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Monday 27 July 2020

Malicious Communication

Today the Zelo Street house was in receipt of a malicious communication, an anonymous and threatening letter, the latest in a line of creepy missives which I had thought had died out. The difference this time is that the saddo behind the attack addressed the letter in their own rather distinctive handwriting.
As can be seen, it was processed via Mount Pleasant Mail Centre in London, and the sender was such a tightwad that they were only prepared to shell out for a second class stamp. The letter was posted on July 24th.

This is shown to Zelo Street readers not to elicit sympathy, but to discover the identity of the sad fantasist behind this attack. Does the handwriting look familiar? You can email me in confidence with any information - address at right.

The matter will be reported presently to the Metropolitan Police. That is all.


grim northerner said...

All very analogue, can't imagine anyone under the age Of 40 would use royal mail. I suspect an older bloke, maybe one of the trolls who emits verbal diarrhea on here on a regular basis. Look for distinctive writing tics in the letter which may match up with past posts.

Red Star said...

Who, writing to an adress inside the UK, would put "United Kingdom" on the enverlope ?

Acting on orders from outside the UK and too dumb to amend the adress ?

Anonymous said...

You're getting to them, Tim.

I'm delighted to say.

Keep it up.

gillette said...

That 7 could suggest foreign interference too. Although I often write it as such. Remember being told off at work in the 70s for using it too.

Derek said...

Dear Zelo ,
Perhaps the letter writer was not given enough direction by the ‘footy’ gang who menaced Owen Jones (maybe it was just ‘mouthy ‘antifa’ get from the Norf’) and mistook his target . Obviously the ‘filth’ will be energetically following up this possible link , so don’t be concerned ,

Anonymous said...

Did it smell of burning?

Burlington Bertie from Bow said...

Nothing wrong with putting 'united Kingdom' in the address. When I was the writer's mental age I used to put:
London E3
United Kingdom
Planet Earth
The Solar System
the Galaxy'

Anonymous said...

You missed out Northern Hemisphere after Europe!

On a more helpful note, the self-adhesive stamp would show any fingerprints on it's face admirably.

grim northerner said...

An 'arse on'?