better known as bullshit facade.

Derek said...

Dear Zelo ,
Maybe after Anonymous @21:43 ‘s judgement I’d like to finish with the conclusion of a well respected blogger : I’ll just leave that one there .