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Wednesday 26 July 2017

Tommy Robinson Sidekick Gets Ubered

While Stephen Yaxley Lennon, aka Tommy Robinson, gets ready to launch another book on the marketplace, which will convert very few people to his cause - the thought occurs that generating More And Bigger Paycheques For Himself Personally Now comes before convincing the unconvinced - his pet creep Caolan Robertson has discovered that actions can have consequences, and those consequences might not be ideal ones.
Caolan Robertson, second right, enjoys an evening with his pals

Robertson, like so many of London’s cheapskates, has taken to using driver and rider matching service Uber to get around the capital. This has enabled him to avoid slumming it with all those lesser mortals who use the bus and Tube, while not having to shell out the going rate to take a taxi. But this campaign has developed not necessarily to his advantage, after one driver allegedly chucked him out of the car.
The alleged Uber driver displaying such outstanding discernment and good taste has now featured in another of Rebel Media’s piss-poor Gotcha videos, but in the meantime, Robertson and his fellow far-right “activists” have thrown a collective mardy strop of quite exceptional proportions, a series of stampy tantrums so loud and petulant that one almost warms to the discernment and initiative of Uber’s workforce, er, sorry, agents.
If you are right wing, @Uber with throw you out on the street, take a black cab” whined Robertson, the video embarrassingly showing him pleading with the clearly unhappy driver than many of his best friends are Muslims, as well as claiming that, while all religions are bad, Islam is for some reason worse than others. His pleading was unsuccessful.
So it was back to more promotion of the video: “Muslim @Uber Driver Threw Me Out, says @CaolanRob”. And then, just to put the lid on it, along came Battersea bedroom dweller Paul Watson, aka Prison Planet, to add his superior insights to the discussion. “Hey @UberUK - it appears your driver is breaking UK discrimination laws by denying a service based on beliefs, do you have a comment?” he whined. This was also unsuccessful.
What to do? Watson, without any hint of self-awareness, decided to tackle Uber by quoting the law: “‘Reference to a lack of religion’. Direct violation of 2010 Equality Act. Do you advocate your drivers breaking the law?” That would be the 2010 Equality Act under which Watson’s pals at the convocation of the irredeemably batshit otherwise known as Breitbart complained about an internship at ITV’s Peston on Sunday, claiming that taking on an intern amounted to “hiring”. It doesn’t. They were wrong (again).
Still, onwards and, er, onwards, eh? Watson got nowhere, and so he escalated his mardy strop to InfoWars, posting the video there and Tweeting out “Video: Uber Driver Refuses Service Over Criticism of Islam”. “Criticism” is putting it mildly. “Subjecting followers of The Prophet to non-stop and highly creative abuse about their religion” would be more accurate. But this orgy of self-promotion could have one unexpected benefit.

That would be the distinct possibility that black cab drivers, and not just those who follow Islam, will know who Caolan Robertson is, conclude he is persona non grata, and copy that alleged Uber driver in refusing to let him on board.

Methinks some people protest too much. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving person.


Anonymous said...

Ere, Tim. That picture of Robinson and his pals. There's two wines on the table, both in ladies' glasses. But there's only one female.

Woz goin on?

Somefink wrong wiv good British Stella is there?

GCU Grey Area said...

I wonder if Alex Wickham and Paul Joseph Watson have ever been seen in the same room together? The pasty-faced gentlemen in the pics you use are awfully similar in appearance. . .

AndyC said...

The Battersea cellar dweller aka Prison Planet, aka Paul Joseph Watson, has been receiving an epic schooling on Twitter about his total lack of knowledge of the ethnic make up of the Roman occupying/settling population from a historian. Well worth reading for the good laugh it is.

Sam Best said...

What a dilemma for these thoroughly British chaps. I'm sure they believe laws about discrimination are a blot on their "sovereignty" and even worse, are the result of the UK being told what to do by Johnny Foreigner -the EU who also insist workers have more protections in the form of contractual employment rather than the dodgy Uber style phony "contractor" status.
Still look on the bright side, they now have to travel by Black Cab so that can't be bad.
Agree with Anon above. There is something rather disturbing about how the those 2 chaps could almost be clones of each other,

Anonymous said...

I seem to be missing something here. Was he wearing an "Extreme Right Wing Nutter" T-shirt? Or is there some law that you have to disclose your political views to taxi drivers?