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Thursday 2 January 2020

Guido Fawkes - Backing Nazis, Not Jews

In the chorus of faux outrage whipped up in an effort to claim that lifelong anti-racist Jeremy Corbyn was actually a racist, and especially an anti-Semite, there has been no more righteous voice than the perpetually thirsty Paul Staines and his rabble at the Guido Fawkes blog. No opportunity to put the boot in on the outgoing Labour leader was passed up. But the opportunism of The Great Guido was all too obvious.
Behold the righteousness of The Great Guido

As Zelo Street regulars will know, the Fawkes blog ran two viciously anti-Semitic attacks on former Labour leader Ed Miliband, in the form of PMQs “sketches”. Staines, his now former tame gofer, the odious flannelled fool Master Harry Cole, and former teaboy Alex “Billy Liar” Wickham were so disgusted at the use of the Fawkes name for this purpose that they were caught on camera embracing Simon Carr, who wrote the offending posts.
Charlotte Nichols MP

So it was no surprise when the Fawkes massive let slip its true purpose, and sided with the far-right against a Jewish MP. You read that right: in a post titled “Labour MP Continues To Endorse Kicking Heads In”, new teaboy Tom Harwood told “Festive cheer was somewhat lacking from one Labour MP over Christmas, who took to the BBC to defend her conjecture Italian tourists should have their heads kicked in. Distancing herself from Labour’s pro-EU stance already”. Laugh? I thought I’d never start.
So who were these “Italian tourists”? Er, “Back in October, Nichols had originally tweeted that fans of the Italian club S.S. Lazio should ‘get their heads kicked in’ as they performed fascist salutes before a football match in Glasgow”. That’s not quite correct, is it, O Great Guido? They were Nazi salutes. With which Paul Staines should be familiar.
December 2014: the then Fawkes rabble embrace Simon Carr (second right) who penned two viciously anti-Semitic attacks on Ed Miliband

After all, his pal Aidan Burley decided not to stand for re-election as Tory hopeful for Cannock after the Mail on Sunday exposed his involvement in a Nazi-themed stag party at the ski resort of Val Thorens, where Nazi salutes (note correct terminology) were given. Staines wanted to disassociate himself from Burley so badly that he, er, went for a consolation drink with him after the latter’s decision to withdraw from politics.
Yet the Fawkes rabble disapprovingly quotes Ms Nichols telling “You shouldn’t be doing Nazi salutes on the streets of Britain if you don’t want your head kicked in”. And that isn’t all of it: let’s have her name in full: Charlotte Nichols, now MP for Warrington North. And she is Jewish. You know, O Great Guido, like all those Jews you pretend to defend.
Small wonder Jonn Elledge responded “Not copying in as they name search, but: is it me or has That Right Wing Blog gone massively downhill? I loathe it, but it was good at a) getting stories & b) staying just the right side of the line to retain deniability. Now its stories are rubbish & transparently far right”. And there was more.
Ms Nichols added “Of course, right wing rag Guido refers to Lazio fans doing Nazi salutes on the streets of Britain as ‘Italian tourists’. My granddad didn't risk his life in WW2 to beat fascism 'in the marketplace of ideas' and as a Jewish person I'd rather drop dead than apologise to Nazis”. Another Tweeter asked “What about conspiring to have someone beaten up? You’re ok with that?” Like their hero Bozo The Clown.

The Great Guido - hot on anti-Semitism while smearing Jewish Labour MPs. Good to see they are consistent on one subject, at least. Another fine mess, once again.
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Anonymous said...

Christ almighty, Tim, let's not get all sophist about Nazi/fascist salutes.

Both of them are for sociopathic cunts. As is the Staines-Cole-Carr axis.

Alan said...

Actually - forgive the sophistry - Musso invented it. Called it the Roman salute. No historic evidence for itsuse in republican or imperial Rom.

Sam said...

Charlotte Dawson isn't calling for heads to be kicked in, she's stating fact. It's like saying "don't walk on railway lines if you don't want to be run down by a train". Guido's beloved Tories may have swung to the far right but there are still millions of Brits who had a relative fight the Hitler menace and don't take too kindly to being mocked by some "Italian tourists". Just another small indication where language is subtly twisted for political gain.

grim northerner said...

More pedantry than sophistry fella