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Monday 3 July 2017

Tory MP’s Nye Bevan Stupidity

Charles Walker is a Tory MP who represents the commuter constituency of Broxbourne in Hertfordshire. Here, he sits on a majority of over 15,500, and has been touted by the Telegraph as having an outside chance of succeeding John Bercow as the next Speaker of the Commons. He has also made a monumental howler in his latest attempt to denigrate the Labour Party’s leadership, which suggests the Tel called it wrong.
Charles Walker. He's an OBE, you know

A suitably redacted letter sent by Walker to a constituent has been passed by a concerned source to Zelo Street. Here, Walker responds to the suggestion by that constituent that he and fellow Tories support an opposition amendment to the Queen’s Speech on lifting the public sector pay cap. Walker does the usual politician’s thing of trying to have his cake and eat it, but then goes totally gaga at the mention of Jeremy Corbyn.

Here is what he had to say: “Thank you for your email in relation to yesterday’s amendment to the Queen’s speech tabled by the Labour Party … I do hope that the public sector pay cap will be eased as it has been in place for a long time and restraint cannot go on indefinitely. Ministers are fully aware of my position on this issue”. Then he loses it.
Aneurin Bevan - gravitas. And Marxism

Despite the above, there is simply no chance of me, elected as a Conservative Member of Parliament, supporting any amendment tabled by the Labour Party while it is led by the Marxist duo of Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell. Two people who have consistently sided with the enemies of our country and have total contempt for the institutions of Government and law”. And there was more in this vein.

If the Labour Party wants to be taken seriously, it needs to be led by serious people. People who have the gravitas and standing of past Labour giants such as Attlee, Bevan, Blair and Brown”. How sniffy is that? And worse for the prospects of Mr Speaker Walker (ho ho ho), how wrong is it? It is, sad to say, very wrong indeed.
Walker should have done his research before chucking the M-word - as in Marxism - around. The clear inference that Nye Bevan would have eschewed such philosophy is plain flat wrong. He said of Marxism that  it “put into the hands of the working class movement of the late nineteenth and first part of the twentieth centuries the most complete blueprints for political action the world has ever seen”.

Not only that, Bevan went on to say: “No serious student who studies the history of the last half century can deny the ferment of ideas associated with the names of Marx, Engels and Lenin. Their effectiveness in arming the minds of working class leaders all over the world with the intellectual weapons showed that their teaching had an organic relationship with the political and social realities of their time”.

Once again, a blustering fool bandying around the names Marx and Marxism - but who most likely never bothered to find out what they meant - has been caught out. John McDonnell was not the only Labour figure who found much to think about in Das Kapital. Because Nye Bevan had been there before him.

So perhaps Charles Walker would like to revise his view on the Labour leadership. That’s after he gets off his arse and figures out what Marx and Marxism are all about.


Anonymous said...

Walker is not only a moron on Marx, he's also a know-nothing on, "...the gravitas and standing of past Labour giants such as......Blair and Brown”.

He could try telling that to the innocent people of the East mass-murdered by the military actions of Blair and Brown. Or to those who suffered the consequences of Brown's "abolition of boom-bust".

People like Walker are the lowest common denominator of even the worst traits of xenophobic, flag-waving, tribalist spiv bullshitters. In other words, a typical tory responsible for the division and destruction of much of British society. If a divvy like him gets to be Speaker you can assume Parliament has lost what's left of its credibility, which in any case is next to fuck all.

Anonymous said...

He also said in an interview in 2014:

“It is to the absolute advantage of Government for MPs to be buried under piles of letters that are sent on pot holes, hedge row trimmings, parking fines. We’re not there to serve the public."

With a big smile he says: “If you want to bring down the cost of politics, stop writing to your MP.”

Anonymous said...

I believe that letter was sent to an NHS nurse in his constituency.

Arnold said...

So he won't follow his conscience because he hates Corbyn? Oh I forgot. He's a Tory.

Anonymous said...

To Arnold at 15:47.

How can he follow something that for him doesn't exist?

Oh yeeeesss.........He's a tory.

Anonymous said...

" We're not there to serve the public " Only the party...the constant yelp of the nomenklatura.

pete c said...

He is at least a minor improvement on his predecessor. She was of the ilk that used to lick the pavement clean before Thatcher walked on it.

They have standards to keep up, you understand - in a borough with 100% Tory councillors.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand what he means by that he wants Corbyn and McDonald to be more like Attlee and Bevan? Does he mean Labour's manifesto wasn't Socialist enough? Does he want utilities re-nationalised? What's the Tory on about? Bloody clueless he is! Can't believe he's got any major position!